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Shi, Tuo

Dr. Tuo Shi

Research Assistant/Product Development Engineer

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Area of Expertise: Photonic devices, Optical Communication, Laser system, Optical Mechnical, Super Resolution Optical Microscopy, Optical Cavity
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I am currently an Ph.D Candidate in Electrical & Computer Engineering at University of Houston. I received my M.S. degree in Materials engineering at University of Houston and B.S. degree in Physics at Nanjing University.

My research interest focused on photonics and advanced optical metrology. I became the team leader of our Muti-spectral Laser scanning Confocal Microscopy project since summer of 2013 in Opto-electronics lab at University of Houston. My research work specially emphasized on photonics design, EM wave simulation, Optical Metrology system design etc. One of my project is multi-spectral patterned illumination confocal microscopy. I created a novel image reconstruction algorithm for confocal microscopy which is able to give 2 times better resolution than conventional ones. The patent of this work is under processing.

Another project I am working on is study the scattering effect of a combination of thin film and grating structure. This study is meant to find a solution to a colorful display without back light.

Before my Ph.D study, I have more 2 years experience with thin film deposition with MOCVD. Moreover, my undergraduate physics background specialized on solid state electronics, semi-conductor devices theory, quantum mechanics and methods of mathematical physics.

I am seeking a career that will help me take full advantage of my passion and experience in optical engineering and photonics design.

Please feel free to contact me at
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