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2013 SPIE Senior Members

58 New Senior Members Elected

SPIE Senior Members are Members of distinction who will be honored for their professional experience, their active involvement with the optics community and SPIE, and/or significant performance that sets them apart from their peers. While similar in some ways to the Society's Fellows program, Senior Member recognition is a separate category that will be more accessible to active Members earlier in their careers, as well as other Members in a broader constituency.

Senior Members can apply for this distinction by completing and submitting the nomination form, or be nominated by a colleague or mentor. Nominations will be reviewed by the SPIE Membership Committee who will then submit their recommendations to the SPIE Board of Directors for approval.  Please view Senior Member nomination criteria before applying.

Nominate a colleague.

Printable nomination poster available here.
  Download, print and post in your workplace to encourage other SPIE members to nominate a colleague - or nominate themselves.  The next nomination submission deadline is 15 April 2014.

Dr. Dario Ambrosini

Dr.  Dario Ambrosini

Univ degli Studi dell'Aquila , Italy
artwork diagnostics and flow visualization using speckle pattern interferometry.
Prof. Jose Arce-Diego

Prof.  Jose Arce-Diego

Univ de Cantabria , Spain
for achievements in biomedical optics and polarimetry.
Mr. Ken Barat

Mr.  Ken Barat

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab , United States
for achievements in advancement of Laser safety and laser safety education.
Dr. Elisa Barney-Smith

Dr.  Elisa Barney-Smith

Boise State Univ , United States
for achievements in digital image processing and image quality.
Dr. Can Bayram

Dr.  Can Bayram

IBM Watson Research Ctr. , United States
for achievements in ultraviolet-to-terahertz engineering of III-V semiconductor materials & devices.
Mr. Raymond Bell

Mr.  Raymond Bell

Lockheed Martin , United States
for achievements in electro-optical remote sensing.
Prof. Ralf Bergmann

Prof.  Ralf Bergmann

Bremer Institut für angewandte Strahltechnik GmbH , Germany
for achievements in optical technologies.
Mr. Kenneth Bernier

Mr.  Kenneth Bernier

The Boeing Co , United States
for achievements in enhanced & synthetic vision systems for degraded visual environments.
Dr. Jason Cain

Dr.  Jason Cain

Advanced Micro Devices , United States
for achievements in optical microlithography, semiconductor metrology, design for manufacturability.
Dr. Swapnajit Chakravarty

Dr.  Swapnajit Chakravarty

Omega Optics, Inc. , United States
for achievements in photonics, chip-integrated optical absorption spectroscopy and optical sensing.
Dr. Jeffrey Czapla-Myers

Dr.  Jeffrey Czapla-Myers

Univ of Arizona , United States
for achievements in radiometric calibration and remote sensing.
Dr. Nikolaus Dietz

Dr.  Nikolaus Dietz

Georgia State Univ , United States
for achievements in development of III-V materials and optoelectronic device structures.
Dr. Peter Dombi

Dr.  Peter Dombi

Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik , Germany
for achievements in ultrafast optics and plasmonics.
Prof. Yasufumi Enami

Prof.  Yasufumi Enami

Hiroshima University , Japan
for achievements in polymer photonics, polymeric modulators, waveguide devices, biophotonic sensors.
Prof. Marc Ferlet

Mr.  Marc Ferlet

Rutherford Appleton Lab , United Kingdom
for achievements in optical instrumentation engineering.
Dr. Yu Fu

Dr.  Yu Fu

Nanyang Technological Univ , Singapore
for achievements in optical metrology.
Prof. Gultekin Gulsen

Prof.  Gultekin Gulsen

Univ of California, Irvine , United States
for achievements in novel multi-modality molecular imaging instrumentation and image reconstruction.
Dr. Metin Gurcan

Dr.  Metin Gurcan

The Ohio State Univ , United States
for achievements in computer-assisted analysis of radiological and microscopic image analysis.
Mr. Chadwick Hawley

Mr.  Chadwick Hawley

Defense Intelligence Agency , United States
for achievements in electro-optics spectral signature science.
Prof. Yoshio Hayasaki

Prof.  Yoshio Hayasaki

Utsunomiya Univ , Japan
for achievements in information photonics and laser material processing.
Prof. Jr-Hau He

Prof.  Jr-Hau He

National Taiwan Univ , Taiwan
for achievements in solar cells, photodetectors, and semiconductor optics.
Prof. Mona Jarrahi

Prof.  Mona Jarrahi

Univ. of Michigan , United States
for achievements in terahertz optoelectronics and microwave photonics.
Dr. Ralf Jedamzik

Dr.  Ralf Jedamzik

SCHOTT AG , Germany
for achievements in zero-expansion glass ceramics and optical glass.
Prof. Xiaoning Jiang

Prof.  Xiaoning Jiang

North Carolina State Univ , United States
for achievements in high frequency ultrasound, sensing and actuation for entreme environment, M/NEMS.
Mr. Paul Kane

Mr.  Paul Kane

Kodak Research Labs , United States
for achievements in digital image quality and electronic displays.
Dr. Alexander Kildishev

Dr.  Alexander Kildishev

Purdue Univ. , United States
for achievements in nanophotonics and plasmonic metamaterials.
Prof. Myung Kim

Prof.  Myung Kim

Univ of South Florida , United States
for achievements in digital holography and microscopy.
Dr. Liubov Kreminska

Dr.  Liubov Kreminska

Univ of Nebraska at Kearney , United States
for achievements in education &research with undergraduate students.
Dr. Qinghuang Lin

Dr.  Qinghuang Lin

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Ctr , United States
for achievements in optical lithography for semiconductor technology.
Prof. Ai-Qun Liu

Prof.  Ai-Qun Liu

Nanyang Technological Univ , Singapore
for achievements in optofluidics, metamaterials and photonic MEMS.
Prof. Kenneth Loh

Prof.  Kenneth Loh

Univ of California Davis , United States
for achievements in smart materials and structures.
Prof. Marko Loncar

Prof.  Marko Loncar

Harvard Univ , United States
for achievements in nanophotonics.
Dr. Carl Maes

Dr.  Carl Maes

College of Optical Sciences, Univ of Arizona , United States
for achievements in optics education.
Dr. Derrick Mancini

Dr.  Derrick Mancini

Argonne National Lab , United States
for achievements in x-ray optics, synchrotron radiation instrumentation, nanofabrication.
Mr. Mark Massie

Mr.  Mark Massie

Nova Sensors , United States
for achievements in infrared systems and electro-optics.
Prof. Makan Mohageg

Prof.  Makan Mohageg

Raytheon Co , United States
for achievements in optics and photonics.
Dr. Songyot Nakariyakul

Dr.  Songyot Nakariyakul

Thammasat Univ , Thailand
for achievements in optical real-time inspection and distortion-invariant pattern recognition.
Dr. Walter O'Dell

Dr.  Walter O'Dell

Univ of Florida , United States
for achievements in medical image processing, primarily novel 3D tumor detection and tumor sizing.
Prof. Inmaculada Pascual

Prof.  Inmaculada Pascual

Univ de Alicante , Spain
for achievements in holography.
Dr. Tony Ragucci

Dr.  Tony Ragucci

Lynntech Inc. , United States
for achievements in cyber-physical systems and electro-optical instrumentation.
Dr. Milind Rajadhyaksha

Dr.  Milind Rajadhyaksha

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Ctr. , United States
for achievements in confocal microscopy of skin cancer: lab research, commercialization, and translation.
Dr. Saifollah Rasouli

Dr.  Saifollah Rasouli

Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences , Iran
for achievements in optics: new applications of moire technique in a wide range of fields.
Prof. Federico Rosei

Prof.  Federico Rosei

Univ du Québec , Canada
for achievements in technical accomplishments, technical leadership and professional contributions.
Mr. Bart Salters

Mr.  Bart Salters

Philips Research Nederland BV , Netherlands
for achievements in plasma television, LED based mini projectors, Philips Ambilight for TV applications, and perception aspects of lighting applications.
Ms. Tatyana Ziskim

Ms.  Tatyana Sizyuk

Purdue Univ , United States
for achievements in modeling and design optimization of advanced EUV lithography sources.
Dr. Yakov Soskind

Dr.  Yakov Soskind

DHPC Technologies , United States
for achievements in optical design, diffractive optics, electro-optics instrumentation development.
Prof. Philippe Tassin

Prof.  Philippe Tassin

Chalmers Univ of Technology , Sweden
for achievements in metamaterials and nanophotonics.
Dr. Georgia Tourassi

Dr.  Georgia Tourassi

Oak Ridge National Lab , United States
for achievements in computer-aided diagnosis, medical image analysis, and pattern recognition.
Dr. Vladimir Ukraintsev

Dr.  Vladimir Ukraintsev

Nanometrology International Inc. , United States
for achievements in dimensional metrology for semiconductor manufacturing.
Prof. Gracie Vargas

Prof.  Gracie Vargas

Univ of Texas Medical Branch , United States
for achievements in optical clearing of biological tissues and in-vivo nonlinear optical microscopy.
Mr. Christopher Vergion

Mr.  Christopher Vergien

Air Force Research Lab , United States
for achievements in high power fiber laser research and development.
Dr. Jue Wang

Dr.  Jue Wang

Corning Advanced Optics , United States
for achievements in optical surface and coating technologies.
Dr. Xuewu Xu

Dr.  Xuewu Xu

A*STAR - Data Storage Institute , Singapore
for achievements in full-color full-parallax three-dimensional holographic displays.
Prof. Gang Yao

Prof.  Gang Yao

Univ of Missouri-Columbia , United States
for achievements in optical imaging in vision studies and light propagation in anisotropic tissues.
Dr. Mark Zediker

Dr.  Mark Zediker

Foro Energy Inc , United States
for achievements in high power laser technology.
Prof. Yimin Zhang

Prof.  Yimin Zhang

Villanova Univ , United States
for achievements in signal processing for radar systems and wireless communications.
Prof. Bin Zheng

Prof.  Bin Zheng

Univ of Pittsburgh , United States
for achievements in biomedical imaging, computer-aided diagnosis.
Prof. Qifa Zhou

Prof.  Qifa Zhou

Univ of Southern California , United States
for achievements in high frequency transducers for photoacoustic applications.

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