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Press Room

Browse the latest press releases, reports from on-site at SPIE events, media coverage, and SPIE news.

Press Releases
Current and archived press releases issued by SPIE

News of SPIE Members
News about member achievements and activities

Event News
News, photos, and video from on-site at SPIE events

SPIE in the News
Media coverage of SPIE and member activities

Press Kits
Event statistics, program highlights, recommended papers, links to event coverage and other resources.

PR Contacts
Staff contact details

RSS Collection
Access to all SPIE news feeds

Social Media
Links to SPIE social media networks

SPIE Logos and Name
Event and SPIE logos and name usage guidelines

Press Registration
Registration and other information for press covering SPIE events

Photo Editor's Gallery
Favorite photos of SPIE people furthering optics and photonics

Read all the news from SPIE!

SPIE Newsroom

Researcher-authored technical articles and news headlines on every aspect of optics and photonics.

SPIE Professional

Features and news articles on the latest research and industry developments.


Video interviews, SPIE conference coverage, podcasts, and more multimedia features.

Blogspot Photonics for a Better World

A blog highlighting photonics advances, innovations, and policies that help improve quality of life around the planet, and the stories of people who make it happen.


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