Mikulski, George R.

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Dr. George R. Mikulski

Associate Professor
University of Maryland

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Area of Expertise: Operating Systems, Intrusion Detection, Computer Security, Data Mining
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Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems courses:
8**: Field Experience Internship
8**: Information Assurance Integration Capstone
7**: Auditing and Incident Response
7**: Culture of Security
6**: Database System Design and Implementation
6**: Advanced Cybercrime Analysis
6**: Computer Networks and Data Systems
6**: Intrusion Technologies and Defenses
6**: Computer Forensics
6**: Authentication Technologies and Standards
6**: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security
6**: Cybersecurity Studies Capstone
6**: Security Analytics
6**: Cyber Law & Compliance
6**: SCADA Risk Management and Auditing
5**: Information Systems Security
5**: Enterprise Software Development
5**: Object Oriented Application Development
5**: Advanced Information Technology
5**: Advanced Agile Project Management
5**: Designing Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
5**: Software Quality Assurance
5**: Network Security
5**: Research Methods in Information Systems
5**: Principles of Information Security and Privacy
5**: Information Security Law and Ethics
5**: Human Computer Interaction
5**: Cyber Security Capstone
5**: Software Engineering Capstone
5**: Software Modeling
5**: Forensic and Business Investigations Techniques
5**: Routing & Switching I
5**: Satellite Communications
4**: IT Senior Project
4**: Computer Networking
4**: Web Site Management
4**: Web Design Methodology and Technology
4**: IT Operations Management
4**: Simulation Analysis and Design
4**: Operating Systems
4**: System Architecture and Integration
4**: Database Implementation Strategies for Programmers
4**: Cloud Computing
3**: Software Security Practices Policies and Standards
3**: Data Communications
3**: Computer Applications in Management
3**: Computer Systems and Architecture
3**: Internet Practical Guide
3**: Security for Web Applications and Social Networking
3**: Web Development II
3**: Computer Architectures
3**: Introduction to Web Systems and Media
3**: Introduction to Networking
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