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Optical Design & Engineering

A nonimaging boost for luminescent solar concentration
Engineering directional light emission with a simple photonic structure enables high secondary geometric gain.
New up-conversion interferometers use sum-frequency generation processes and allow efficient analyses at IR and visible wavelengths.
9 September 2014
Harnessing the strong electro-optic properties of liquid crystals permits high-resolution, extended depth of focus, and multi-parameter imaging.
5 September 2014
Nonlinear conversion of 2μm nanosecond pulses from a high-energy holmium laser enables future IR weapon countermeasures.
27 August 2014
A hybrid spatial-sequential technique and free-form surface backlight unit enable an autostereoscopic display that combines full resolution, low crosstalk, and wide viewing angle.
4 August 2014
Combining a robust, classically designed coronagraph with liquid-crystal-based focal plane instrumentation enables effective Earth-based observations of the sun's corona.
24 July 2014
poLight eyes public listing under new CEO
Norwegian developer of tunable optical lenses for camera phones is also establishing manufacturing capability.
15 September 2014
Emitter based on insect eye shines new light
Bio-insipred design could lead to novel emitters and sensors.
11 September 2014
Global photonics market valued at more than $150bn
SPIE's analysis of sales and businesses is “a valuable resource for investors, policy makers”.
10 September 2014
LZH develops hybrid welding of high-strength steels
Inductive preheating enables reliable, single-layer welding of high-strength, fine-grain steels.
10 September 2014
John Mather: JWST will continue the exploration of the early universe