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Optical Design & Engineering

Eliminating light leakage in a liquid crystal display
Using pairs of orthogonal wave plates can eliminate light leakage from liquid crystal displays to allow higher-quality dark images.
High-index microspheres embedded in elastomer or immersed in liquid allow straightforward super-resolution imaging of biological, metallic, and semiconductor structures.
29 April 2015
Inserting a liquid lens at the aperture stop avoids mechanical movements in widefield microscopy.
15 April 2015
A new lens-free on-chip microscope, which adopts a synthetic aperture approach, achieves a half-pitch resolution of 250nm with an effective numerical aperture of ∼1.4 and a wide field of view (over 20mm2).
13 April 2015
Light beams with nonuniform polarization patterns with the same properties as entangled quantum systems can perform tasks that are commonly believed impossible in classical optics.
19 March 2015
Advances in material purity and laser light absorption offer new possibilities for vibration-free cryogenic cooling.
13 March 2015
JDSU on track with business split
New 'Lumentum' company looks to Laser 2000 to expand fiber laser customer base beyond Amada.
5 May 2015
OmniVision board agrees China buy-out
Hua Capital Management leads $1.9 BN acquisition of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of optical imaging sensors.
5 May 2015
Ireland investing €millions in a range of photonics R&D projects
Optical probes, next-gen networks, nanowires, welding among 23 projects sharing €30m government cash.
30 April 2015
Coherent sees gains in bio-instrumentation
CEO also describes 'all hands on deck' effort to ship $20M Linebeam system earlier than scheduled.
30 April 2015
Ahmed Zewail International Year of Light lecture: Light and Life

Siskiyou Corporation

LightPath Technologies