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Optical Design & Engineering

Computational phase imaging for light microscopes
A combination of optics coding and digital processing enhances the capabilities of traditional light microscopes, enabling acquisition of information such as phase, which cannot otherwise be captured.
Novel ultra-small devices can convert near-IR radiation to bright visible light with unprecedented conversion efficiency.
12 November 2015
A three-camera microscope without moving parts enables fast and accurate tracking of individual enzyme molecules, their regulators, and catalytic product molecules simultaneously in the nuclei of living cells.
2 November 2015
A beamline to characterize electrons with very high energy resolution would help explore the link between electron behavior and material properties.
28 October 2015
A matrix-based approach efficiently simulates ray- and wave-optical phenomena together within multi-scale structured sheets, for increased efficiency in textured silicon solar cells.
16 October 2015
Compensating for modal scrambling during illumination and detection enables the use of multimode fibers to transmit high-contrast, confocal images for endoscopic applications.
16 October 2015
New display techs 'worth $21BN by 2020'
OLEDs to dominate in smart phones but quantum-dot LCDs to grow fastest thanks to TV adoption, say Lux Research analysts.
25 November 2015
UK government backs photonics commercialization hub
EPSRC allocates £10 million in central funding for ‘national hub in high-value photonic manufacturing’ in Southampton.
25 November 2015
Mobile app simulates laser processing for first time
Fraunhofer ILT cuts process complexity and makes industrial methods available on mobile phones and tablets.
24 November 2015
Private equity owner sells CMOSIS for €220M
TA Associates sells maker of CMOS imaging technology to the Austrian sensor company ams.
23 November 2015
Bernard Kress: Designing the next generation of wearable displays

Physik Instrumente

Specialised Imaging