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Optical Design & Engineering

Increasing light-induced forces with photonic crystals

A new structure of free-standing 1D porous silicon foils is configured to produce forces that are 500 times greater than conventional optical tweezers.

A new spatial-spectral technique based on volume holographic methods can be used to acquire resolved images from multiple depths simultaneously.
4 February 2015
A high-power laser diode has been demonstrated that will provide an order of magnitude increase in brightness compared with conventional devices.
2 February 2015
A new instrument can measure objects with apertures that range from 20 to 200mm or more, and consists of a laser diode, a conical mirror, and a miniature CCD or CMOS camera.
30 January 2015
Electronic contact lenses can switch between different focal powers, functioning similarly to putting on and taking off reading glasses.
19 January 2015
Considering the three main contributors to thermal lensing in solid-state laser materials sheds light on conflicting earlier work, and enables direct comparison of various laser glasses.
16 January 2015
JDSU lasers division to become 'Lumentum'
US photonics and metrology company confirms identities of the two businesses it will split into later this year.
27 February 2015
UK Photonics KTN head positive about business
The reorganized innovation network is now focusing more on tapping the industry’s commercial potential.
26 February 2015
Quantum imaging center opens in Glasgow
Business-focused QuantIC hub funded by UK government for next five years.
25 February 2015
EUV bet settled as source powers climb
Technology advances revealed at SPIE Advanced Lithography conference; students to benefit from the resolution of a long-standing bet.
24 February 2015
Ahmed Zewail International Year of Light lecture: Light and Life

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