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Optical Design & Engineering

Backward phase-matching: rethinking nonlinear optical rules
Experimental demonstration of the nonlinear mirror effect in a medium with negative refractive index confirms a decade-old prediction, and expands the scope of nonlinear optics in artificially structured media.
The realization of topological insulators for photons could have a major impact on optical devices, making them more robust and more energy efficient.
7 October 2015
A 12m-wide, segmented-mirror space telescope would search for Earth-like planets around Sun-like stars to answer the questions: Are we alone? How did we come to be?
5 October 2015
Multilayer coatings composed of inorganic layers and organic nanostructures improve the broadband antireflection performance of optical elements.
1 October 2015
Mathematical modeling of wind instrument acoustics facilitates the manufacture of flutes with customized tunings.
18 September 2015
A high-resolution positioning system based on stepper motors can be used to laser etch complex microstructures on optical substrates.
17 September 2015
The anisotropic nature of electrically tunable liquid crystal lenses is fully harnessed in a cost-effective and successful approach.
2 September 2015
Lithium battery production boosted by laser drying
Fraunhofer-devised method halves energy bill by removing need for oven and vacuum technologies.
7 October 2015
Bruker joins portable LIBS bandwagon
Firm is latest to offer scrap dealers and others a hand-held laser tool for instant chemical analysis of metals.
7 October 2015
Row breaks out over cadmium quantum dot TVs
QD Vision, whose cadmium selenide dots now feature in Philips monitors, accuses rival Nanoco of making misleading statements.
7 October 2015
Sony confirms image sensor split
New operational structure at Japanese electronics and consumer devices giant slated for April next year.
6 October 2015
Bernard Kress: Designing the next generation of wearable displays

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