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2015 Optics + Optoelectronics | Call for Papers

Gold Open Access option for SPIE Journals


Optical Design & Engineering

Studying the effects of lens aberrations in phase space

Phase-space distributions describe the effect of lens aberrations in real and angular frequency space simultaneously, enabling greater freedom in the design of optical elements.

New energy-efficient and temperature-stable gallium arsenide devices operate at 980nm and enable high-speed data transmission at high temperature.

25 November 2014

Using multiplexing and an LED array to code illumination angles in a commercial microscope achieves fast capture times, resolution beyond the diffraction limit, and a very large field of view.

17 November 2014
Polarization-controlled focusing of surface plasmon polaritons is investigated experimentally and theoretically with a novel system.
3 November 2014

A hybrid patterning system combining projection and interference lithography enables the fabrication of 14-inch 3D images.

27 October 2014
A laser beam combiner no larger than a grain of rice uses waveguides to enable laser-scanning displays for applications in wearable computer systems.
20 October 2014
3D-printed optics and liquid lens make Prism shortlist
27 innovations across nine categories shortlisted for the annual ceremony.
28 November 2014
Euromold expo highlights 3D printing breakthroughs
Laser-manufacturing developments among innovations at Frankfurt show.
27 November 2014
DoD outlines photonics hub requirements and timeline
US cluster groups and other potential hosts attend meeting to discuss future $220 million photonics hub.
27 November 2014
UK selects quantum development hubs
Work to commercialize quantum mechanics will include building the UK's first quantum-encrypted network and a small quantum computer.
26 November 2014
Research partnerships continue Jena's tradition of optical collaboration

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Edmund Optics