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Optical Design & Engineering

Sulfur copolymers for IR optics
A novel polymer made from sulfur is easily molded and has superior transmission properties in the IR from 600nm up to 6μm with a 1μm stop band.
An IR fiber-optic pyrometer measures temperatures above 250°C close to rotating components where other sensing techniques are unsuitable.
3 July 2014
The implementation of polarization gratings enables a new kind of compact monolithic spectrometer capable of high spectral resolution with wide application in spectral measurements.
11 June 2014
A new baseline design for Band 1 (35–52GHz) will allow an increased range of observation, enabling additional information to be obtained during studies.
5 June 2014
A 28m-long light engine constructed with mid-power LEDs on a polyethylene terephthalate substrate has the potential to be a cost-efficient alternative to linear fluorescent tubes.
5 June 2014
Both the geometric and spectroscopic signatures of an object were completely concealed under 3D terahertz invisibility cloaks made of either homogeneous or inhomogeneous media.
3 June 2014
Organic image sensor start-up eyes mass production
Grenoble-based ISORG has raised €6.4M in its latest round of venture finance.
23 July 2014
FLIR launches 'ONE' thermal imager for iPhone
Much-trailed $350 accessory puts infrared imaging hardware in the hands of the consumer.
23 July 2014
Lightwave Logic lands $3M investment
Capital will support company's operations through 2015, says the developer of polymer electro-optics.
22 July 2014
Duke of York to front UK's International Year of Light effort
United Nations-sanctioned effort to raise awareness of light and light technologies gets royal patronage.
17 July 2014
John Dudley: Celebration will highlight the global importance of light