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Remote Sensing

A satellite mission to monitor soil moisture with active-passive remote sensing
A new satellite system uses radar-radiometer technology to map global surface soil moisture, monitoring the links between the water, energy, and carbon cycles over land.
Combining technologies from cosmic ray and laser physics can sweep space junk.
16 July 2015
The newly built Lund University Mobile Biosphere Observatory is used to monitor oscillatory signals from insect species traversing the atmosphere.
10 July 2015
Calculating emissivity from IR thermal images offers an indirect method of measuring water in soil some millimeters below ground.
1 July 2015
The prototype of a small, lightweight, and modular robotic vehicle has been deployed through the McMurdo ice shelf in Antarctica.
24 June 2015
A fractal analysis based on the Hurst exponent and performed on satellite images can measure changes on the Earth's surface.
16 June 2015
David Crisp: Team of satellites monitors our changing Earth from space