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Optics & Photonics International Congress 22-25 April 2014

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High-resolution imaging with large ground-based telescopes
Combining low-order adaptive optics with lucky imaging removes the effects of atmospheric turbulence and produces images with unprecedented clarity at visible wavelengths.
The Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration on the LADEE spacecraft achieves world-record download speeds from the Moon, enabling more science return and less fuel cost for missions.
15 April 2014
Advanced spectrographic instruments and a large mirror array will enable NASA's next-generation space telescope to further probe Mars and the outer planets.
11 April 2014
A mini array of five small-size telescopes has the potential to be used as part of the Cherenkov Telescope Array and to make highly sensitive observations.
8 April 2014
An on-telescope system that compensates for atmospheric turbulence will improve the telescope sensitivity, expand the target pool, and allow the study of young stars.
5 March 2014
Optical energy shaped by quantum phenomena and used cooperatively in the microgravity and vacuum of space offers scalable deflection of asteroids on a collision course with Earth.
3 March 2014
Jon Jenkins: Kepler’s stream of data still yielding exoplanet discoveries