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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Optoelectronic fibers interrogate brain function
Multifunctional fibers enable simultaneous recording, optical stimulation, and drug delivery into the nervous system.
Nanoformulated compound derivatives naphthalocyanines enable dual-color photoacoustic demarking of lymph node networks.
20 November 2015
A combination of optics coding and digital processing enhances the capabilities of traditional light microscopes, enabling acquisition of information such as phase, which cannot otherwise be captured.
4 November 2015
Supported membranes typically used in bionanotechnological devices have a higher degree of order than free membranes and show lipid clustering, which could affect device functioning.
3 November 2015
A three-camera microscope without moving parts enables fast and accurate tracking of individual enzyme molecules, their regulators, and catalytic product molecules simultaneously in the nuclei of living cells.
2 November 2015
A monolithic optofluidic chip fabricated by femtosecond laser extracts highly metastatic cells from a heterogeneous population on the basis of optical stretching measurements.
27 October 2015
IYL to close with film festival in Mexico
Official closing ceremony of year-long celebration of light takes place in Mérida in early February.
26 November 2015
UK government backs photonics commercialization hub
EPSRC allocates £10 million in central funding for ‘national hub in high-value photonic manufacturing’ in Southampton.
25 November 2015
Private equity owner sells CMOSIS for €220M
TA Associates sells maker of CMOS imaging technology to the Austrian sensor company ams.
23 November 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics reports 8% sales boost for 2015
But “international market uncertainties” still give Japanese giant cause for concern.
19 November 2015
Andrea Armani lab: Whispering gallery mode lasers characterize DNA