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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Quantitative ultrasound for diagnosis and assessment of rheumatoid arthritis

Quantitative analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasound enables fast, 97% accurate diagnosis and assessment of rheumatoid arthritis for personalized therapy.

Accurate volumetric ultrasound images are generated by combining 2D images with real-time information on the position of transducers.
30 June 2015
The intrinsic fluorescence of single-walled carbon nanotubes in the NIR-IIa window enables high-resolution (sub-10μm) vascular images at ∼3mm depth in a live mouse brain, through intact scalp and skull.
22 June 2015
Imaging blood flow in diabetic leg and foot ulcers with near-IR light offers a non-contact method of differentiating healing from non-healing wounds.
17 June 2015
New fiber sensors are structured by laser writing and chemical etching to interconnect optical circuits with the core waveguide and probe integrated sensors embedded within the surrounding fiber cladding.
8 June 2015
Sparse sampling and constrained reconstruction enable 83-frames/second real-time magnetic resonance imaging, providing new insights into the dynamics of vocal-tract shaping.
3 June 2015
Six Catalan technical research centers join forces
New Barcelona Institute of Science & Technology to pursue joint projects in photonics, nano, high-energy physics and biochemistry.
30 June 2015
Laser 2015: terahertz technologies - a growing market
An imaging forum reviewed the remarkable progress of terahertz systems, fast developing a new marketplace.
24 June 2015
Laser 2015: Swiss pair claim start-up awards
Startup World presents first photonic innovation and 3D printing awards to two Swiss firms: Nanolive and Femtoprint.
24 June 2015
Laser 2015: VDMA warns on Asian investment policy
German engineering association report finds that government support for photonics across Korea, China and Japan will double in five years.
23 June 2015
Rafael Yuste: Exploring brain architecture and function with optical methods

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