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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Femtosecond laser microfabrication enables rapid prototyping and development of novel microfluidic platforms with biological applications.
27 March 2015
A wearable ultrasound therapy device, operating at 20kHz and monitored by concurrent optical diffuse spectroscopy, is associated with faster healing of chronic venous ulcers.
16 March 2015
Image from The Rapid Imaging Renaissance plenary talk by Daniel Sodickson at SPIE MEdical Imaging 2015

Rapid advances in imaging, sensing, and their underlying mathematics highlighted this important annual gathering to explore new medical advancements.

16 March 2015
A method using targeted fluorescent probes in cerebrospinal fluid could detect Alzheimer's disease several years earlier than current exams.
4 March 2015
Novel, low-complexity computation methods enable reconstruction of high spatial resolution images for combined ultrasound-photoacoustic computed tomography.
23 February 2015
Multiphoton excited photochemistry creates nano/microscale models that duplicate the ovaries' native structure and composition for better cancer diagnosis and therapy.
17 February 2015
EPSRC commits £70m to invest across UK science research
Including substantial capital investment and backing for photonics-related R&D.
27 March 2015
Nikon-bound Optos picks up 'UK PLC' technology award
Retinal imaging company is set to be acquired by Nikon in a £260M cash deal.
25 March 2015
Scottish partnership to develop photonics techniques to fight disease
Industrial-academic partnership between M-Squared Lasers and St Andrews University designed to aid medical research into cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
25 March 2015
Call for ten-year 'quantum' investment in UK
Newly published strategy document highlights future applications of single-photon sources, silicon waveguides and lasers.
24 March 2015

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