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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Engineering light-sensitive receptors yields variants that can inhibit and sense neuronal activity, expanding the toolbox of genetically encoded voltage sensors for use in optogenetics.

9 December 2014

Success stories from teachers show that STEM curriculum using the scanning electron microscope excites their students and improves academic performance.

3 December 2014

A quantitative fluorescence imaging system identifies brain tumors by collecting hyperspectral data under selected illumination, adjusting for tissue attenuation effects, and identifying tumor biomarkers.

26 November 2014

Using multiplexing and an LED array to code illumination angles in a commercial microscope achieves fast capture times, resolution beyond the diffraction limit, and a very large field of view.

17 November 2014

Using a novel adaptive non-local-means denoising method permits radiation doses from any computed tomography scanner to be reduced by 50% without affecting diagnostic performance.

12 November 2014

Membrane-wrapped gold nanoparticles designed to have specific surface properties have been used to investigate and mimic complex viral processes.

4 November 2014
Semiconductor strength helps Zeiss shrug off economic woes
Like-for-like sales up 5% in the giant optics firm’s latest financial year; confirms microscopy unit cuts.
17 December 2014
Photoacoustics promises new tool for cervical cancer detection
Chinese researchers describe "faster, cheaper, non-invasive method" to diagnose and stage condition.
16 December 2014
NIR sensor refined to analyze swimmer performance
Waterproofing a near infrared transceiver system improves understanding of water-sport oxygenation processes.
10 December 2014
Cancer diagnostics to drive coherence tomography market growth
Current $1BN market for clinical optical imaging devices set to double by 2020, says analyst.
9 December 2014

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10 December 2014