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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Raman spectroscopy distinguishes cancer tissue from normal brain in real time with over 90% accuracy during brain tumor resection.
22 May 2015
Electrolyte-gated field-effect transistors enable reliable and highly sensitive biosensors on flexible and disposable substrates, ideal for next-generation point-of-care devices.
18 May 2015
Blue LED light can selectively inactivate microbes while preserving host cells, offering a promising therapy for drug-resistant infections.
15 May 2015
Capillaries filled with brightly fluorescent quantum dots act as durable, inexpensive microfluidic biosensors.
11 May 2015
A novel reader platform with imaging-based analysis improves the sensitivity of immunoassay tests used for diagnostics outside the laboratory.
8 May 2015
A novel, compact optical sensing and imaging platform can be used for affordable next-generation, smartphone-based personal and point-of-care applications.
1 May 2015
Optical coherence tomography 'reducing heart attacks'
Imaging technique appears to improve outcomes for cardiac patients being fitted with coronary stents, finds large-scale trial.
21 May 2015
Court denies Philips re-trial in $467M patent case
Judge upholds jury decision and level of damages in long-running battle with Masimo over pulse oximeter technology.
19 May 2015
Optics sales take a dip at Jenoptik ahead of restructure
Cyclical slump in semiconductor industry demand blamed for year-on-year decline.
19 May 2015
New products help Lumenis swing to profit
Medical laser firm reports solid uptick in sales despite negative currency effects.
18 May 2015

Quantum Composers

Marktech Optoelectronics