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DSS Defense + Security | Call for papers

2014 Security + Defence | Register today

Journal of Applied Remote Sensing


Defense & Security

Image processing provides better views under water
A novel filter that enhances underwater video footage in remotely operated vehicle systems is well suited to both military and civilian applications.
A novel polymer made from sulfur is easily molded and has superior transmission properties in the IR from 600nm up to 6μm with a 1μm stop band.
17 July 2014
A new, simple, knowledge-unaided power-centroid radar approach yields high signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratios.
7 July 2014
A system using standard surveillance cameras senses human activities relevant for early detection of military threats.
30 June 2014
A system that analyzes data from networks of affordable platform-mounted sensors recognizes security threats to trucks, ships, trains, and other mobile assets.
17 June 2014
Filter paper decorated with plasmonic nanostructures acts as a flexible surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate for trace detection.
2 June 2014
International Space Station set for $124M photonics kit
$94M lidar system and $30M high-resolution spectrometer to study impacts of climate change.
1 August 2014
Buoyant Newport targets precision machining with V-Gen deal
Award-winning Israeli developer of fiber lasers set to boost Spectra-Physics portfolio.
31 July 2014
Commercial sales up at FLIR Systems
But the thermal imaging giant reports an overall slowdown in sales following its restructuring.
24 July 2014
FLIR launches 'ONE' thermal imager for iPhone
Much-trailed $350 accessory puts infrared imaging hardware in the hands of the consumer.
23 July 2014
David Nislick: Company grew through divestment, acquisitions