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Defense & Security

Nepal earthquake response with Aeryon sUAV
Photonics technologies are first responders to Nepal earthquake

From satellites to smartphones, today's imaging technologies have proven instrumental to relief efforts in Nepal.

A plasmonically enhanced photoelectrochemical cell could convert wastewater and carbon dioxide to hydrocarbon fuel for a sustainable on-site energy source.
7 May 2015
Photonic approaches enable measurements with wide frequency coverage and large instantaneous bandwidth.
7 May 2015
A lightweight, low-cost system with a wide viewing angle enables detection of intruder aircraft by unmanned aerial vehicles.
29 April 2015
The Composite Multi-Lobe Descriptor shows promising results and outperforms other popular operators.
17 April 2015
Novel electronic properties displayed by 2D materials may allow the energy-efficiency limit of silicon transistors to be broken.
14 April 2015
BAE Systems develops laser-based military countermeasures
The $11m “Technology Development Bridge Program” was awarded by US Army; BAE also developing "augmented reality" system for military.
21 May 2015
Optics sales take a dip at Jenoptik ahead of restructure
Cyclical slump in semiconductor industry demand blamed for year-on-year decline.
19 May 2015
Newport eyes another record year
Currency fluctuations and cancellation of semiconductor equipment development project fail to dent management's optimism.
7 May 2015
Sluggish climb for airborne countermeasures
Frost and Sullivan report suggests market will reach only $563 million in 2019.
6 May 2015
David Brown plenary talk: Emerging Research and Engineering Capabilities for NextGen Warfighters

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