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Journal of Applied Remote Sensing


Defense & Security

Imagery analysis: standards needed for the drone age
Breaking down statements into their component facts, and developing a reporting format that includes the methods used to obtain them, helps improve the quality of image analysis.
Nonlinear conversion of 2μm nanosecond pulses from a high-energy holmium laser enables future IR weapon countermeasures.
27 August 2014
Game theory using physical constraints, time-delay feedback, and asymmetric information structures guides autonomous vehicles.
1 August 2014
A ground-based laser ranging system with atmospheric turbulence correction improves capabilities for tracking objects in orbit, alerting satellite operators to potential collisions.
31 July 2014
A novel polymer made from sulfur is easily molded and has superior transmission properties in the IR from 600nm up to 6μm with a 1μm stop band.
17 July 2014
A novel filter that enhances underwater video footage in remotely operated vehicle systems is well suited to both military and civilian applications.
15 July 2014
Banknote security to get butterfly wings
Morpho-inspired Nanotech Security to buy Fortress Optical Features for C$17.5M following new equity offering.
27 August 2014
Lockheed teams up on space debris tracker
Co-operation agrement with Australia's Electro Optic Systems as new laser-based tracking systems near commercial introduction.
26 August 2014
Rosetta's UV spectrometer 'up and running'
'ALICE' instrument has started receiving data as the ESA probe approaches comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
14 August 2014
US Marines Humvee to get 25kW laser weapon
Contractor Raytheon says that its planar waveguide optics are the key to delivering enough power to down enemy drones.
14 August 2014
David Nislick: Company grew through divestment, acquisitions

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH