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Defense & Security

Standoff detection of chemical and biological threats

Quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR spectrometers are used to detect threats in the air, and on various surfaces, at both short and long standoff distances.

A hybrid system that incorporates advanced adaptive optics and algorithm acceleration techniques can compensate wavefront aberrations caused by turbulence and improve image quality.
29 May 2015
Nepal earthquake response with Aeryon sUAV

From satellites to smartphones, today's imaging technologies have proven instrumental to relief efforts in Nepal.

21 May 2015
A plasmonically enhanced photoelectrochemical cell could convert wastewater and carbon dioxide to hydrocarbon fuel for a sustainable on-site energy source.
7 May 2015
Photonic approaches enable measurements with wide frequency coverage and large instantaneous bandwidth.
7 May 2015
A lightweight, low-cost system with a wide viewing angle enables detection of intruder aircraft by unmanned aerial vehicles.
29 April 2015
Quantel targets genomics with fiber laser
French laser firm has also landed a €20M Laser Mégajoule supply contract.
30 June 2015
Sentinel satellite returns 'game-changing' multispectral imagery
Sofradir and e2v sensors helping to take remote land monitoring to unprecedented levels, says the European Space Agency.
30 June 2015
Laser 2015: terahertz technologies - a growing market
An imaging forum reviewed the remarkable progress of terahertz systems, fast developing a new marketplace.
24 June 2015
Mini QCL system enables real-time quality control
Combined Faunhofer R&D laser system monitors sensitive processes continuously.
18 June 2015
Photonics technologies at work in Nepal quake aftermath

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