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SPIE Security + Defence | Call for Papers

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Defense & Security

Energy-efficient and flexible electronics for military applications
Novel electronic properties displayed by 2D materials may allow the energy-efficiency limit of silicon transistors to be broken.
The Composite Multi-Lobe Descriptor shows promising results and outperforms other popular operators.
17 April 2015
IR light detects traces of explosives on surfaces of glass, paint, metal, and plastic at distances of up to several meters.
26 March 2015
Frequency combs produced in a near-degenerate optical parametric oscillator pumped by an ultrafast fiber laser enable massively parallel real-time molecular detection and standoff chemical sensing.
25 March 2015
A new video-rate instrument being developed will operate at extremely high frequencies.
20 March 2015
Advances in material purity and laser light absorption offer new possibilities for vibration-free cryogenic cooling.
13 March 2015
Fiber laser plan to clear space debris
Wide-angle telescope and high-efficiency CAN laser form "blueprint"; trial project heading for ISS to cut threats to satellites.
23 April 2015
DSS 2015: defense and security components showcased
High-spec cameras, sensors, lenses and more in abundance at SPIE's Baltimore exhibition and conference,
22 April 2015
DSS 2015: photonics 'crucial' for next-gen warfighters
Plenary talk by retired US Army colonel and engineer David Brown calls for “technology surprises” through science and engineering.
22 April 2015
Photonics firms recognized by Queen’s Awards 2015
Innovation and export awards for photonics companies across the UK.
21 April 2015
3D-printed parts for disaster-response robots

Siskiyou Corporation

LightPath Technologies

MKS Instruments, Inc.