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DSS Defense + Security | Call for papers

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Defense & Security

Micro-structures provide unique identifiers for physical objects, and since they can be optically detected with a mobile device, they can be applied in fields from security and forensics to anti-counterfeiting.

1 December 2014
The optical serial coherent analyzer of radio frequency combines aspects of electronic and photonics-assisted devices.
11 November 2014

Microwave photonics enables the transfer of radio frequency signals over optical fibers for mobility and high bandwidth, bridging the gap between wireless applications and photonic technology.

6 November 2014
IR-seeking missiles guided by imaging systems can locate targets even under laser dazzle, enabling them to track and pose a threat to aircraft.
15 October 2014
Simulated test protocols are used to investigate the effectiveness of a novel and non-lethal approach for the degradation of human performance.
23 September 2014
Information generated from vehicle encounters aids localization during navigation signal outages.
19 September 2014
Canadian tornado center deploys lidar WindScanner
Laser examination of weather simulator in full-scale real atmospheric wind and turbulence hall.
18 December 2014
Quantum photonics promises ultra-secure credit cards
Netherlands-based team develops hack-proof “quantum secure authentication” for security applications.
18 December 2014
Tunable laser sniffs out Martian methane
Spectrometer on board Curiosity rover detects 'belches' of gas that may indicate presence of microbes.
17 December 2014
US Navy ship-mounted 30kW laser weapon tested in Persian Gulf
Plans are afoot to increase power to 150kW and to mount such weapons on military aircraft and land-based vehicles.
10 December 2014