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Defense & Security

Boolean logic systems for biochemical analysis
A novel sensor system simultaneously analyzes several biochemical signals to produce a rapid YES/NO output, with particular applications for field medical care and homeland security.

Technology maturation rate in infrared systems is "crazy."

Single-photon counting can be achieved with a Geiger-mode array to reduce the size, weight, and cost of future systems.
10 April 2014
A new system-level approach can be used to produce cameras with better detection range and reduced size, weight, power, and cost.
9 April 2014
Novel fiber grating pressure sensors enable monitoring of highly energetic materials during nanosecond periods of burn, deflagration, and detonation.
2 April 2014
A novel bioinspired nano-injection detector with reduced dark current enables telecom-band photon counting at elevated temperatures.
26 February 2014
Raman technique extends to single virus detection
Tip-enhanced version of the spectroscopic technique used to identify herpes-causing virus.
15 April 2014
Funding boost for Gooch and Housego
Photonics firm lands £0.8M in latest round of the UK government's Regional Growth Fund.
11 April 2014
US Navy's laser weapon ‘ready for summer deployment’
Improved version of Laser Weapon System soon to be installed on USS Ponce for at-sea testing.
10 April 2014
Philips Lighting signed up as International Year of Light sponsor
Industrial giant becomes first patron sponsor for the year-long celebration of light science and applications.
10 April 2014
John Dudley: Celebration will highlight the global importance of light


Andor Technology