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Journal of Applied Remote Sensing


Defense & Security

Coherently combined fiber lasers for directed energy
Coherent arrays of fiber lasers appear scalable to weapons-class (100kW) powers with near-perfect beam quality in rugged and compact packages.
Despite improvements in performance, as yet no face-tracking algorithm is capable of simultaneously tracking and identifying a relatively large number of faces in high-resolution video frames in real time.
8 September 2014

An autonomous person-detection solution could help alert surveillance operators to potential issues, reducing the cognitive burden and achieving more with less manpower.

2 September 2014
Nonlinear conversion of 2μm nanosecond pulses from a high-energy holmium laser enables future IR weapon countermeasures.
27 August 2014
Breaking down statements into their component facts, and developing a reporting format that includes the methods used to obtain them, helps improve the quality of image analysis.
21 August 2014
Game theory using physical constraints, time-delay feedback, and asymmetric information structures guides autonomous vehicles.
1 August 2014
Advanced Photonix lands Navy contract
$1.6M deal to develop custom photodiode for US Navy’s guided missile system.
17 September 2014
Hyperspectral start-up books Boeing satellites
First commercial order for '502 Phoenix' small satellites will produce high-res spectral data.
16 September 2014
Lockheed tests turret for airborne laser weapon
'Airworthiness' of aero-optic control unit demonstrated in eight test flights over Michigan.
16 September 2014
Global photonics market valued at more than $150bn
SPIE's analysis of sales and businesses is “a valuable resource for investors, policy makers”.
10 September 2014
David Nislick: Company grew through divestment, acquisitions

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH