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Illumination & Displays

Displaying a full high-definition, high-quality 3D image without glasses
A hybrid spatial-sequential technique and free-form surface backlight unit enable an autostereoscopic display that combines full resolution, low crosstalk, and wide viewing angle.
Dispersing nanostructured additives in common polymers makes these tough and versatile materials suitable for optical applications.
18 August 2014
Novel glass phosphors outperform silicone phosphors for next-generation solid-state lighting.
10 July 2014

The numbers related to imaging and lighting technologies at this year's event show impressive advances over previous years. Dan Curticapean breaks them down.

27 June 2014
High-kinetic-energy electrons emitted from an LED clearly indicate that the Auger effect is the dominant cause of efficiency droop.
24 June 2014
Quantum confinement boosts excitonic optical emission into the visible range at green and cyan wavelengths tailored by nanowire diameter and cross-sectional shape.
12 June 2014
VISION Russia expo announced for June 2015
Second outing for Messe Stuttgart-supported show and conference.
27 August 2014
Content providers boost US optical hardware investment
Q2 spending also up by 56% in Asia, but EMEA down, says sector report by Infonetics.
21 August 2014
Photonic sensor and detector sales to hit $15bn
BCC Research market analysis predicts CAGR of 16% over next five years.
21 August 2014
Burloak investing $11.5m in additive systems
Ontario-based developer of engineering solutions establishing Canada’s first laser additive manufacturing center.
20 August 2014
John Dudley: Celebration will highlight the global importance of light