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SPIE Photonics West | Call for Papers

Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Streetlights in Durham, NC  (Christopher Kyba, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)
LED light pollution: Can we save energy and save the night?

New streetlight installations have resulted in a dramatic increase in scattered light, but cities can avoid adding to it by asking the right questions.

A new achromatic polarizer and anisotropic diffusion layer enable a low-power, full-color display with high reflectivity and a wide color gamut.
30 September 2015
Solvent-free transfer printing by a pick-and place-technique patterns and multi-stacks quantum dots on various substrates, enabling high-definition full-color displays and flexible optoelectronics.
4 August 2015
Progress in inkjet printing technology could enable low-cost mass production of large-size organic LED panels.
17 July 2015
Integrating plasmonic optical antennae with liquid crystal technology points the way to true 3D images.
8 July 2015
Phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices are now a key part of today's display industry and are also poised to transform solid-state lighting.
30 June 2015
Lithium battery production boosted by laser drying
Fraunhofer-devised method halves energy bill by removing need for oven and vacuum technologies.
7 October 2015
Teledyne Dalsa and Denel Spaceteq to develop Earth observation satellite
Custom multispectral sensors scheduled for manufacture by 2017; benefits for agriculture.
7 October 2015
UK investing £12m in quantum technology fellowship program
Photonics-related research projects are key to EPSRC's quantum science ambitions; nationwide participation.
6 October 2015
Last call for Prism Award 2016 entries
Awards for photonics technology innovation across 12 categories to be presented at Photonics West 2016 gala dinner.
1 October 2015
Shuji Nakamura presentation from Light for a Better World: A Celebration of U.S. Innovation

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