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Illumination & Displays

Quantum dots for ultra-high color gamuts in LCDs
The use of a quantum dot enhancement film in LCDs enables the delivery of ultra-high color gamuts covering more than 90 of the color standard for ultra-high-definition TV.
New light-emitting devices use organic molecules that exhibit thermally activated delayed fluorescence, achieving nearly 100 internal quantum efficiency without the need for rare earth metals.
14 May 2015
Variations in layer thickness within the multilayer structure of organic LEDs produce shifts in color and radiance, with angular variations due to interference fringes.
29 April 2015
Novel stimuli with imperceptible flickers can be used for next-generation brain–computer interfaces and for biomedical applications.
22 April 2015
Using pairs of orthogonal wave plates can eliminate light leakage from liquid crystal displays to allow higher-quality dark images.
16 April 2015
The first graphene-quantum-dot LEDs made with high-quantum-yield nanodots obtained via graphite intercalation compound synthesis exhibit luminance in excess of 1000cd/m2.
7 April 2015
Internet 'capacity crunch' idea challenged at UK conference
Royal Society meeting hears how infrastructure developers can cope with growing bandwidth demand.
28 May 2015
Semiconductor expert to lead new R&D lab at Cardiff University
Quantum dots, photonics and novel material innovation to be inspired by Prof. Diana Huffaker.
28 May 2015
Max Planck Society alights in Ottawa
Formal partnership to establish a new optics and photonics research hub in the Canadian city is signed.
27 May 2015
Soitec finds Chinese buyer for CPV unit
French electronic materials firm brings its unsuccessful excursion into concentrated photovoltaics to a close.
26 May 2015
Shuji Nakamura plenary presentation: Future and present technologies of solid state lighting

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