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2015 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Colorful LEDs from solution-processed perovskites

Organometal halide perovskites give bright electroluminescence in a diode structure.

A hybrid patterning system combining projection and interference lithography enables the fabrication of 14-inch 3D images.

27 October 2014
A laser beam combiner no larger than a grain of rice uses waveguides to enable laser-scanning displays for applications in wearable computer systems.
20 October 2014
New tools can be used to design optical systems for redirecting and redistributing light in a prescribed manner.
13 October 2014
A holographic display based on a volume holographic polymer and computer-generated kinoforms may pave a new path toward high-resolution, glasses-free 3D display technology.
10 October 2014
Organic LEDs incorporating copper(I) emitters have been around for 15 years, but only now are these materials beginning to show very high efficiencies in electroluminescent devices.
8 October 2014
Southampton professor elected to Photonics 21 board
Board of Stakeholders responsible for developing future funding calls in photonics.
26 November 2014
Renishaw wins Queen’s Award for spectroscopy achievement
UK company wins recognition for rapid Raman imaging microscope.
26 November 2014
Philips coating dims LEDs to a 'cozy, warm glow'
Human preference for red low-light may have developed long ago, when we experienced "daily rhythm of sunlight".
26 November 2014
Video system enhances control of driverless vehicle
Enables vehicle to locate itself on a road, demonstrated last week at Michelin Challenge, Chengdu, China.
20 November 2014
Bernard Kress: Optical toolkit enables wearable displays

Philips Lumileds