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2015 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Screen-free display formed using retro-reflector
An aerial display on which signage pops up has been realized using retro-reflective sheeting, an LED panel, and a half mirror.
Inserting tunnel junctions into the multi-quantum-well active region of LEDs based on gallium nitride enables carrier recycling and high-power quantum efficiencies well above 100%.
24 February 2015
Modeling and analyzing power losses at the packaging level enables improved efficiencies for various types of white LED.
4 February 2015
Vertical line dithering reduces flicker in time-sequential autostereoscopic 3D displays and also extends the number of viewpoints.
2 January 2015

A new method of high-resolution computational holography has been developed and experimentally demonstrated.

17 December 2014

A photo-aligned, electrically-suppressed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystal enables high optical quality, shock stability, and low driving voltage, showing promise for application in future displays.

11 December 2014
Software-defined optical switches to drive Bristol's Smart City network
Polatis providing photonic foundation for an "open programmable smart city".
5 March 2015
Researchers win €5.2m to develop high-bandwidth, thermally intelligent circuits
‘Thermally Integrated Smart Photonics Systems’ project to enable next-generation photonic devices to support global bandwidth growth.
4 March 2015
poLight lens makes debut in 'touch & refocus' smart phone
"True-focus" optical functionality enhances hazardous area smartphone; on show at Mobile World Congress 2015.
3 March 2015
EOS announces ‘Light 2015 Awards’ for young photonics innovators
Competition invites budding entrepreneurs and young women in photonics. Winners to be named at Laser 2015.
3 March 2015
Ahmed Zewail lecture: Light and Life