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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Eliminating light leakage in a liquid crystal display
Using pairs of orthogonal wave plates can eliminate light leakage from liquid crystal displays to allow higher-quality dark images.
The first graphene-quantum-dot LEDs made with high-quantum-yield nanodots obtained via graphite intercalation compound synthesis exhibit luminance in excess of 1000cd/m2.
7 April 2015
An energy gradient in the core-shell nanostructure of nitride semiconductors enables unidirectional light propagation and the generation of broadband white light.
2 April 2015
Nanosecond electric modification of the nematic order parameter can switch the optical properties of nematic liquid crystals with a nanosecond response time.
17 March 2015
Using native substrates for gallium nitride LEDs offers unique performance advantages.
6 March 2015
An aerial display on which signage pops up has been realized using retro-reflective sheeting, an LED panel, and a half mirror.
27 February 2015
Photolithography giant ASML reports Q1 sales of €1.65bn
Sales and 47% margin both “in line with guidance”; similar figures forecast for Q2, 2015.
16 April 2015
Nokia to take over Alcatel-Lucent in €15.6bn deal
New-look Nokia will be “innovation leader” in next-gen technology and services for IP connected world.
15 April 2015
QD Vision, Konka launch quantum dot TVs into China
Claim that Color IQ quantum dots have enabled Konka’s "most visually stunning" TVs so far.
14 April 2015
Optical fiber slows photons 'to a standstill'
Vienna experiment slows and stops light - promising networkable quantum computing, say researchers.
14 April 2015
Shuji Nakamura plenary presentation: Future and present technologies of solid state lighting

Marktech Optoelectronics

Smart Vision Lights

Marktech Optoelectronics