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Illumination & Displays

Inkjet printing equipment for organic LED mass production
Progress in inkjet printing technology could enable low-cost mass production of large-size organic LED panels.
Integrating plasmonic optical antennae with liquid crystal technology points the way to true 3D images.
8 July 2015
Phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices are now a key part of today's display industry and are also poised to transform solid-state lighting.
30 June 2015
New light-emitting devices use organic molecules that exhibit thermally activated delayed fluorescence, achieving nearly 100 internal quantum efficiency without the need for rare earth metals.
14 May 2015
The use of a quantum dot enhancement film in LCDs enables the delivery of ultra-high color gamuts covering more than 90 of the color standard for ultra-high-definition TV.
5 May 2015
Variations in layer thickness within the multilayer structure of organic LEDs produce shifts in color and radiance, with angular variations due to interference fringes.
29 April 2015
Osram Q3 sales show 'continued profit performance'
Earnings margin up to 9.5%; revenue up 12%; carve-out of lamps business set for spring 2016.
29 July 2015
Improved, cheaper hybrid solar cell material created
Kaunas University team develops cheaper “hole-transporter” for 17% PV process efficiency.
29 July 2015
Joe Biden hails 'extraordinary potential' of photonics
US Vice President talks waveguides and quotes Bragg amid the fanfare of New York's country-spanning photonics innovation plan.
28 July 2015
Better LED margins boost Philips profit
Solid-state technology accounts for 40% of Philips' total lighting sales in latest quarter.
27 July 2015
Shuji Nakamura plenary presentation: Future and present technologies of solid state lighting