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Illumination & Displays

A real-time holographic display using doped liquid crystals

Using dyes and quantum dots to dope liquid crystal films achieves displays with reconstructed holographic videos at a refresh rate of 25Hz.

Organic LEDs with photonic structures incorporating zinc oxide and a polyfluorene derivative as cathode and emissive layers, respectively, lead to high efficiencies and electrically-driven lasing capabilities.
10 September 2014
Dispersing nanostructured additives in common polymers makes these tough and versatile materials suitable for optical applications.
18 August 2014
A hybrid spatial-sequential technique and free-form surface backlight unit enable an autostereoscopic display that combines full resolution, low crosstalk, and wide viewing angle.
4 August 2014
Novel glass phosphors outperform silicone phosphors for next-generation solid-state lighting.
10 July 2014

The numbers related to imaging and lighting technologies at this year's event show impressive advances over previous years. Dan Curticapean breaks them down.

27 June 2014
BMW heir boosts Heliatek finance
Stefan Quandt's investment vehicle leads €18 million raised by the organic PV specialist.
1 October 2014
Hyperspectral imaging reveals Finns’ life in Stone Age
Analysis poses new questions about early peoples' movements around the Baltic during Neolithic era.
1 October 2014
IEA: how solar could lead electricity generation by 2050
Roadmap suggests PV could be delivering 16% and solar thermal 11% of the world’s electricity 35 years from now.
1 October 2014
Tandem cells speed route to perovskite commercialization
Adding a perovskite layer to silicon cells promises a quicker route to market for UK-based Oxford PV and others.
30 September 2014
John Dudley: Celebration will highlight the global importance of light

Nature News Blog / SPIE Newsroom
26 September 2014

Philips Lumileds