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Zemax Optic Studio 14

2014 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

SPIE DSS EXPO | Greenlight - Booth #974

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Illumination & Displays

How to stretch a display and maintain pixel resolution
A ferromagnetic conductive nickel composite with negatively strain dependent resistance switches on hidden pixels in a stretched LED array.

Generating holograms from images captured and reconstructed in real time represents a step toward live, full-motion 3D scenes.

10 April 2014
A novel approach combines dense ray sampling and integral imaging sensing techniques to reconstruct real scenes.
19 March 2014
Crystalline nanostructures in coal

A fast, simple solution-based method extracts photoluminescent carbon dots from coal with up to 25% yield.

14 March 2014
Size quantization effects bring a wide color gamut, enhanced light efficiency, and a tunable emission wavelength to quantum dot backlighting for liquid crystal displays.
3 March 2014
Holographic optical elements can be used to implement a transparent display capable of overlaying a 3D virtual image on the real-world scene being viewed.
21 February 2014
Electrically controlled polymer changes optical properties
European “chiral breathing” development promises integrated polarisation filters, window glass with adjustable transparency, and chemical sensors.
23 April 2014
Cree drops acquisition hints
Cash-rich LED maker looking at strategic investments while pushing technology to new performance levels.
23 April 2014
Solar Frontier ponders New York expansion
Memorandum of understanding raises possibility of thin-film solar panel maker locating research and manufacturing activity in the US.
23 April 2014
Rockley Photonics closes 'several million dollar' first funding round
Bookham founder Andrew Rickman attracts big bucks to develop silicon photonics-based comms system.
22 April 2014
John Dudley: Celebration will highlight the global importance of light

Global Lighting Technologies