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Illumination & Displays

Thermally stable white LEDs
Novel glass phosphors outperform silicone phosphors for next-generation solid-state lighting.

The numbers related to imaging and lighting technologies at this year's event show impressive advances over previous years. Dan Curticapean breaks them down.

27 June 2014
High-kinetic-energy electrons emitted from an LED clearly indicate that the Auger effect is the dominant cause of efficiency droop.
24 June 2014
Quantum confinement boosts excitonic optical emission into the visible range at green and cyan wavelengths tailored by nanowire diameter and cross-sectional shape.
12 June 2014

Optical technology will make history at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

5 June 2014
A 28m-long light engine constructed with mid-power LEDs on a polyethylene terephthalate substrate has the potential to be a cost-efficient alternative to linear fluorescent tubes.
5 June 2014
Polymer solar cell reaches 11.5% efficiency
Triple-junction device developed by UCLA research team suggests that more efficiency gains are within reach.
28 July 2014
UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering rewards photonics innovators
New Research Fellowships recognise high-capacity fiber breakthrough and bloodflow imaging method.
25 July 2014
European Commission publishes ICT 2015 call
Photonics element of Horizon 2020 focuses on data centers, laser-based manufacturing and photonic integrated circuits.
24 July 2014
Laser oscillator could replace quartz in future electronics
Research project at Caltech shows terahertz oscillations possible for diverse electronics applications.
23 July 2014
John Dudley: Celebration will highlight the global importance of light

Osram Opto Semiconductors