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Sensing & Measurement

Fiber optic sensors to monitor reinforced concrete corrosion
Fiber optic sensors can detect the moisture, expansion, and cracks in reinforced concrete, enabling engineers to observe a structure's condition and predict its lifetime.
A 3D commercial vision sensor helps older people live autonomously at home for longer.
17 April 2014
Calibrating wavelength-dependent speckle patterns enables a multimode optical fiber to function as a spectrometer that is compact, lightweight, low cost, and provides high resolution with low loss.
8 April 2014
A mini array of five small-size telescopes has the potential to be used as part of the Cherenkov Telescope Array and to make highly sensitive observations.
8 April 2014
Combining low-order adaptive optics with lucky imaging removes the effects of atmospheric turbulence and produces images with unprecedented clarity at visible wavelengths.
8 April 2014
Novel fiber grating pressure sensors enable monitoring of highly energetic materials during nanosecond periods of burn, deflagration, and detonation.
2 April 2014
White House committee backs 'photonics foundry' idea
Action on domestic sources of critical materials and a fabrication facility to make integrated photonics devices are recommended by “fast-track” action committee.
23 April 2014
Electrically controlled polymer changes optical properties
European “chiral breathing” development promises integrated polarisation filters, window glass with adjustable transparency, and chemical sensors.
23 April 2014
Jenoptik showcases laser welding system at Chinaplas 2014
Votan-W enables non-contact laser welding; showing from today at leading Asian industry expo.
23 April 2014
Laser additive manufacturing in action
Conference hears of growing commercial application of LAM to aerospace, medicine and filtration sectors.
18 April 2014
John Asmus: Optical techniques and the mysterious Mona Lisa

Headwall Photonics


Eagleyard Photonics