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2015 SPIE Smart Structures/NDE | Call for Papers

SPIE Sensing Technology + Applications | Call for Papers

Optical Engineering


Sensing & Measurement

Novel designs for thermal transistors
Membranes of phase-change materials are used to control radiative heat flow between two bodies in thermal analogs of field-effect transistors.
Ultraviolet light and nanospherical-lens lithography together fabricate large-area nano-ellipse arrays.
30 July 2014
Stress-induced light scattering can identify micro/nanoscale cracks caused by fine polishing.
18 July 2014
Airy light fields, with their unique transversal structures, offer new possibilities for 3D imaging by light sheet microscopy.
18 July 2014
A new label-free 3D imaging method using a commercial microscope and a quantitative phase imaging module reveals cellular structures of live cells with submicron resolution.
11 July 2014
A simple and low-cost direct laser writing technique using an ultralow linear absorption process enables production of specific 2D and 3D sub-microstructures.
9 July 2014
Techniques for reliable estimation of phase and its derivatives enable optical metrology with high estimation accuracy, good computational efficiency, and robustness against noise.
8 July 2014
Buoyant Newport targets precision machining with V-Gen deal
Award-winning Israeli developer of fiber lasers set to boost Spectra-Physics portfolio.
31 July 2014
Sapphire delay hits Coherent figures
But the laser firm posts more strong bookings and hints at new acquisition activity.
31 July 2014
Motor racing team solves oil problem with laser-printed part
Collaboration between 3D Systems and English Racing demonstrates flexibility of laser additive manufacturing.
29 July 2014
Progress on UV conversion at IPG
Fiber laser company reports yet another record quarter as sales and margins rise strongly.
29 July 2014
John Asmus: Optical techniques and the mysterious Mona Lisa