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Optical Engineering


Sensing & Measurement

Compact optical probe for inner profile measurements of pipes
A new instrument can measure objects with apertures that range from 20 to 200mm or more, and consists of a laser diode, a conical mirror, and a miniature CCD or CMOS camera.
Two designs, one based on a wavelength filter and one on Fourier domain mode locking, enable dynamic measurements to be made using fiber-optic sensors.
15 January 2015
Two novel deformation carrier fabrication methods, using nanoimprint lithography and micromachine technology, respectively, enable the measurement of mechanical behavior under thermal shock.
13 January 2015
A novel artificial optical material combines the most interesting features of hyperbolic metamaterials and photonic crystals.
9 January 2015
A coordinated lidar network in the northeastern United States explored the optical properties of transported plumes from fires and dust and diagnosed chemical transport model concentration biases.
30 December 2014
A home monitoring system uses ambient sensors to observe the daily activities of multiple inhabitants, and provides tools to analyze short- and long-term behavior patterns.
24 December 2014
New York and Florida take lead for $220M photonics hub
New York consortium cites a coast-to-coast plan; Central Florida offers broad southeast coalition.
30 January 2015
Coherent confident of second-half rebound
Stock price of the laser company rises sharply despite a drop in bookings.
30 January 2015
SPIE opens up Townes archive
Papers published by the laser pioneer detail astronomy and astrophysics technologies.
30 January 2015
ESI posts loss, details China plans
Laser micromachining equipment firm recently acquired Wuhan Topwin Optoelectronics.
29 January 2015
Pierre Berini: Photonic detection of dengue could address major world health problem

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28 January 2015

Raptor Photonics

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