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Optical Engineering


Sensing & Measurement

Imaging cultural heritage with nonlinear microscopy
Pump-probe imaging can generate 3D images of artwork, pottery, and other objects using less power than a laser pointer.
A novel interferometer setup, which is based on liquid crystal media, allows small optical modulations to be measured in noisy environments and with distorted wavefronts.
13 August 2015
Smart design of optofluidic labs-on-chips offers the sensitivity of laboratory-scale optical detection instruments with portability, fast response times, low sample consumption, and parallel processing and read-out.
12 August 2015

A new technique enables full-field, non-contact, and highly sensitive measurements.

6 August 2015

A novel experimental approach is used to measure spectral correlations between photoexcitations and thus investigate the generation of photocarriers in excitonic solar cells.

4 August 2015
Raman spectroscopy can be used to measure small misalignment distances between top and bottom graphene layers.
31 July 2015
OmniVision ticks down on China volatility
Image sensor firm issues conservative financial guidance in wake of stock market fluctuations.
28 August 2015
Seatronics makes first UK sale of 2G Robotics' laser scanner
ULS-200 underwater laser scanner offers benefits over conventional sonar system for oil companies and more.
27 August 2015
Boston spin-out RayVio to ramp deep-UV LED production
Company closed $9.3 million series B round of financing earlier this year.
26 August 2015
Sensuron spins out of 4DSP and launches fiber optic sensors
Sensors, co-developed with NASA, monitor systems in demanding environments to encourage sustainable development.
26 August 2015
Kevin Knopp: High-pressure mass spectrometer detects chemical threats

FLIR Systems, Inc