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SPIE Smart Structures/NDE 2016 | Call for Papers

Optical Engineering


Sensing & Measurement

Measuring soil water potential using IR thermal imaging
Calculating emissivity from IR thermal images offers an indirect method of measuring water in soil some millimeters below ground.
Changes in the whispering gallery mode resonance of liquid crystal droplets offer insight into their internal ordering.
26 June 2015
A lock-in algorithm is used to combine digital image correlation with thermoelastic stress analyses to offer greater data richness, paving the way to strain-based nondestructive evaluation.
15 June 2015

Quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR spectrometers are used to detect threats in the air, and on various surfaces, at both short and long standoff distances.

11 June 2015
Random measurements, based on compressive sensing, are used to overcome the uncertainty principle of standard techniques.
10 June 2015
New fiber sensors are structured by laser writing and chemical etching to interconnect optical circuits with the core waveguide and probe integrated sensors embedded within the surrounding fiber cladding.
8 June 2015
Researchers to test new optical fiber 3D printing technique
Scientists at Zepler Institute say method will enable "previously impossible" fiber structures and applications.
2 July 2015
Laser 2015: power diodes, VCSELs pursue older laser roles
New powerful sources are now taking on the roles and markets of older solid state lasers, such as cutting, welding and materials processing.
1 July 2015
Six Catalan technical research centers join forces
New Barcelona Institute of Science & Technology to pursue joint projects in photonics, nano, high-energy physics and biochemistry.
30 June 2015
Laser 2015: activated phosphors power super-bright headlamps
Panel discussion on high power diode lasers includes update on Osram's LARP technology and application to new BMW lamps.
25 June 2015
Photonics response to Nepal earthquake: video and images

Excelitas Technologies Corp


Quantum Composers

Tianma Microelectronics