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Sensing & Measurement

Fiber optic sensors to monitor reinforced concrete corrosion
Fiber optic sensors can detect the moisture, expansion, and cracks in reinforced concrete, enabling engineers to observe a structure's condition and predict its lifetime.
Calibrating wavelength-dependent speckle patterns enables a multimode optical fiber to function as a spectrometer that is compact, lightweight, low cost, and provides high resolution with low loss.
8 April 2014
A mini array of five small-size telescopes has the potential to be used as part of the Cherenkov Telescope Array and to make highly sensitive observations.
8 April 2014
Combining low-order adaptive optics with lucky imaging removes the effects of atmospheric turbulence and produces images with unprecedented clarity at visible wavelengths.
8 April 2014
Novel fiber grating pressure sensors enable monitoring of highly energetic materials during nanosecond periods of burn, deflagration, and detonation.
2 April 2014
A smartphone high-resolution LCD allows efficient and accurate calibration of an inexpensive array of handheld microscopes for measuring dynamic events over a large field of view.
1 April 2014
Funding boost for Gooch and Housego
Photonics firm lands £0.8M in latest round of the UK government's Regional Growth Fund.
11 April 2014
Laser additive manufacturing: separating fact from fiction
UK industry gathering organized by AILU considers challenges and growth strategies for AM/3D printing sector.
11 April 2014
Philips Lighting signed up as International Year of Light sponsor
Industrial giant becomes first patron sponsor for the year-long celebration of light science and applications.
10 April 2014
Key investor sells €60 m stake in Jenoptik
Ergo Versicherungsgruppe, longstanding major shareholder of Jenoptik, cashes in 8.5% stake for €60 million.
9 April 2014
John Asmus: Optical techniques and the mysterious Mona Lisa

Headwall Photonics


Eagleyard Photonics