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Sensing & Measurement

Higgs boson analog in superconductors revealed by terahertz spectroscopy
Using terahertz pump–terahertz probe spectroscopy in conventional superconductors enables the observation of the Higgs mode, revealing its resonant nonlinear coupling to the light field.
Advances in material purity and laser light absorption offer new possibilities for vibration-free cryogenic cooling.
13 March 2015
Exploiting optical modes generated at the surface of some metals or nanoparticles can enhance absorption, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy for sensing applications.
20 February 2015

A new method from the lab of Nobel laureate W. E. Moerner enables the direct visualization of the binding and unbinding interactions between single biomolecules in aqueous solution by observing the diffusion coefficient and electrokinetic mobility.

17 February 2015
Methods such as digital photoelasticity and digital moiré interfero metry can be customized to examine and characterize the response of dental hard tissue to mechanical and thermal forces.
10 February 2015
Single-photon avalanche diodes are integrated with high-speed time-to-digital converters in new cost-effective image sensors.
2 February 2015
EPSRC commits £70m to invest across UK science research
Including substantial capital investment and backing for photonics-related R&D.
27 March 2015
OFC 2015: new products chase booming bandwidth
optics.org gives a taste of some of the hundreds of announcements to emerge this week.
26 March 2015
LUXeXceL and Lambda Research team up on 3D-printed optics
TracePro software used to produce custom-textured lens arrays as emerging technology offers prospect of “mass customization”.
25 March 2015
Eckhard Beyer wins AILU International Award
For major contribution to industrial laser materials processing; Fraunhofer ILT hosting USP laser conference in April.
24 March 2015
Pierre Berini: Photonic detection of dengue could address major world health problem

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