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2015 SPIE Smart Structures/NDE | Call for Papers

SPIE Sensing Technology + Applications | Call for Papers

Optical Engineering


Sensing & Measurement

Passive optical detection of a vibrating surface

A new light-intensity modulation technique arising from a changing surface normal can measure the physical properties of a vibrating surface.

Incorporating a lithium niobate electro-optic phase modulator into an interferometric fringe projection system could permit imaging at rates of megahertz or even gigahertz.
29 August 2014
New lidar systems and algorithms permit in situ real-time monitoring as part of a global network.
26 August 2014
Breaking down statements into their component facts, and developing a reporting format that includes the methods used to obtain them, helps improve the quality of image analysis.
21 August 2014
A single-shot exposure of a commercial monochromatic image sensor can simultaneously record 3D spatial information as well as quantitative phase, multiwavelength, and polarization data.
14 August 2014
Adaptive confocal laser scanning microscopy and laser interferometry systems have several applications in the fields of biomedicine and fluid mechanics.
7 August 2014
Wavelength division multiplexer market reaches record revenue
WDM Revenue in second quarter of 2014 rises to $2.6bn.
2 September 2014
Lasers and nuclear power #1: welding thick sections
UK program is looking to make fiber laser welding permissible under the strict codes of the nuclear industry.
2 September 2014
Gooch & Housego appoints new COO
Alex Warnock joins UK optical systems specialist, which is undergoing executive reshuffle.
1 September 2014
Automotive boost for OmniVision profit
Imaging sensor company reports a strong uptick in revenues amid buy-out interest from Chinese investment firm.
29 August 2014
John Asmus: Optical techniques and the mysterious Mona Lisa

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