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Lasers & Sources

Record high-power picosecond laser pulses for cold ablation
A thin-disk multipass amplifier produces 1.4kW (IR) and 820W (green) average output power pulses for fast, clean cutting of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic.
Nonlinear conversion of 2μm nanosecond pulses from a high-energy holmium laser enables future IR weapon countermeasures.
27 August 2014
Exposure to laser light stimulates dental stem cells to form new mineralized tooth tissue and points the way to novel applications of laser stem cell therapy.
11 August 2014
A new method for phase matching of high-order harmonic generation in the below-threshold spectral region increases efficiency by nearly five orders of magnitude.
1 August 2014
Novel glass phosphors outperform silicone phosphors for next-generation solid-state lighting.
10 July 2014
A generic integration platform, analogous to that used in microelectronics, may reduce the cost of photonic integrated circuits and make this technology accessible to new sectors.
27 June 2014
Wavelength division multiplexer market reaches record revenue
WDM Revenue in second quarter of 2014 rises to $2.6bn.
2 September 2014
Lasers and nuclear power #1: welding thick sections
UK program is looking to make fiber laser welding permissible under the strict codes of the nuclear industry.
2 September 2014
Gooch & Housego appoints new COO
Alex Warnock joins UK optical systems specialist, which is undergoing executive reshuffle.
1 September 2014
Automotive boost for OmniVision profit
Imaging sensor company reports a strong uptick in revenues amid buy-out interest from Chinese investment firm.
29 August 2014
Marc Sciamanna: Chaos theory for photonics applications