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Optics & Photonics International Congress 22-25 April 2014

2014 Photonics Asia | Call for Papers


Lasers & Sources

High-power fiber lasers for geothermal, oil, and gas industries
A high-power fiber laser succeeds in drilling through ultra-hard crystalline rock.
Picosecond laser ablation modified glass surfaces show promise for improved light management in photovoltaics.
3 April 2014
Combining spectral interleaving and dual-comb spectroscopy in the terahertz region achieves a ‘ gapless’ mode-resolved spectrum for high resolution and accuracy in broadband spectroscopy.
24 March 2014
Microspheres of rare-earth-doped chalcogenide glass coupled to mid-IR amplifiers and lasers of tapered fibers may serve as efficient biomedical sensing devices.
18 March 2014
Optical energy shaped by quantum phenomena and used cooperatively in the microgravity and vacuum of space offers scalable deflection of asteroids on a collision course with Earth.
3 March 2014
Diode lasers simultaneously offer tunability, high-power emission, and compact size at fairly low cost and are increasingly preferred for pumping titanium:sapphire lasers.
6 February 2014
Laser additive manufacturing in action
Conference hears of growing commercial application of LAM to aerospace, medicine and filtration sectors.
18 April 2014
ASML: volume productivity with EUV in 2016
Lithography firm expects to recognize revenue for sale of eight EUV systems this year.
17 April 2014
Environmental regulations 'jeopardize' European photonics
REACH and RoHS directives could endanger availability of raw materials for optics, hears conference.
17 April 2014
Raman technique extends to single virus detection
Tip-enhanced version of the spectroscopic technique used to identify herpes-causing virus.
15 April 2014
John Dudley: Celebration will highlight the global importance of light

Eagleyard Photonics