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Lasers & Sources

Optical components deep inside transparent plastics
A femtosecond laser writes 3D nanoscale photonic structures in a single step, overcoming material, dimensional, refractive-index, and wavelength constraints.
A novel transparent electrode embedded with silver-based nanoparticles enhances the light extraction efficiency of LEDs, improving device performance by 88%.
19 May 2015
Spatial-temporal spreading dramatically increases pulse duration and spot size, and decreases pulse intensity.
1 May 2015

Experiments in an animal model of multiple sclerosis demonstrate the therapeutic potential of 670nm light treatment.

24 April 2015
The first graphene-quantum-dot LEDs made with high-quantum-yield nanodots obtained via graphite intercalation compound synthesis exhibit luminance in excess of 1000cd/m2.
7 April 2015
A new terahertz quantum cascade laser, in continuous wave operation, has an emission that homogeneously covers more than one frequency octave.
3 April 2015
Glowforge promises laser cutting for the masses
Seattle start-up offering laser cutting and engraving in the home attracts $9M series A round.
28 May 2015
Semiconductor expert to lead new R&D lab at Cardiff University
Quantum dots, photonics and novel material innovation to be inspired by Prof. Diana Huffaker.
28 May 2015
Graphene scanner permits art pigments to be distinguished
Removes the need for invasive procedures into artworks - for the first time.
28 May 2015
US Air Force contracts 3D Systems to make next-gen components
$1.3m deal to co-develop with Honeywell "most advanced" aircraft heat exchangers by direct metal printing.
27 May 2015
Jerome Faist: Frequency combs enable QCL-based spectrometers

Quantum Composers