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Lasers & Sources

Single-frequency fiber lasers using rare-earth-doped silica
Commercial silica fibers doped with ytterbium and erbium achieve sufficient gain to enable fabrication of distributed Bragg reflector single-frequency fiber lasers.
Waveguides of adhesive-free bonded true crystalline fiber with a large single-mode area enable high-power laser applications.
12 June 2015

Quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR spectrometers are used to detect threats in the air, and on various surfaces, at both short and long standoff distances.

11 June 2015
A novel design and operation technique based on an array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers enables high-performance optical transmission.
2 June 2015
Use of high-power laser pulses to ablate samples enables reliable identification of solid materials on a high-speed conveyor belt.
1 June 2015
A novel transparent electrode embedded with silver-based nanoparticles enhances the light extraction efficiency of LEDs, improving device performance by 88%.
19 May 2015
Laser 2015: power diodes, VCSELs pursue older laser roles
New powerful sources are now taking on the roles and markets of older solid state lasers, such as cutting, welding and materials processing.
1 July 2015
Six Catalan technical research centers join forces
New Barcelona Institute of Science & Technology to pursue joint projects in photonics, nano, high-energy physics and biochemistry.
30 June 2015
Laser 2015: activated phosphors power super-bright headlamps
Panel discussion on high power diode lasers includes update on Osram's LARP technology and application to new BMW lamps.
25 June 2015
Laser 2015: Audi speeds aluminum welding with remote laser
Auto maker and Trumpf detail range of new processes making vehicles lighter and more efficient.
25 June 2015
Jerome Faist: Frequency combs enable QCL-based spectrometers

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