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Lasers & Sources

Q-switched ceramic lasers for remote sensing
A resonantly-pumped, tunable, Q-switched holmium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet ceramic laser generates high energy and high beam quality in the 2μm region.
Coherent arrays of fiber lasers appear scalable to weapons-class (100kW) powers with near-perfect beam quality in rugged and compact packages.
12 September 2014
Organic LEDs with photonic structures incorporating zinc oxide and a polyfluorene derivative as cathode and emissive layers, respectively, lead to high efficiencies and electrically-driven lasing capabilities.
10 September 2014
Heteroepitaxial lateral overgrowth of indium phosphide on silicon offers a pathway for monolithic integration of III–V light sources.
8 September 2014
Nonlinear conversion of 2μm nanosecond pulses from a high-energy holmium laser enables future IR weapon countermeasures.
27 August 2014
A thin-disk multipass amplifier produces 1.4kW (IR) and 820W (green) average output power pulses for fast, clean cutting of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic.
20 August 2014
Smart glasses maker Vuzix completes Rochester expansion
Upgrade includes tooling for proprietary laser lithography processes.
23 September 2014
Leica, Panasonic extend camera optics deal
New five-year agreement builds on long-standing collaboration between the two global brands.
22 September 2014
Societies welcome US manufacturing vote
House of Representatives passes bill designed to stimulate development and commercialization of new technologies.
19 September 2014
Element Six heat sinks to feature in ultrafast disk laser
European Commission project selects supplier for diamond components in pulsed source.
19 September 2014
Marc Sciamanna: Chaos theory for photonics applications