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Lasers & Sources

Clean boron fusion using extreme laser pulses
A laser-driven technique to ignite hydrogen-boron fuel offers the possibility of nuclear fusion for clean, sustainable energy generation.
A self-pulsing approach is used to modulate radiation pressure and achieve robust phonon lasing.
20 July 2015
Combining technologies from cosmic ray and laser physics can sweep space junk.
16 July 2015
A two-way laser link between terminals on the ground and in lunar orbit used superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors to enable the highest recorded data error-free rates from the Moon.
9 July 2015
Commercial silica fibers doped with ytterbium and erbium achieve sufficient gain to enable fabrication of distributed Bragg reflector single-frequency fiber lasers.
25 June 2015
Waveguides of adhesive-free bonded true crystalline fiber with a large single-mode area enable high-power laser applications.
12 June 2015
Photonics helps cyclist win four Tour de France stages
Optical analysis streamlines André Greipel's bike and kit; German rider supported by German technology.
27 July 2015
OmniVision shareholders back buy-out
Acquisition of the imaging sensor firm by Chinese private equity group still subject to regulatory approval.
27 July 2015
Trumpf rides out 'difficult' market
Sales rise 5 per cent despite sale of German firm's medical business a year ago, suggest preliminary figures.
24 July 2015
New York wins $220M photonics foundry race
US Department of Defense chooses Rochester-led consortium partnered by MIT and the University of Arizona.
23 July 2015
Conflict minerals reporting challenges U.S. companies and their suppliers

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