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Lasers & Sources

High-peak-power pulse amplification in higher-order mode fibers
Axicons, or conical lenses, can be used as mode converters to enable pulse energy scalability and to produce beams that are close to the diffraction limit.
Femtosecond lasers enable the local modification of the composition of glass, allowing the generation of high-contrast refractive microstructures for advanced optical applications.
26 November 2015
Novel ultra-small devices can convert near-IR radiation to bright visible light with unprecedented conversion efficiency.
12 November 2015
A beamline to characterize electrons with very high energy resolution would help explore the link between electron behavior and material properties.
28 October 2015
Specialty hybrid photonic-crystal fibers can extend the spectral coverage of high-power fiber amplifiers.
15 October 2015
Ultrafast electron diffraction and intense femtosecond laser pulses are used to achieve unprecedented imaging resolutions.
2 October 2015
LG Display to start building huge OLED factory
Ultimate investment of nearly $10 billion anticipated; move likely to fuel more rumors of Apple iPhone adoption.
27 November 2015
Leica and NKT Photonics sign supercontinuum laser deal
Laser maker to supply optical device developer with source for specialized FLIM and super resolution imaging and more.
26 November 2015
IYL to close with film festival in Mexico
Official closing ceremony of year-long celebration of light takes place in Mérida in early February.
26 November 2015
Formnext expo sees 3D laser printing innovations
Concept Laser and EOS present new approaches and tools at last week’s Frankfurt show and conference.
26 November 2015
Alexander Oraevsky: Optoacoustic imaging overcomes challenge of scattering in tissue

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