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Lasers & Sources

Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for optical interconnects

New energy-efficient and temperature-stable gallium arsenide devices operate at 980nm and enable high-speed data transmission at high temperature.

Electrical pumping produces a coherent light source based on stimulated scattering of exciton-polaritons inside a microcavity.
16 December 2014
IR-seeking missiles guided by imaging systems can locate targets even under laser dazzle, enabling them to track and pose a threat to aircraft.
15 October 2014
Organic LEDs incorporating copper(I) emitters have been around for 15 years, but only now are these materials beginning to show very high efficiencies in electroluminescent devices.
8 October 2014

Diffractive arrays of metallic nanoparticles act as nanoantenna-phased arrays that enhance emission from thin phosphor layers in defined directions, and therefore offer new prospects for solid-state lighting.

7 October 2014
Using nanocrystal fluorescence in chiral photonic bandgap microcavities and plasmonic nanoantennas promises room-temperature sources of time-separated quanta of light.
1 October 2014
Semiconductor strength helps Zeiss shrug off economic woes
Like-for-like sales up 5% in the giant optics firm’s latest financial year; confirms microscopy unit cuts.
17 December 2014
Graphene modulator 'outperforms' state-of-the-art rivals
Researchers in Belgium present details of 10 Gb/s device at International Electron Devices Meeting.
16 December 2014
Michael Mertin re-appointed President of Photonics21
Jenoptik President & CEO will once again represent the technology platform for the European photonics sector.
15 December 2014
Emcore retrenches with new CEO
Fiber-optic component maker also shifts corporate headquarters to California following sale of its space photovoltaics business.
15 December 2014
Volker Sorger: Plasmonics enables more efficient silicon photonics

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10 December 2014