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2014 Photomask Technology | Call for Papers

SPIE DSS EXPO 2014 | ALIO - Booth #332

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Micro/Nano Lithography

Synchrotron radiation spectroscopy enables analysis of chemical reactions that increase the sensitivity of extreme UV photoresists for patterning semiconductor materials.
16 April 2014
Coarse-grained modeling of copolymer materials provides physical insights into the equilibrium thermodynamics, structure, and kinetics of directed self-assembly for patterning at the nanoscale.
19 March 2014
Combination lithography using electron-beam or extreme-UV pattern exposure with UV flood exposure can achieve a near-10-fold increase in resist sensitivity with no loss in other properties.
13 March 2014
Combining photoresist polymers, lithography, and ink-jet printing allows fabrication of microlenses with unique features.
12 February 2014
A model-based scheme for characterizing mask features may enhance semiconductor pattern placement, enabling manufacturers to meet shrinking lithography error budgets and improve production yields.
10 February 2014
A novel grating fabrication technique based on nanoimprint lithography includes a composite stamp design with an optimized profile.
3 February 2014