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Improved critical dimension inspection for the semiconductor industry

Critical dimension inspection based on a library of simulated through-focus diffraction patterns and a mechanical-free defocusing process could improve high-throughput quality control.

Using nanocrystal fluorescence in chiral photonic bandgap microcavities and plasmonic nanoantennas promises room-temperature sources of time-separated quanta of light.
1 October 2014

Ordered lattices of nanostructures with unique electromagnetic properties not found in nature offer novel sensing possibilities for diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease.

30 September 2014

A simple and versatile synthesis platform enables the preparation of engineered hybrid spin-on materials and micro and nanostructured surfaces for fast and inexpensive development of miniaturized devices.

30 September 2014

As researchers race to develop novel semiconductors that efficiently split water to produce hydrogen, nanotechnology is providing winning solutions.

23 September 2014
Spin-dependent spatial beam splitting in the photonic spin Hall effect is sensitive to variations in the thickness of metal and graphene nanofilms.
16 September 2014

High-performance photoresists made from metal oxide nanoparticles offer high-sensitivity lithography at extreme-UV wavelengths by using a new ligand-based patterning mechanism.

15 September 2014
UK windfarm developer deploys lidar system
Inch Cape Offshore "lights up" farm with ZephIR to measure wind direction and velocity for planned windfarm.
2 October 2014
Hyperspectral imaging reveals Finns’ life in Stone Age
Analysis poses new questions about early peoples' movements around the Baltic during Neolithic era.
1 October 2014
Photonics industry leaders target neuroscience
Coherent, Spectra-Physics, Hamamatsu and others commit more than $30 million to Obama’s BRAIN Initiative.
30 September 2014
Graphene points to improved retinal implants
Work on material's biomedical uses forms part of project now supported by EU's Graphene Flagship initiative.
30 September 2014
Vincent Ginis: Metamaterials and transformation optics

Nature News Blog / SPIE Newsroom
26 September 2014