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Novel photonic crystal design enables low-power-consumption, all-optical memory suitable for large-scale, dense integration.
29 June 2015
Chemical self-organization on silicon with gold nanoparticles assembles a nanostructure for a reproducible Coulomb blockade and opens the way for molecular single-electron nanoelectronics.
18 June 2015

Smart materials enable fabrication of lightweight, compact optical mirrors that can be replicated at low cost for use in large space telescopes.

12 June 2015
A novel quantum mechanical process in organic semiconductors that allows for the harvesting of spin-triplet excitons promises to enable high-efficiency solar cells.
9 June 2015
A nanohole optical tweezer technique probes the vibrations of individual nanoparticles, such as proteins, DNA fragments, colloids, and viruses.
29 May 2015
Placing a semiconductor nanowire in a trench in a line defect of a silicon photonic crystal creates a movable high-Q nanocavity.
28 May 2015
Six Catalan technical research centers join forces
New Barcelona Institute of Science & Technology to pursue joint projects in photonics, nano, high-energy physics and biochemistry.
30 June 2015
Laser 2015: terahertz technologies - a growing market
An imaging forum reviewed the remarkable progress of terahertz systems, fast developing a new marketplace.
24 June 2015
Laser 2015: Swiss pair claim start-up awards
Startup World presents first photonic innovation and 3D printing awards to two Swiss firms: Nanolive and Femtoprint.
24 June 2015
Laser 2015: VDMA warns on Asian investment policy
German engineering association report finds that government support for photonics across Korea, China and Japan will double in five years.
23 June 2015