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2015 NanoScience + Engineering | Call for Papers

Gold Open Access option for SPIE Journals



Creating a quantum fluid in a polymer
A method for creating Bose-Einstein condensates in polymers enables micrometer-scale observations of quantum physical phenomena at ambient temperatures.
Graphene-covered metasurfaces enable the tunable enhancement of evanescent tunneling and wavelength-selective transmission for both near- and far-field thermal radiation.
24 February 2015
Exploiting optical modes generated at the surface of some metals or nanoparticles can enhance absorption, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy for sensing applications.
20 February 2015

A new structure of free-standing 1D porous silicon foils is configured to produce forces that are 500 times greater than conventional optical tweezers.

19 February 2015
Pulsed laser ablation of metals prepares ligand-free nanoparticles for colloidal deposition on a variety of surfaces.
16 February 2015
Nanostructured materials enable control over light propagation, absorption, and emission and enhance solar conversion efficiency when combined with luminescent solar concentrators.
10 February 2015
Quantum imaging center opens in Glasgow
Business-focused QuantIC hub funded by UK government for next five years.
25 February 2015
OCT firm Michelson Diagnostics closes £2.5m ‘Series B’ funding
First tranche of expected £4m; Smith & Nephew invests £1.25m and joins board of UK company.
24 February 2015
Novel endoscope gives clearer view of cancers
University at Buffalo probe improves image quality and also facilitates drug delivery.
19 February 2015
Capasso lab advance suggests industry role for flat photonics
Flat lens from Harvard physicists turns 'normal' optics on its head with the help of metasurfaces.
19 February 2015
Stephen Bedell: High-performance materials become flexible