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Core-shell nanostructures with promising photocatalytic characteristics
Zinc oxide-coated alpha-phase ferric oxide particles can be used for water purification purposes.
Femtosecond optical pump–probe spectroscopy with hybrid metal–ferromagnetic nanostructures enables ultrafast control of their properties via nonlinear interactions.
28 August 2015
Nanostructured devices with discrete pixels exhibit photonic functions, enabling the smallest polarization beam-splitter to date.
27 August 2015
Upconverting nanoparticles are coupled with gold nanorods to achieve increased emission brightness, enhanced diagnostic strength, and improved determination of local temperature.
25 August 2015
A holographic optical-tweezers-based approach allows the fabrication of bacterial microsystems, such as fluid mixers or micro- and nanotransport vehicles for functional particles.
20 August 2015
Lithographically patterned arrays of interacting, magnetic nano-islands provide a new material-by-design approach to nano-ferroics.
10 August 2015
OmniVision ticks down on China volatility
Image sensor firm issues conservative financial guidance in wake of stock market fluctuations.
28 August 2015
Neurosurgeons identify malign tumors with optical biopsy
Surgical team at Cologne hospital uses Mauna Kea's Cellvizio system in the operating room.
26 August 2015
Raman method improves colonoscopy test for cancer
Optical Raman spectra of blood reveals “simple fingerprint”; less invasive approach should encourage patient take-up.
26 August 2015
Boston spin-out RayVio to ramp deep-UV LED production
Company closed $9.3 million series B round of financing earlier this year.
26 August 2015
Karl Leo: Efficiency improvements are key to future of organic photovoltaics