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2016 NanoScience + Engineering | Call for Papers

SPIE Photonics Europe 2016 | Call for Papers

Celebrate the International Year of Light 2015 with 15% off printed books and proceedings. Shop now.



Photolithographic fabrication of a silica-clad photonic-crystal nanocavity
A novel method for fusing crystal- and silicon-photonics technologies exhibits a high quality factor, showing promise for the realization of all-optical signal processing on a chip.
A new imaging technique uses force detection of optical excitations to generate maps of molecules and materials with nanometer resolution.
27 November 2015
Novel ultra-small devices can convert near-IR radiation to bright visible light with unprecedented conversion efficiency.
12 November 2015

The key advances for lighting technologies in the 21st century are driven primarily by energy efficiency, color quality, and cost-effectiveness. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

11 November 2015

Major breakthroughs in photonics are changing how solar energy will power our future, how light illuminates our lives, and how technology will connect us to each other in new ways. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

4 November 2015
A graphene-based quantum-point-contact transistor with a nanopore enables the sensing of double- and single-stranded DNA.
4 November 2015
IYL to close with film festival in Mexico
Official closing ceremony of year-long celebration of light takes place in Mérida in early February.
26 November 2015
UK government backs photonics commercialization hub
EPSRC allocates £10 million in central funding for ‘national hub in high-value photonic manufacturing’ in Southampton.
25 November 2015
Private equity owner sells CMOSIS for €220M
TA Associates sells maker of CMOS imaging technology to the Austrian sensor company ams.
23 November 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics reports 8% sales boost for 2015
But “international market uncertainties” still give Japanese giant cause for concern.
19 November 2015
Boubacar Kante: Metamaterials development will benefit from industry-research collaboration