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Ultra-low-k material cryoetching plasma process for interconnects
Cryoetching that minimizes plasma-induced carbon depletion was successfully tested on advanced low-k materials used in back-end-of-the-line CMOS technology.
Production of 3D graphene scaffolds with micron-scale pores by lithography using UV lasers enables the design of carbon electrodes for advanced electrochemical applications.
25 July 2015
Field-effect transistors based on semiconductor nanowires can operate as fast and sensitive plasma-wave terahertz detectors that are versatile and easy to grow.
21 July 2015
A self-pulsing approach is used to modulate radiation pressure and achieve robust phonon lasing.
20 July 2015
Integrating plasmonic optical antennae with liquid crystal technology points the way to true 3D images.
8 July 2015
Novel photonic crystal design enables low-power-consumption, all-optical memory suitable for large-scale, dense integration.
29 June 2015
Joe Biden hails 'extraordinary potential' of photonics
US Vice President talks waveguides and quotes Bragg amid the fanfare of New York's country-spanning photonics innovation plan.
28 July 2015
New York wins $220M photonics foundry race
US Department of Defense chooses Rochester-led consortium partnered by MIT and the University of Arizona.
23 July 2015
First AMD patient receives retinal implant
Implant from developer Second Sight had previously only been used to aid patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa.
22 July 2015
Gigapixel multispectral microscopy unravels complexity of cell biology
RMIT University platform could speed up image-based assays during drug development.
22 July 2015
Karl Leo: Efficiency improvements are key to future of organic photovoltaics