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2014 NanoScience + Engineering | Call for Papers

Gold Open Access option for SPIE Journals



Breaking the diffraction limit without fluorescence labels
Combining three laser beams, including a doughnut-shaped beam, permits ‘super-resolution’ microscopy of nanostructures with the contrast of optical absorption.
Innovative structuring processes and surface engineering methods improve the optical and electrical properties of hybrid organic silicon solar cells, yielding better performance at lower cost.
14 April 2014
Group III-nitride semiconductor quantum dots on elongated pyramids enable direct generation of light with controllable polarization for imaging and display applications.
7 April 2014
Gigahertz-frequency mechanical waves directly drive spin transitions in nitrogen-vacancy centers, offering a new way to control spins, sense strains, and study spin-phonon interactions at the nanoscale.
2 April 2014
Crystalline nanostructures in coal

A fast, simple solution-based method extracts photoluminescent carbon dots from coal with up to 25% yield.

14 March 2014
Depositing metal nanoparticles onto nanowire channels offers cost-effective and reliable control of their electronic behavior.
10 March 2014
Environmental regulations 'jeopardize' European photonics
REACH and RoHS directives could endanger availability of raw materials for optics, hears conference.
17 April 2014
Raman technique extends to single virus detection
Tip-enhanced version of the spectroscopic technique used to identify herpes-causing virus.
15 April 2014
Hyperspectral method shows cell imaging utility
High-throughput, label-free technique developed in Australia can distinguish all manner of cells and aid medical treatment.
15 April 2014
Nanoparticles offer route to smarter endoscopy
While regulatory issues remain a challenge, nanoparticles could dramatically increase the effectiveness of the screening technique.
14 April 2014
Bioinspiration brings fresh perspective to photonics