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2015 NanoScience + Engineering | Call for Papers

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Novel materials for improved photon upconversion
A new solid-state-like material contains nanocellulose capsules embedded within a matrix of nanofibers, and can operate for long periods in a dry oxygen-rich atmosphere.

An optical resonator coupled to a single atom enables a medium that provides the maximum nonlinear phase shift of pi at the single-photon level, offering new possibilities for quantum technology.

26 January 2015
Single-layer molybdenum disulfide, a strictly 2D semiconductor, exhibits negative photoconductivity caused by the formation of trions under optical excitation.
22 January 2015
Massive arrays of miniaturized electrospray emitters, individually regulated by carbon nanotube wicking structures, achieve high and uniform-array emission of ionic liquid ion sources.
19 January 2015
Two novel deformation carrier fabrication methods, using nanoimprint lithography and micromachine technology, respectively, enable the measurement of mechanical behavior under thermal shock.
13 January 2015
A novel artificial optical material combines the most interesting features of hyperbolic metamaterials and photonic crystals.
9 January 2015
Applying topological insulator concepts to excitonic materials shows how to create one-way robust exciton wires in porphyrin thin films.
6 January 2015
Laser processing creates 'super-hydrophobic' metals
Scientists at University of Rochester say properties promise better solar panels, sanitation and rust-free metals.
26 January 2015
Heavy presentation program for light festival
International Year of Light launch packs dozens of cultural, political and scientific talks into two days.
21 January 2015
UN head Ban Ki Moon opens International Year of Light
Launch ceremony at UNESCO headquarters in Paris draws 1000-plus delegates to two-day fiesta.
20 January 2015
Optical clearing meets challenges of live applications
Adjusting the refractive index of biological tissues can enhance a range of imaging techniques.
16 January 2015
Stephen Bedell: High-performance materials become flexible