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2015 NanoScience + Engineering | Call for Papers

Gold Open Access option for SPIE Journals

Nobel Laureate - Shuji Nakamura's Biography


Meta-holograms for colorful image storage

A meta-hologram consisting of sub-wavelength gold cross nanoantennas enables polarization-controlled dual images in the visible region.

Direct femtosecond laser writing can produce computer-designed structures at a resolution beyond the diffraction limit.

5 November 2014

Membrane-wrapped gold nanoparticles designed to have specific surface properties have been used to investigate and mimic complex viral processes.

4 November 2014

A new technique using high-index glasses enables photonic device integration on substrates such as semiconductors, glasses, IR crystals, polymers, and graphene.

30 October 2014
Highly corrugated surfaces, nanoparticle assemblies, and superstructured multilayers offer superior functionality in controlling propagating volume plasmons with large wave vectors.
29 October 2014
Disposable free-form plastic prisms and common-path phase interrogation cut development costs.
23 October 2014
Laser trap tests asthma inhalers
Combination with Raman spectroscopy offers new insight into behavior of drugs on their way to the lung.
13 November 2014
Russia sanctions hit Jenoptik sales
But the German company's laser and optical systems segment offsets impact of export restrictions on metrology and defense divisions.
12 November 2014
Photonics boost for prostate test and home healthcare
Fraunhofers demo new optical healthcare systems at Düsseldorf health technology expos.
12 November 2014
Oxford Instruments hails Andor as 'key growth pillar'
Imaging unit offers its diversified parent company access to new markets in the life sciences.
11 November 2014
Brian Wilson: Customizing cancer treatment with nanoparticles