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New oxide nanoparticle extreme-UV photoresists achieve high sensitivity

High-performance photoresists made from metal oxide nanoparticles offer high-sensitivity lithography at extreme-UV wavelengths by using a new ligand-based patterning mechanism.

Spin-dependent spatial beam splitting in the photonic spin Hall effect is sensitive to variations in the thickness of metal and graphene nanofilms.
16 September 2014
Vertically oriented, radial PIN diodes based on non-polar and semi-polar gallium nitride could potentially enhance detector performance.
4 September 2014
Spatially engineering nitrogen impurities in zinc oxide nanostructured arrays decouples optical absorption and electron transport for photoelectrochemical activity.
21 August 2014
Dispersing nanostructured additives in common polymers makes these tough and versatile materials suitable for optical applications.
18 August 2014
Ultraviolet light and nanospherical-lens lithography together fabricate large-area nano-ellipse arrays.
30 July 2014
Photodynamic system approved for retinal diseases
Quantel to begin commercialization of 'Vitra' platform for two sight-damaging conditions.
15 September 2014
OCT systems sales ‘to double’ to €1bn by 2019
Ophthalmology market saturated, but OCT system demand growing from healthcare, life science markets, says analyst Tematys.
9 September 2014
Imaging of blood flow reveals effects of drug use
Optical coherence Doppler tomography shows how cocaine damages cerebral blood vessels.
7 September 2014
Medrobotics Flex system brings cancerous lesions within reach
Robotic-assisted surgical platform promises cost-effective procedures and faster patient recovery.
3 September 2014
Vincent Ginis: Metamaterials and transformation optics