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Solar & Alternative Energy

News from the Solar Hydrogen Activity Research Kit project
An interactive crowdsourced research program, involving students around the world, is enabling the discovery of new materials for solar-powered water splitting.
Significant improvements in renewable energy forecasting have been demonstrated via situation-dependent error correction and blending of models using machine learning.
18 November 2015

The key advances for lighting technologies in the 21st century are driven primarily by energy efficiency, color quality, and cost-effectiveness. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

11 November 2015
Ultrathin hybrid photovoltaic devices with customized colors and patterns pave the way toward energy-saving display systems and the integration of power generation into buildings.
6 November 2015

Major breakthroughs in photonics are changing how solar energy will power our future, how light illuminates our lives, and how technology will connect us to each other in new ways. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

4 November 2015
Tests on a polymer/dye composite series show that increasing electron transfer driving force does not always increase solar cell performance.
3 November 2015
Leica and NKT Photonics sign supercontinuum laser deal
Laser maker to supply optical device developer with source for specialized FLIM and super resolution imaging and more.
26 November 2015
Optical chip maker ColorChip raises $25m for growth
Developer of “SystemOnGlass” transceivers, receives funding lead by IGP. Vintage, Gemini Israel Funds, and BRM Group also investing.
26 November 2015
Low-temperature process promises better perovskite solar cells
Swiss team develops way to produce hysteresis-free tandem and bifacial cells at just 50°C.
24 November 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics reports 8% sales boost for 2015
But “international market uncertainties” still give Japanese giant cause for concern.
19 November 2015
Rebecca Jones-Albertus: SunShot Initiative provides opportunities for solar growth