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2015 SPIE Smart Structures/NDE | Call for Papers

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Solar & Alternative Energy

Multimedia presentations: Optics + Photonics 2014 plenaries

Slides and audio of plenary talks at SPIE Optics + Photonics, held in San Diego in August 2014.

Nanosized particles with low overlap between their absorption and emission spectra allow more of the sun's light energy to be captured.

25 September 2014

As researchers race to develop novel semiconductors that efficiently split water to produce hydrogen, nanotechnology is providing winning solutions.

23 September 2014
Water/alcohol-soluble conjugated polymers can greatly improve photovoltaic efficiency.
11 September 2014
Engineering directional light emission with a simple photonic structure enables high secondary geometric gain.
5 September 2014
A digital alloy technique grows device-quality aluminum gallium arsenide antimonide lattice matched to indium phosphide.
27 August 2014
Spatially engineering nitrogen impurities in zinc oxide nanostructured arrays decouples optical absorption and electron transport for photoelectrochemical activity.
21 August 2014
'Record' 255Tbit/s data transmission over seven-core fiber
Eindhoven-led team develop new fiber that allows 21 times more bandwidth than is currently available.
30 October 2014
Israeli academic, nuclear partners to found photonics R&D center
Ben Gurion University and Soreq Nuclear Research Center establishing photonics and electro-optics facility with NIS175m (€37m) funding.
30 October 2014
Subwavelength optical fibers diffuse light for sensing
Novel optical effect observed promising new hyper-sensitive devices.
29 October 2014
Heliatek installs largest PV-generating façade
Dresden-based solar film developer completes installation at headquarters - to power lighting system.
29 October 2014
Smart windows control light, heat, energy use