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Solar & Alternative Energy

Photovoltaics and concentrating solar power: why hybridization makes sense
Combining photovoltaics and concentrating solar power may enable the integration of low-cost thermal energy storage for the renewables-driven grid of the future.
A nanostructured crystalline collector embedded in an amorphous absorber matrix offers a novel approach for hot carrier solar cells.
13 August 2015

A novel experimental approach is used to measure spectral correlations between photoexcitations and thus investigate the generation of photocarriers in excitonic solar cells.

4 August 2015
Eliminating a chemical byproduct from perovskite films by vacuum-assisted thermal annealing enables fabrication of highly stable and efficient solar cells.
28 July 2015
A new type of spectrally selective photovoltaic and thermal collector can simultaneously produce both electricity and thermal energy at 300°C.
15 July 2015
A laser-driven technique to ignite hydrogen-boron fuel offers the possibility of nuclear fusion for clean, sustainable energy generation.
14 July 2015
New CEO slashes GTAT workforce by 40%
Provider of furnaces for manufacturing sapphire expects to emerge from bankruptcy proceedings in the first quarter of 2016.
1 September 2015
Sensuron spins out of 4DSP and launches fiber optic sensors
Sensors, co-developed with NASA, monitor systems in demanding environments to encourage sustainable development.
26 August 2015
Optical WDM metro market hits ‘record level’
Research by Dell'Oro Group says Ciena, Huawei, and ZTE have captured half the market.
25 August 2015
TSMC pulls plug on CIGS solar effort
Even the giant semiconductor foundry cannot find a way to sell modules based on the thin-film PV material profitably.
25 August 2015
Karl Leo: Efficiency improvements are key to future of organic photovoltaics