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Solar & Alternative Energy

Transforming the Electric Grid

SPIE Technology Achievement Award recipient Rajendra Singh sees opportunities for PV device design.

Chemical dopants tune the properties of organic polymers, revealing their potential as thermoelectrics and as electrodes for organic electronic devices.
28 July 2014
Two simple, low-temperature solution processes efficiently fabricate high-quality photovoltaics.
25 July 2014
Bioinspired systems for artificial photosynthesis offer potential for future redressing of imbalance in the carbon cycle.
16 June 2014
Novel functional materials enable a class of embedded sensors suitable for extreme conditions.
10 June 2014
Reducing anionic vacancies in tantalum oxynitride boosts the efficiency of water splitting systems to 6.3% apparent quantum yield under visible light at 420nm.
2 June 2014
Photovoltaic cells on silicon spherical microcavities trap IR light, increasing the probability of photon absorption and enhancing the efficiency of solar energy devices.
22 May 2014
Laser reveals ‘liquid’ motion of atoms in clusters
Leicester, UK-led project opens the door to development of novel nano-materials.
29 July 2014
Imec demonstrates 28G Si-photonics platform for WDM interconnects
Shown at July's Integrated Photonics Research meet in San Diego; Belgian R&D center's next fab-runs in fall 2014 now open for registration.
29 July 2014
Polymer solar cell reaches 11.5% efficiency
Triple-junction device developed by UCLA research team suggests that more efficiency gains are within reach.
28 July 2014
UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering rewards photonics innovators
New Research Fellowships recognise high-capacity fiber breakthrough and bloodflow imaging method.
25 July 2014
Smart windows control light, heat, energy use