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Solar & Alternative Energy

Designing high-performance micro-enzymatic biofuel cells
Three-dimensional microstructures encrusted with 2D nanomaterials represent a promising platform for novel energy sources for implantable electronic devices such as pacemakers.
Embedding a network of highly efficient microscale solar cells between a pair of plastic lenslet arrays leads to fixed-tilt concentrating photovoltaic panels that are less than 1cm thick.
9 April 2015
Gallium arsenide phosphide nitride shows promise for developing high-efficiency tandem solar cells on low-cost silicon substrates.
2 April 2015
Photoluminescent materials convert heat to photons, emitting a constant rate of photons that blue-shift as the temperature increases, and may enable efficient harnessing of incident solar radiation.
24 March 2015
Chemical compatibility between constituents of the active layer in bulk heterojunction solar cells affects its morphology, which in turn correlates with open-circuit voltage tunability.
2 March 2015
Nanostructured materials enable control over light propagation, absorption, and emission and enhance solar conversion efficiency when combined with luminescent solar concentrators.
10 February 2015
Photolithography giant ASML reports Q1 sales of €1.65bn
Sales and 47% margin both “in line with guidance”; similar figures forecast for Q2, 2015.
16 April 2015
Nokia to take over Alcatel-Lucent in €15.6bn deal
New-look Nokia will be “innovation leader” in next-gen technology and services for IP connected world.
15 April 2015
QD Vision, Konka launch quantum dot TVs into China
Claim that Color IQ quantum dots have enabled Konka’s "most visually stunning" TVs so far.
14 April 2015
Optical fiber slows photons 'to a standstill'
Vienna experiment slows and stops light - promising networkable quantum computing, say researchers.
14 April 2015
Steven Chu IYL Presentation: Energy and Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities

DuPont Microcircuit Materials

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions and TSEC Engineering