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2014 Solar Energy + Technology | Call for Papers

Gold Open Access option for SPIE Journals


Solar & Alternative Energy

Textured substrates for light in-coupling in thin-film solar cells
Picosecond laser ablation modified glass surfaces show promise for improved light management in photovoltaics.
Innovative structuring processes and surface engineering methods improve the optical and electrical properties of hybrid organic silicon solar cells, yielding better performance at lower cost.
14 April 2014
The combination of solution-processable photoactive materials and high-throughput printing techniques will help to sidestep problems of traditional photovoltaics.
14 April 2014
A unique combination of two dissimilar high-temperature thermoelectric materials united with different cross-sectional area elements results in a 9.7% conversion efficiency in a single-couple thermoelectric device.
9 April 2014
Certain bacteria flourish under radiation upconverted by triplet-triplet annihilation to visible light.
7 April 2014
Direct visible light water splitting in a dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cell makes hydrogen for energy storage.
25 March 2014
‘Combs of light’ accelerate communications
Researchers exploit optical frequency comb sources on silicon chip for terabit data transmission.
16 April 2014
Shiny quantum dots brighten future of solar cells
Photovoltaic solar-panel windows coming to a home near you?
16 April 2014
Philips Lighting signed up as International Year of Light sponsor
Industrial giant becomes first patron sponsor for the year-long celebration of light science and applications.
10 April 2014
Partners demo 400G optical network in Canada
ORION and Alcatel-Lucent claim “first North American 400G network” for research-dedicated link.
9 April 2014
Adam Plesniak: Sun-tracking, concentrating systems boost PV efficiency