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Solar & Alternative Energy

Interface engineering for high-performance polymer solar cells
Water/alcohol-soluble conjugated polymers can greatly improve photovoltaic efficiency.
Engineering directional light emission with a simple photonic structure enables high secondary geometric gain.
5 September 2014
A digital alloy technique grows device-quality aluminum gallium arsenide antimonide lattice matched to indium phosphide.
27 August 2014
Spatially engineering nitrogen impurities in zinc oxide nanostructured arrays decouples optical absorption and electron transport for photoelectrochemical activity.
21 August 2014
Dispersing nanostructured additives in common polymers makes these tough and versatile materials suitable for optical applications.
18 August 2014
Particle transfer fabrication technology enables the design and application of general particulate semiconductor photoelectrodes, significantly improving the efficiency of renewable hydrogen production.
12 August 2014
JDSU to be split into two public companies
Stand-alone companies to focus on optical components and next-gen networks, respectively.
11 September 2014
Laser pulse turns glass into 'conducting metal'
Electrons freed to create short-lived metallic properties that could drive high speed switching.
9 September 2014
Finisar announces ‘record’ 7% revenue growth in Q1 2015
Q1 Sales of $327.6m are all-time company record – but income forecast to slip in the second quarter.
8 September 2014
Integrated fluorescence and electron microscope launched
Dutch partnership demos "first" tabletop solution that combines both light- and electron-microscopy methods.
8 September 2014
Smart windows control light, heat, energy use