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Solar & Alternative Energy

Waltzing molecules for high-efficiency photovoltaics
Understanding the interplay between organic molecules and the inorganic crystal in a perovskite photovoltaic structure creates possibilities for novel, high-performance energy devices.
A photoelectrochemical cell using all-vanadium redox species could offer efficient and large-scale solar energy storage, even under dark conditions.
29 September 2015
Thin nickel oxide films serve as conductive, catalytic, and antireflective coatings for photoelectrochemical systems in alkaline electrolytes for water oxidation in sunlight-driven water-splitting devices.
23 September 2015
A spectrum-splitting film is used to combine photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies in a new approach for the continuous generation of affordable electricity.
21 September 2015
A novel spectroscopic imaging technique reveals local variations in the recombination and transport of charge carriers within polycrystalline materials.
16 September 2015
Surface-sensitive spectroscopies and scanning probe microscopies provide molecular-level mechanistic information for catalyzed electrochemical and photoelectrochemical fuel synthesis reactions.
3 September 2015
Solar cell innovator 1366 to build new wafer plant in upstate NY
Factory will scale to more than 3GW of capacity and produce more than 600 million silicon wafers annually.
8 October 2015
Lithium battery production boosted by laser drying
Fraunhofer-devised method halves energy bill by removing need for oven and vacuum technologies.
7 October 2015
Teledyne Dalsa and Denel Spaceteq to develop Earth observation satellite
Custom multispectral sensors scheduled for manufacture by 2017; benefits for agriculture.
7 October 2015
UK investing £12m in quantum technology fellowship program
Photonics-related research projects are key to EPSRC's quantum science ambitions; nationwide participation.
6 October 2015
Dengwei Jing: Solar Hydrogen -- Harvesting Light and Heat from the Sun