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Multiple-reference optical coherence tomography for smartphone applications
A novel, compact optical sensing and imaging platform can be used for affordable next-generation, smartphone-based personal and point-of-care applications.
A small and inexpensive sensor system detects a variety of target molecules in the air with very high sensitivity and good selectivity.
5 May 2015
The use of a quantum dot enhancement film in LCDs enables the delivery of ultra-high color gamuts covering more than 90 of the color standard for ultra-high-definition TV.
5 May 2015
Spatial-temporal spreading dramatically increases pulse duration and spot size, and decreases pulse intensity.
1 May 2015
Variations in layer thickness within the multilayer structure of organic LEDs produce shifts in color and radiance, with angular variations due to interference fringes.
29 April 2015
A lightweight, low-cost system with a wide viewing angle enables detection of intruder aircraft by unmanned aerial vehicles.
29 April 2015
Rolta and Meprolight set up optronics venture in India
Indian and Israeli firms to co-develop security and defense sighting, sensing systems to meet the need for night-fighting.
5 May 2015
JDSU on track with business split
New 'Lumentum' company looks to Laser 2000 to expand fiber laser customer base beyond Amada.
5 May 2015
SPIE calls for photonics industry views on ITAR rules
Optronics companies have 60 days to express their views on international sale of arms-related technologies.
5 May 2015
Kristen Maitland: Photonics tackles the challenge of detecting oral cancer

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