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SPIE Newsroom

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Using Deep Learning to Analyze Fringe Patterns

How do you extract the phase information of fringe patterns with the highest accuracy, fastest speed, and full automation? Deep learning.

faces of photonics on facebook

THE CEO of Datalytica LLC hopes make the world a better place through technology.

12 April 2019
Debbie Chachra, professor at Olin College of Engineering

Debbie Chachra on modeling new behavior in engineering education, recognizing unconscious bias, and terraforming our environments.

9 April 2019

New research published in Optical Engineering figures out how to keep temperature changes and age-based deterioration from impacting an LED light emission's strength, consistency, and color.

4 April 2019

Project from Scotland's Rural College and UWE could alert farmers to animal health problems.

1 April 2019
Jie Hui, Boston University Photonics Center

Researchers supported by SPIE-Franz Hillenkamp Postdoctoral Fellowships are developing photonics technologies to treat MRSA infections and diagnose esophageal disease. Both projects could have significant impact in clinics.

31 April 2019
Scottish Optoelectronics Association rebrands as Photonics Scotland...
...and publishes strategic paper Photonics in Scotland: A Vision for 2030, with aim of trebling its "billion pound" value.
18 April 2019
DCS 2019: Thermal cameras boost autonomous car sensing
Camera giant FLIR uses Baltimore expo to showcase latest generation of thermal kit designed for auto-safety systems.
17 April 2019
Survey reveals harassment at photonics events
A quarter of women who responded to study jointly commissioned by SPIE and OSA reported harassment at meetings.
17 April 2019
DCS 2019: Saving soldiers using clinical VR
There is a “mountain of research evidence” that VR can be as good as, or better than, traditional human-delivered therapy.
17 April 2019
ASML's EUV systems pattern new Samsung and TSMC chips
Progress with upgraded equipment and EUV tool optics will see lithography technology migrate into memory chip production.
17 April 2019
Arseniy Kuznetsov: Building flat optics and lasers with nanoantennas