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Arseniy Kuznetsov: Building flat optics and lasers with nanoantennas

Detail of InSight

We look forward to learning more about Mars as InSight's scientific operations commence.

7 December 2018
Andrew Forbes Lab

Andrew Forbes of University of Witwatersrand on photonics, globe-crossing collaborations, and the pleasures of mentorship.

5 December 2018

A chat with Alejandro Rodriguez of Princeton's Nanophotonics Design and Computation Group.

29 November 2018
Lasing everywhere

Malte Gather's Soft Matter Photonics group at University of St. Andrews is working on technology that will allow you to shoot laser beams out of your eyes.

21 November 2018
Pierre-Alexandre Blanche

Head-up displays have been in use by military aircraft for decades, but like a lot of interesting technology developed for the military, they're moving into the commercial space.

19 November 2018
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

Quantum, AI, Navigation, and Biotechnology are among the listed technologies

16 November 2018
OCT links blood vessels to melanoma type
Clinical study reveals how the shapes of blood vessels change with increasing depth of dangerous skin cancers.
6 December 2018
Diamond Edge Ventures invests in DigiLens
Mitsubishi Chemical’s VC subsidiary says AR will be next-gen platform after smart phones – anticipating “large market growth”.
6 December 2018
Prism Awards: startups and stalwarts make 2019 shortlist
Winning photonics products will be recognized at special event taking place during Photonics West.
5 December 2018
Color sensors based on microlens are cheaper to make
Germany’s FOWINA project forms sensors directly on a chip – with multiple functions including tunable LEDs.
5 December 2018
NZ-based photonic sperm selection company acquired by global investor
Engender Tech, founded by SPIE Startup Challenge winner Cather Simpson, acquired by CRV International to develop photonics-based livestock breeding tech.
5 December 2018

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06 December 2018

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02 October 2018