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Don't miss this annual meeting as it explores the latest technologies for automotive, aerospace, civil infrastructure, Industry 4.0., advanced materials and sensor systems for NDE, and structural health monitoring.

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SPIE Smart Structures + Nondestructive Evaluation is a unique community that is about connectivity. This conference brings together engineers and researchers as they share important advances that help move multifunctional materials, sensor systems, and structural health monitoring technologies into the future.


Featured Plenary interviews from the 2023 event

Nature, smart structures, and the development of morphing uncrewed air vehicles

Daniel Inman will be discussing methods for designing smart autonomous morphing air foils for use in small UAVs, as well as new learning algorithms for these smart structures in his plenary talk.

Inman is a 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Emerging research opportunities in living multifunctional materials

SPIE Fellow Zoubeida Ounaies is a professor at Penn State as well as director of the Convergence Center for Living Multifunctional Materials (LiMC2). She will define “living multifunctional materials” and discuss emerging research opportunities in this growing field.

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