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Integrated Circuit Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control IV
Editor(s): William H. Arnold

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Volume Number: 1261
Date Published: 1 June 1990

Table of Contents
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Edge-roughness determination and its contribution to CD measurement error in a scanning electron microscope
Author(s): Duane C. Holmes; J. Kevin McConathy
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Certain linewidth measurements
Author(s): Karl L. Harris; Israel Nadler Niv; Dorron D. Levy
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Use of scanning thickness mapping technique to perform precision measurements of thin film thickness
Author(s): Richard G. Sartore
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Defect generation in dry-develop lithography: assessment through electrical characterization
Author(s): George R. Misium; Thomas R. Seha
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Figure of merit for comparison of misalignment test structures
Author(s): Nikhil N. Kundu; Khalil I. Arshak; Bill Lane; J. Geaney; Shri N. Gupta
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Comparison of metrology methods for measurement of micron and submicron resist and polysilicon features
Author(s): Susan K. Jones; Robert L. Van Asselt; John C. Russ; Bruce W. Dudley; Gloria Johnson; Roelof W. Wijnaendts van Resandt; Peter R. Herman
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Reducing CD variation via statistically matching steppers
Author(s): Chen-Show Lee; David A. Acree; Avatara Nuernberg
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Object contrast in the confocal microscope and applications to lithographic metrology
Author(s): Kevin M. Monahan; Jozef P. H. Benschop
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Large-bandwidth deep-UV microscopy for CD metrology
Author(s): Olivier Hignette; Janusz Woch; Laurence Gotti
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Three-dimensional image visualization using the real-time confocal scanning optical microscope
Author(s): Lloyd J. LaComb Jr.; Timothy R. Piwonka-Corle; Neil S. Levine
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Advances in optical metrology for the 1990s
Author(s): Nigel P. Smith; Richard William Gale
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Practical photomask linewidth measurements
Author(s): James E. Potzick
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Overlay and linewidth metrology on latent images
Author(s): Hans Bengtsson; Don E. Yansen
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Nonlinear adaptive edge-detection techniques for wafer inspection and alignment
Author(s): Scott C. Douglas; Teresa H.-Y. Meng; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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Accuracy of overlay measurements: tool and mark asymmetry effects
Author(s): Daniel J. Coleman; Patricia J. Larson; Alexander D. Lopata; William A. Muth; Alexander Starikov
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Quantitative measures for surface texture description in semiconductor wafer inspection
Author(s): A. Ravishankar Rao; Ramesh C. Jain
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Automatic classification of defects in semiconductor devices
Author(s): John R. Dralla; John C. Hoff
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Characterization of a new inspection system
Author(s): Jean-Luc Jacquot; Michel Darboux; Bernard Picard; Manouk Kuradjian
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Advanced 5x reticle inspection technologies for ULSI devices
Author(s): Susumu Takeuchi; David A. Joseph; Miyoshi Yoshida; Koichi Moriizumi; Donald Parker; Yaichiro Watakabe
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Automated inspection as part of a defect reduction program in an ASIC manufacturing environment
Author(s): Stan Strathman; Sue Lotz
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Yield improvement of submicron devices using defect source analysis on AI interconnections
Author(s): Toru Kobayashi; Yoshimi Shioya
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Impact of reticle defects on submicron 5x lithography
Author(s): Paolo Canestrari; Samuele Carrera; Giorgio A. L. M. Degiorgis; Vito Visentini
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Data point selection for site qualification of wafers for ULSI lithography
Author(s): Randal K. Goodall; Noel S. Poduje
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Measuring refractive indices of films on semiconductors by microreflectometry
Author(s): Stanley E. Stokowski
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Photolithography diagnostic expert systems: a systematic approach to problem solving in a wafer fabrication facility
Author(s): Caroline Weatherwax Scott; Christopher R. Tsareff
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Automated lithocell
Author(s): Andreas Englisch; Armin Deuter
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Stepper self-metrology using automated techniques
Author(s): Timothy A. Brunner; James G. Lewis; Margaret P. Manny
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Automatic on-line wafer stepper calibration system
Author(s): Martin A. van den Brink; Hans Franken; Stefan Wittekoek; Theo Fahner
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Exposure monitor structure
Author(s): Alexander Starikov
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New alignment system for submicron stepper
Author(s): Shunichi Uzawa; Akiyoshi Suzuki; Naoki Ayata
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Time dependence of PEB effects
Author(s): Yuichiro Yanagishita; Kazumasa Shigematsu; Kimio Yanagida
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Novel method for the prediction of process sensitivity in photolithography
Author(s): Michael P. C. Watts; Stephen S. Williams
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Applied use of advanced inspection systems to measure, reduce, and control defect densities
Author(s): David R. Bakker
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Methodology to reduce chronic defect mechanisms in semiconductor processing
Author(s): Timothy W. Ecton; Kenneth G. Frazee
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Development of a test vehicle for defect detection on 4- and 16-Mbit devices
Author(s): Robyn Sue Coleman; Raleigh Estrada; Gary Dickerson
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Low-voltage scanning electron metrology
Author(s): Harry L. Coleman
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Determination of effective width of resist lines by correlation of develop inspect and final inspect CD measurement data
Author(s): J. Kevin McConathy; Ralph Stepp
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Determination of and compensation for wafer bow and warp in a scanning electron microscope requiring precise feature locating and variable tilt
Author(s): Duane C. Holmes
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Optical method for the verification of integrated circuit and masking structures
Author(s): Robert Howard Jones
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Increasing the dimensions of metrology
Author(s): Wilhelm Maurer; Carola Blaesing-Bangert; Hans-Helmut Paul
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Environmental effects on registration and accuracy data on quartz photomasks utilizing the LMS-2000 laser metrology system
Author(s): Larry E. Land; John M. Whittey
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Fully automatic measuring system for submicron lithography
Author(s): Hisao Izawa; Kenjiro Nakai; Masami Seki
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Analysis of film reflectivity and its impact on photolithographic processing
Author(s): Daniel Claire Baker; Gloria Johnson; Randall P. Bane
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On-line state and model parameter identification of the positive optical photoresist development process
Author(s): Thomas A. Carroll; W. Fred Ramirez
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Ultraviolet-visible microspectrophotometer system for small-spot measurement and characterization of thin films
Author(s): Vincent J. Coates; Warren Lin; Rodney P. Johnson; Dennis Paull
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Quantitative linewidth measurement using in-situ differential SEM techniques
Author(s): Albert Sicignano; Mehdi Vaez-Iravani
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Laser-ablated resist via inspection
Author(s): Charles E. Benjamin; George J. Collini; Ricardo A. Martinez
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Simple technique for linewidth measurement of gratings on photomasks
Author(s): S. Sohail H. Naqvi; Susan M. Wilson; Kirt C. Hickman; John Robert McNeil
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Technique for the determination of best focus for ultratech 1X steppers in a production environment using aerial image analysis
Author(s): Victoria L. Rivera; Joe Shiefman; David Chui
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Electrical measurements of overlay using the Prometrix Lithomap LM20
Author(s): David Martin
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In-situ develop end point control to eliminate CD variance
Author(s): Mariste Jaffe
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