Proceedings for Optical Systems Design

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Proceedings volumes for SPIE Optical Systems Design Digital Forum 2021

Order number Volume title
DL 11871 Optical Design and Engineering VIII
Laurent Mazuray, Ulrike Fuchs, James Babington
DL 11872 Advances in Optical Thin Films VII
Michel Lequime, Detlev Ristau
DL 11873 Optical Fabrication, Testing, and Metrology VII
Roland Geyl, Deitze Otaduy, Reinhard Völkel
DL 11874 Illumination Optics VI
Tina E. Kidger, Stuart David
DL 11875 Computational Optics 2021
Daniel G. Smith, Frank Wyrowski, Andreas Erdmann
DL 11876 Optical Instrument Science, Technology, and Applications II
Nils Haverkamp, Breann N. Sitarski, Richard N. Youngworth