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Laser Applications in Medicine, Biology, and Environmental Science

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Volume Number: 5149
Date Published: 22 September 2003

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Theoretical model for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Yinqi Feng; Liu Wu; Ruikang K. Wang; James B. Elder
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Optical coherence tomography of multilayer tissue based on the dynamical stochastic fringe processing
Author(s): Erkki Alarousu; Igor P. Gurov; Jukka T. Hast; Risto A. Myllyla; Alexey Zakharov
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Optical clearing of blood by dextrans
Author(s): Xiangqun Xu; Liu Wu; Ruikang K. Wang; James B. Elder; Valery V. Tuchin
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LIF after excitation with ultrafast laser irradiation: the response of a single cell and the effect of its scattering environment
Author(s): Theodore G. Papazoglou; Giannis Zacharakis
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Early detection of the carious conditions by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Ekaterina G. Borisova; Tzonko T. Uzunov; Alexander I. Gisbreht; Lachezar A. Avramov
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Laser-induced fluorescence in diagnosis of dental caries
Author(s): Eleni A. Drakaki; Mersini I. Makropoulou; Maruan Khabbaz; Alexandros A. Serafetinides
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Comparative analysis of the chlorophyll A concentrations obtained by the laser-induced fluorescence method (LIF) and SeaWiFS
Author(s): Pavel A. Salyuk; Egor L. Podoprigora
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Cellular mechanisms of low-power laser therapy
Author(s): Tiina I. Karu
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Human body optical-properties kinetics in low-level laser field
Author(s): Valery P. Zakharov; Svetlana P. Kotova; S. V. Yakovleva; Vladimir V. Yakutkin
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Low-level laser therapy of acute and chronic pain: results of the trials and light delivery optimization
Author(s): Elena V. Stoykova; Tatiana Roeva
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Investigation of photo-aggregation of proteins irradiated by XeCl laser light
Author(s): Lev V. Soustov; Evgeny V. Chelnokov; Nikita M. Bityurin; V. V. Nemov; Tatiana A. Yahno; Yu. V. Sergeev; Michail A. Ostrovsky
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Simulation of tissue heating by a short light pulse
Author(s): Vladimir V. Barun; Arkady P. Ivanov
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Destruction products after-burning in the course of laser ablation of biotissues
Author(s): A. K. Dmitriev; Sergey V. Ivanov; Alexey N. Konovalov; Alexey V. Koshcheev; Vladimir N. Kortunov; Valerii A. Ul'yanov
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Phenomenon of formation of an acoustic field in the lumens of microvessels of the blood circulation system
Author(s): Sergey N. Bagayev; Vladimir N. Zakharov; Valery A. Orlov; Yury D. Obraztsov; Sergey V. Panov; Yury N. Fomin
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Acoustic spectroscopy diagnostics for laser transmyocardial revascularization
Author(s): Alexander P. Kubyshkin; Victor V. Vasiltsov; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko
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Improvement of photodynamic activity of aluminium sulphophthalocyanine due to biotinylation
Author(s): Irina G. Meerovich; Victoria V. Jerdeva; Valentina M. Derkacheva; Gennadii A. Meerovich; Eugeny A. Lukyanets; Eugenia A. Kogan; Alexander P. Savitsky
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Femtosecond LIDAR: new perspectives of atmospheric remote sensing
Author(s): Miguel Rodriguez; Riad Bourayou; Jerome Kasparian; Guillaume Mejean; Andre Mysyrowicz; Estelle Salmon; Roland A. Sauerbrey; Holger Wille; Ludger Woste; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Jin Yu; Wiebke Zimmer
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Incoherent spatial filtering of lidar signals and its technical potentialities
Author(s): Alexander I. Abramothckin; Serge A. Abramothckin; Alexander A. Tikhomirov
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Spectral dynamics of a multimode Co:MgF2 laser with intracavity absorption
Author(s): M. P. Frolov; S. D. Khan-Magometova; Vladimir S. Pazyuk; Yu. P. Podmar'kov; N. A. Raspopov; Valery M. Baev
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Detection capabilities of different molecular lasers in infrared spectroscopic diagnostics of multicomponent gas mixtures
Author(s): Sergey V. Ivanov; Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; A. Yu. Kozlov; Leonid V. Seleznev; O. G. Buzykin
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Laser monitoring of the environment in conditions of a priori uncertainty
Author(s): Mikhail M. Kugeiko; Dmitry M. Onoshko
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Principles of creation of calibration-free laser systems of environmental diagnostics
Author(s): Mikhail M. Kugeiko; Alla V. Barkova
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Measurements of molecular carbon radical concentrations by saturated laser-induced fluorescence in hydrocarbon flames at atmospheric pressure
Author(s): Michele Marrocco; Massimo D'Apice; Stefano Giammartini; M. Magaldi; G. P. Romano
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Distorted noisy interference fringe enhancement and evaluation by the nonlinear locally-adaptive method
Author(s): Mikhail V. Volkov
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Online interferogram demodulation with reduction of optical system vibration effect
Author(s): Serge V. Zuev; Valery A. Tartakovsky; Alexander A. Tikhomirov
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Utilization of the optical chronograph for deep investigation of natural water resevoirs
Author(s): L. E. Arushanyan; V. G. Atanesyan; T. A. Gevorgyan; A. A. Nazaryan; A. A. Frangyan; A. A. Tsovyan
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Investigation of marine water quality and monitoring phytoplankton by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Sergey S. Golik; Oleg A. Bukin; Alexey A. Il'in; Vladimir I. Tsarev
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Optical coherence tomography for visualization of plant tissues
Author(s): Veronika V. Sapozhnikova; Vladislav A. Kamensky; Roman V. Kuranov
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Scaling to millijoule energies for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of water samples
Author(s): Mike Taschuk; Igor Cravetchi; Ying Y. Tsui; Robert Fedosejevs
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Underwater irradiance fluctuations of a laser beam after transmission through a wavy sea surface
Author(s): H. Michael Tulldahl
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Investigation of laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectrum features correlation with the sea water cases
Author(s): Galina V. Skorokhod; Egor L. Podoprigora; Tatyana I. Tarkhova; Vitaliy A. Khovanets; Oleg A. Bukin; Mikhail S. Permyakov
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Laser-induced incandescence characterization of gas turbine exhausts
Author(s): John D. Black; Moira Hilton; Mark P. Johnson; David Waterman
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Clearing channel in condensation trail in the frame of turbulence model with one differential equation
Author(s): A. N. Kucherov
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Synoptic studies of the Antarctic Ross Sea with the ENEA lidar fluorosensor
Author(s): Antonio Palucci
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Advance in laser sensing of the middle atmosphere
Author(s): Vladimir V. Zuev
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