Drakaki, Eleni A.

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Dr. Eleni A. Drakaki

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Area of Expertise: Physics, Spectroscopy, Laser applications, Biophotonics, Biomedical applications, Lasers in works of art
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Dr. Eleni Drakaki is a collaborated physics researcher in UOA, in NTUA and in TEI at Athens, Greece. She holds a BSc Degree in Physics, MSc degree in Physical Sciences and Technologies and a PhD in interaction of laser radiation into biological tissues and metallic objects at Physics Department from the NTUA, Greece. She has been also employed as Research Assistant in the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF). She has been involved in R&D projects funded from organizations such as the European Union, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Education and others.
She has considerable experience:

A. in the area of laser-tissue interactions. Her research interests include clinical studies preferred including measurements on human tissue samples in-vivo and in-vitro, photodynamic therapy and photodiagnosis, optical imaging and fluorescence / reflectance spectroscopy of tissues and tissue simulators, development of laser optical systems for biomedical purposes, digital processing of biological signals and the theoretical study of light propagation through light transport models.

B. in the laser cleaning on metal works of arts and LIBS, XRF, SEM as analytical techniques for the monitoring of laser cleaning processing. Her research interests in this field include the study of the optimal choice of laser in the process of rescuing metal heritage. She had concentrated her research on a specific field of artworks, the coins, (new, ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine), on which she investigated the potential of laser cleaning techniques for conservation. The tests were carried out in different wavelengths and different pulse durations of QS, LQS and FR Nd: YAG laser, TEA-CO2 laser, or FR and QS Er: YAG laser, GaAlAs diode and Ti-Sapphire laser, evaluating in each specific case which of the laser systems seem more appropriate.

She has more than 50 publications in scientific journals and conference proceedings.
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