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Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences II

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Volume Number: 4620
Date Published: 17 June 2002

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Characterization of two-photon point-spread-function in skin imaging applications
Author(s): Chen-Yuan Dong; Betty Yu; Lily Laiho Hsu; Peter T. C. So
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Demodulation signal processing in multiphoton imaging
Author(s): Walter G. Fisher; Eric A. Wachter; David W. Piston
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In vivo microscopy of the mouse brain using multiphoton laser scanning techniques
Author(s): Elizabeth J. Yoder
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Lifetime imaging with the Zeiss LSM-510
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann; Georg Weiss
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Suitable microscope objectives for multiphoton digital imaging
Author(s): Gerald S. Benham; Stanley Schwartz
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Two-color correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Gregor Jung; Thomas Hellerer; Bjorn Heinz; Andreas Zumbusch
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Live cell studies of adhesion receptors by two-photon image correlation spectroscopy and image cross-correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Paul W. Wiseman; Jeffrey A. Squier
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Multiphoton microscopy in neuroscience
Author(s): Winfried Denk
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FRET microscopy reveals clustered distribution of co-internalized receptor-ligand complexes in the apical recycling endosome of polarized epithelial MDCK cells
Author(s): Horst Wallrabe; Masilamani Elangovan; Almut Burchard; Ammasi Periasamy; Margarida Barroso
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One-photon versus two-photon excited fluorescence resonance energy transfer of GFP fusion proteins
Author(s): Vickie J. LaMorte; Tatiana B. Krasieva; Aikaterini Zoumi; Barry M. Forman; Corinne Solier
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Multiwavelength TCSPC lifetime imaging
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann; Christoph Biskup; Thomas Zimmer; Nikolaj Kloecker; Klaus Benndorf
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Application of multiphoton steady state and lifetime imaging to mapping of tumor vascular architecture in vivo
Author(s): Simon Ameer-Beg; Paul R. Barber; R. J. Hodgkiss; R. J. Locke; Robert G. Newman; Gillian M. Tozer; Borivoj Vojnovic; J. Wilson
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FRET-FLIM microscopy
Author(s): Masilamani Elangovan; Richard N. Day; Ammasi Periasamy
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FRET imaging microscopy
Author(s): Brian Herman; Mao Sun; Atsushi Masuda; Hans C. Gerritsen; Victoria Frohlich Centonze
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Multiphoton microscopy of antigen presenting cells in experimental cancer therapies
Author(s): Simon C. Watkins; Glenn D. Papworth; Lori A. Spencer; Adriana T. Larregina; Holger Hackstein
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Analysis of microparticle penetration into human and porcine skin: non-invasive imaging with multiphoton excitation microscopy
Author(s): William J. Mulholland; Mark A. Kendall; Brian J. Bellhouse; Nick White
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Sensitive imaging of spectrally overlapping flourochromes using the LSM 510 META
Author(s): Mary E. Dickinson; Christopher W Waters; Gregory H. Bearman; Ralf Wolleschensky; Sebastian Tille; Scott E. Fraser
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4Pi-confocal microscopy of live cells
Author(s): Karsten Bahlmann; Stefan Jakobs; Stefan W. Hell
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Functional imaging of photosensitizers using multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Eric A. Wachter; Craig Dees; Jay Harkins; Walter G. Fisher; Timothy Scott
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Second harmonic imaging of collagen in mammalian tissue
Author(s): Guy C. Cox; Frank Manconi; Eleanor Kable
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Imaging collagen orientation using polarization-modulated second harmonic generation
Author(s): Patrick Christian Stoller; Peter M. Celliers; Karen M. Reiser; Alexander M. Rubenchik
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Biological photonic crystals revealed by multimodality nonlinear microscopy
Author(s): Chi-Kuang Sun; Shi-Wei Chu; I-Hsiu Chen; Bai-Ling Lin; Ping Chin Cheng
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Perturbative theory of the electro-optic response of second-harmonic generation membrane potential sensors
Author(s): Jerome Mertz; Laurent Moreaux; T. Pons
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Optical tomography of human skin with subcellular spatial and picosecond time resolution using intense near infrared femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Karsten Koenig; Uwe Wollina; Iris Riemann; Christiane Peukert; Karl-Juergen Halbhuber; Helga Konrad; Peter Fischer; Veronika Fuenfstueck; Tobias W. Fischer; Peter Elsner
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Low-density plasmas below the optical breakdown threshold: potential hazard for multiphoton microscopy, and a tool for the manipulation of intracellular events
Author(s): Alfred Vogel; Joachim Noack; Gereon Huettmann; Guenther Paltauf
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Multicolor two-photon scanning microscopy using a 16-channel photomultiplier
Author(s): Christof Buehler; Ki Hean Kim; Urs Greuter; Nick Schlumpf; Peter T. C. So
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Imaging sulfur mustard lesions in human epidermal tissues and keratinocytes by confocal and multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Robert Werrlein; Janna S. Madren-Whalley
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Two-photon excitation and confocal microscopy investigation of nanostructured polyelectrolyte shells
Author(s): Alberto Diaspro; Ornella Cavalleri; Daniela Silvano; Silke Krol; Alessandra Gliozzi
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Recent advances on Coherent Anti-Strokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy
Author(s): Ji-xin Cheng; Eric O. Potma; Sunney Xie
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Compact two-photon laser-scanning microscope made from minimally modified commercial components
Author(s): Vijay Iyer; Tycho Hoogland; Bradley Edward Losavio; A. Rory McQuiston; Peter Saggau
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Dispersion compensation for acousto-optic scanning two-photon microscopy
Author(s): Vijay Iyer; Bradley Edward Losavio; Peter Saggau
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Combined two-photon excited fluorescence and second-harmonic generation backscattering microscopy of turbid tissues
Author(s): Aikaterini Zoumi; Alvin T. Yeh; Bruce J. Tromberg
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Two-photon 3D mapping of tisssue endogenous fluorescence species based on fluorescence emission spectra
Author(s): Lily Laiho Hsu; Thomas M. Hancewicz; Peter D. Kaplan; Peter T. C. So
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Energy transfer efficiency based on one-and two-photon FRET microscopy differentiates between clustered and random distribution of membrane-bound receptor-ligand complexes
Author(s): Horst Wallrabe; Masilamani Elangovan; Almut Burchard; Margarida Barroso
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Real-time imaging of the living kidney juxtaglomerular apparatus with multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Janos Peti-Peterdi; Shigeru Morishima; P. Darwin Bell; Yasunobu Okada
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