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Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences

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Volume Number: 4262
Date Published: 24 April 2001

Table of Contents
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Multiphoton microscopy: a retrospective focused on the visualization of embryo division dynamics
Author(s): David L. Wokosin
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Multiharmonic light microscopy: theory and applications in membrane imaging
Author(s): Jerome Mertz; Laurent Moreaux
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Analysis of somitogenesis using multiphoton laser scanning microscopy (MPLSM)
Author(s): Mary E. Dickinson; Kenneth J. Longmuir; Scott E. Fraser
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Two-photon confocal microscopy in wound healing
Author(s): Fernando A. Navarro; Peter T. C. So; Antoine Driessen M.D.; Nina Kropf; Christine S. Park M.D.; Juan C. Huertas M.D.; Hoon B. Lee M.D.; Dennis P. Orgill
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Dynamic behavior of photosensitizers after multiphoton excitation
Author(s): David T. Cramb; Rebecca L. Goyan
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Advances in filter technology for multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Traci R. Jensen; Gregg W. Jarvis; Robert L. Johnson Jr.
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Mirrors and filters for multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): C. Michael Stanley
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Design optimization of a commercial multiphoton laser scanning microscope system
Author(s): Andrew J. Dixon; Graham Hogg; Louahab Noui
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Characterization of two-photon point-spread function in turbid medium by direct measurements, multicolor imaging, and blind deconvolution
Author(s): Chen-Yuan Dong; Eric A. Bevan; Lily Laiho Hsu; Karsten Koenig; Peter T. C. So
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Multicolored two-photon fluorescent microscopy and localized two-photon fluorescent spectroscopy in living cells
Author(s): Earl J. Bergey; Xiaopeng Wang; Linda J. Krebs; Haridas E. Pudavar; Rakesh Kapoor; Christopher S. Friend; Charles Liebow; Paras N. Prasad
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Comparison of conventional, confocal, and two-photon microscopy for detection of microcrystals within luminescence-based oxygen sensor films
Author(s): Kristi A. Kneas; James N. Demas; Benjamin A. DeGraff Jr.; Ammasi Periasamy
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Nonlinear multimodality spectromicroscopy: multiphoton fluorescence, SHG, and THG of biological specimen
Author(s): Ping Chin Cheng; Chi-Kuang Sun; Bai-Ling Lin; Fu-Jen Kao; Shi-Wei Chu
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Multisite two-photon imaging of neurons on multielectrode arrays
Author(s): Steve M. Potter; Natalia Lukina; Kenneth J. Longmuir; Yan Wu
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Practical guide for constructing a pulse compressor used in multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): James D. Lechleiter; Da-Ting Lin; Ilse Sienaert
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Two-photon imaging of collagen remodeling in RAFT tissue cultures
Author(s): Vincent P. Wallace; Mariah L. Coleno; Tatsuro Yomo; Chung-Ho Sun; Bruce J. Tromberg
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Chronic imaging of amyloid plaques in the live mouse brain using multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Brian J. Bacskai; Stephen T. Kajdasz; R. H. Christie; Warren R. Zipfel; Rebecca M. Williams; Karl A. Kasischke; Watt W. Webb; B. T. Hyman
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Measurement of physiological parameters in tumors in vivo using MPLSM
Author(s): Edward B. Brown III; Robert B. Campbell; Yoshikazu Tsuzuki; Dai Fukumura; Rakesh K. Jain
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Multiphoton microscopy of cell division in plant cells
Author(s): Guy C. Cox; Teresa Dibbayawan; Jose Feijo
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Observation of real-time interactions of Bcl-2 family members during apoptosis
Author(s): Brian Herman; Victoria Frohlich; Ming Qiu; Akiyuki Takahashi
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FRET microscopy to visualize transcription factor dimerization in the nucleus of the living cell
Author(s): Richard N. Day; Ammasi Periasamy
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Two-photon lifetime imaging of blood and blood vessels
Author(s): Cees J. de Grauw; Marc M.J. van Zandvoort; M. G.A. oude Egbrink; Dick W. Slaaf; Hans C. Gerritsen
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Bleed-through and photobleaching correction in multiphoton FRET microscopy
Author(s): Masilamani Elangovan; Ammasi Periasamy
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Novel compact sources for multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): John M. Girkin; David L. Wokosin
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Multiphoton microscopic imaging using high-power Cr4+:forsterite laser
Author(s): Vladislav V. Yakovlev; A. A. Ivanov; Vladislav I. Shcheslavskiy; D. Heathcote
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High-efficiency temporally decorrelated multifocal arrays for multiphoton microscopy and micromachining
Author(s): David N. Fittinghoff; Jeffrey A. Squier
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Multiphoton excitation as a probe for biological fractionations
Author(s): Jason B. Shear; Michael L. Gostkowski; Mary Jane Gordon; Eric Okerberg; Theodore E. Curey; J. Bridget McDoniel; Tai-Jong Kang; David A. Vanden Bout
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Application of two-photon microscopy to elucidate oleic-acid-induced changes in microscale transdermal transport processes
Author(s): Betty Yu; Chen-Yuan Dong; Peter T. C. So; Daniel Blankschtein; Robert Langer
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Full systems considerations for multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): David L. Wokosin; John M. Girkin
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Three-dimensional image cytometer based on a high-speed two-photon scanning microscope
Author(s): Ki Hean Kim; Molly S. Stitt; Carrie A. Hendricks; Karen H. Almeida; Bevin P. Engelward; Peter T. C. So
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Multiphoton versus single-photon excitation of photosensitizers for laser-induced fluorescence diagnosis and photodynamic therapy of cancer cells
Author(s): Theo A. Roelofs; Georgi Graschew; Marc Schneider; Stefan Rakowsky; Hanns-joerg Sinn; Peter M. Schlag
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Kinetics and comparison of delta-aminolevulinic-acid-induced endogenous protoporphyrin-IX in single cell by steady state and multiphoton fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Singaravelu Ganesan; Masilamani Elangovan; Ammasi Periasamy
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Dual-color two-photon fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Keith M. Berland
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Two-photon image correlation spectroscopy and image cross-correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Paul W. Wiseman; Jeffrey A. Squier
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Two-photon fluorescence and confocal video microscopy of in-vivo human skin
Author(s): Rob F. M. Hendriks; Gerald W. Lucassen
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Two-photon 3D mapping of tissue endogenous fluorescence species based on fluoresence excitation spectra
Author(s): Lily Laiho Hsu; Thomas M. Hancewicz; Peter D. Kaplan; Keith M. Berland; Peter T. C. So
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Imaging of single-chromophore molecules in aqueous solution near a fused-silica interface
Author(s): Lloyd M. Davis; Wesley C. Parker; David A. Ball; John G. Williams; Greg R. Bashford; Pamela Sheaff; Robert D. Eckles; Don T. Lamb; Lyle Richard Middendorf
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Calcium-dependent trichosanthin-induced generation of reactive oxygen species involved in apoptosis of human choriocarcinoma cells
Author(s): Chunyang Zhang; Hui Ma; Die Yan Chen
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Application of coherent antistokes Raman scattering (CARS) to imaging mammalian cells: a means for gaining molecular selectivity in multiphoton imaging
Author(s): Gary R. Holtom; Brian Thrall; Thomas Weber; Leyun Zhu; Derek Hopkins; Christopher Parkinson; Steven Colson; John M. Price; Beek Yoke Chin; Augustine Choi; Terence Risby
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Probing diffusion and photochemical properties through localized photobleaching
Author(s): J. Balaji; Parijat Sengupta; Sudipta Maiti
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Determination of the absolute two-photon absorption cross section of tryptophan
Author(s): Parijat Sengupta; J. Balaji; S. Mukherjee; R. Philip; G. Ravindra Kumar; Sudipta Maiti
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New long-wave and highly efficient two-photon fluorophores for multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Raz Gvishi; Garry Berkovic; Zvi Kotler; P. Krief; J. Y. Becker; Vladimir Khodorkovsky
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Localization of bleomycin in a single living cell using three-photon excitation microscopy
Author(s): Anil T. Abraham; David L. Brautigan; Sidney M. Hecht; Ammasi Periasamy
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Two-photon investigation of calcium dynamics in dendritic spines during motility
Author(s): Ania Majewska; Ayumu Tashiro; Rafael Yuste M.D.
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Comparison of one- and two-photon fluorescence resonance energy transfer microscopy
Author(s): Ammasi Periasamy; Masilamani Elangovan; Richard N. Day
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Use of laser scanning confocal and two-photon FRET microscopy to image and quantify the co-localization of fluorophore-labeled ligands in MDCK epithelial cells
Author(s): Horst Wallrabe; Masilamani Elangovan; Ammasi Periasamy; Margarida Barroso
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Evaluation of optical properties and micropatterning capabilities of a TPE microscope based on a compact confocal scanning head
Author(s): Alberto Diaspro; Francesca Pellistri; Federico Federici; Andrea Gerbi; Paola Ramoino; Mauro Robello
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Does digital deconvolution improve two-photon microscopy in deep tissue imaging?
Author(s): Colten R. Noakes; Toshiyasu Goto; Raymond Keller; Ammasi Periasamy
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Design and installation of a multimode microscopy system
Author(s): Johannes P. Helm; Finn-Mogens S. Haug; Johan F. Storm; Ole-Petter Ottersen
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Combined confocal and spectroscopic TPE architecture for the identification of single fluorescent molecules
Author(s): Giuseppe Chirico; Fabio Cannone; Francesca Olivini; Sabrina Beretta; Giancarlo Baldini; Alberto Diaspro; Mauro Robello
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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime microscopy by TCSPC imaging
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann; Karsten Koenig; Uday Tirlapur
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