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Applications of Digital Image Processing XIII
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher

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Volume Number: 1349
Date Published: 1 November 1990

Table of Contents
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Near-lossless bandwith compression for radiometric data
Author(s): John A. Saghri; Andrew G. Tescher
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Segmentation and texture representation with vector quantizers
Author(s): Li Yuan; Joseph Barba
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Image bandwidth compression using nonparametric Fourier phase reconstruction
Author(s): Mihajlo M. Stojancic; George Eichmann
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Frequency characterization of the discrete cosine transform
Author(s): Hsieh-Sheng Hou; Daniel R. Tretter
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Transform coding of digital images using variable block-size DCT with adaptive thresholding and quantization
Author(s): Cheng-Tie Chen
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Data structure based on Gray code encoding for graphics and image processing
Author(s): D. J. Amalraj; N. Sundararajan; Goutam Dhar
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Improved PAL decoding via multidimensional filtering
Author(s): Andrea Biasiolo; Stefano Dal Poz
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Image representation infrastructure for motion analysis
Author(s): David Yushan Fong
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Projection-generated Fourier descriptors that are robust with respect to both random point noise and occlusion
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Robert P. Loce
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Three-dimensional temperature measurement in flames by multispectral tomographic image analysis
Author(s): Wolfgang Fischer; Hans Burkhardt
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Unified stochastic image model and unsupervised image analysis technique for nondiffraction CT imaging
Author(s): Jing Dai; Tianhu Lei; Wilfred Sewchand
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Modeling knowledge in robot vision by using actors
Author(s): Noureddine Akhamlich; Khader Ouriachi
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Adaptive procedure for threshold selection in directional derivative edge detectors
Author(s): Nenad Amodaj; Miodrag V. Popovic
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Simple stretching and compression algorithm using Lagrange's polynomials
Author(s): Alfredo J. Ramirez
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Image sequence coding using data classification
Author(s): Gang Tu; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Motion-compensated interframe prediction
Author(s): Kan Xie; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Radiographic image sequence coding using adaptive finite-state vector quantization
Author(s): Chang-Hee Joo; Jong Soo Choi
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Improved block-matching algorithm considering edge components
Author(s): Jin-Tae Kim; Chang-Hee Joo; Jong Soo Choi
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Real-time subimage detection in a given texture using pyramid processing
Author(s): M. Sankar Kishore; B. L. Deekshatulu
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Comparative evaluation of different techniques in image vector quantization
Author(s): Fabio Lavagetto; Sandro Zappatore
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Depth estimation from disparity of stereo images
Author(s): Sunanda Mitra; Song Lian Lim; Dah-Jye Lee; Brian S. Nutter
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Self-organizing system for analysis and identification of human faces
Author(s): Herwig Mannaert; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Use of the generalized maximum-likelihood algorithm for estimation of Markovian-modeled image motion
Author(s): Nader M. Namazi; David W. Foxall
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Filtered fractals and texture analysis
Author(s): Ahmed H. Tewfik; M. Deriche
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Fast texture image segmentation
Author(s): De-Chen Zhan; Xuan-Jing Shen; Jing-Chun Chen; Zhong-Rong Li
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Shape from defocus and shading
Author(s): Kugchan Cha; Jong Soo Choi
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Weighted pixel linking in a multiresolution pyramid for object extraction in a random field background
Author(s): Antonio F. Limas Serafim
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Real-time video image processing
Author(s): Kirk G. Smedley; Stephen R. Yool
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Nuclear recognition in images of fluorescent-stained cell monolayers
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Price M.D.; David A. Gough
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Real-time processor for 3-D information extraction from image sequences by a moving area sensor
Author(s): Tetsuo Hattori; Makoto Nakada; Katsumi Kubo
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Parallel transputer system with fast pipeline interconnection
Author(s): Bernhard Lang; Hans Burkhardt
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Open architecture for multispectral computer vision applied to both visual and infrared bands
Author(s): Paolo Giulio Bison; Alberto Braggiotti; Guido Maria Cortelazzo; Ermanno G. Grinzato; Andrea Mazzoldi; Gian Antonio Mian
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New structure of spatial light modulator and its application in optical digital computing
Author(s): Lixue Chen; Fangkui Sun; ShiFu Yuan; Qi-Chang Lu
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Programmable hybrid image processor based on morphological transformations
Author(s): Lixue Chen; ShiFu Yuan; Qi-Chang Lu; Shou-Ren Qian; Fangkui Sun
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Computation of motion from stereo image sequence using the unified optical flow field
Author(s): C. Q. Shu; Yun-Qing Shi
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Modeling background variation for automated surface inspection of flat rolled metals
Author(s): Robert C. Chang; Nabeel W.H. Sufi; Christopher W. Carroll
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Recognizing industrial parts using 2-D shape features and geometry parameters
Author(s): Ke Liu; Jingyu Yang
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New method of target recognition and count
Author(s): Aiming Sun; Guiying Wang
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Color mixture characteristic of acousto-optic tunable filter
Author(s): Hai-Tao Cai; Zhenpei Chen; Jian Li
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Comparison between two axial stereovision systems
Author(s): Cesar Carmona; Charlie J. Krey; Alain Ayache
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Three-dimensional measurement system for speech research based on structured light
Author(s): John N. Carter; T. R. Mathews; C. H. Shadle
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Effective recognition approach to assembly drawings
Author(s): Yong-Qing Cheng; Jingyu Yang
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Intraclass recognition with distortion-invariant filters
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Gopalan Ravichandran; Srinivas Bollapragada
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Iterative registration of SAR imagery
Author(s): Terry M. Calloway; Paul H. Eichel; Charles V. Jakowatz Jr.
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Distortion compensation in MR images for robotic stereotactic procedures
Author(s): Woei-Chyn Chu; Behnam Bavarian; Chang Beom Ahn; Yik San Kwoh; Edmond A. Jonckheere
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Anatomy-sensitive optimization of edge-detection algorithms for MR images of the lower spine
Author(s): Michael P. Chwialkowski; Sourabh Basak; Dennis P. Pfeifer; Robert W. Parkey; Ronald M. Peshock M.D.
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Discontinuity detection by plastic deformation
Author(s): C. B. Price; Patrick Wambacq; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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3-D object orientation from partial contour feature data
Author(s): Richard F. Vaz; David Cyganski
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Intelligent sensing of EEG signals
Author(s): Khalid J. Siddiqui; Leslie E. Collins; Dennis Fitzpatrick; Shelton Hendricks; D. Robert Hay; Ching Y. Suen
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Automatic target detection in infrared sequences through semantic labeling
Author(s): Fabio Lavagetto
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Image-restoration aggregation
Author(s): Gregory A. Baraghimian; William P. Lincoln; Jerry A. Burman
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Differential and integral invariants under image-perspective transformations: a report on work in progress
Author(s): Eamon B. Barrett; Paul Max Payton; Michael H. Brill
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Increasing correlation matcher space-bandwidth product via a mosaic field of view
Author(s): Kim T. Constantikes; Gary D. Shiflett
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Implementation of a statistically based pattern-recognition system
Author(s): Scott C. Newton; Sunanda Mitra
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Computer alignment system for robot vision
Author(s): Kjell Gunnar Robbersmyr
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Automatic diagnostic for corneal endothelium cell analysis
Author(s): F. G. Zhang; Jean-Pierre Fillard; B. Ngouah; J. Y. Driot
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Multiple-rate code book design for vector quantization of image pyramids
Author(s): Balakrishnan Mahesh; William A. Pearlman
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