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Commissoners and Delegates

Table 1: Team Chair Competency Model

Desired Competency Desired Proficiency Application During Visit
Technically Current
  • Possesses credentials for the position
  • Fully knowledgeable about accreditation criteria, policies, and procedures
  • Favorably represents the profession through demonstrated competence
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and experience in application of accreditation of criteria, policies, and procedures
Effective Communicator
  • Understands the importance of clear, timely communications with all parties involved in the accreditation process
  • Able to clearly and tactfully communicate criterion-centered statements of finding and observation both orally and in written form
  • Knowledgeable about standards for draft and final statement content and organization
  • Keeps the institution, the program evaluators, and ABET informed before, during, and after the visit
  • Interacts with institutional personnel to gain understanding of institutional context
  • Writes clear, succinct, criterion-centered statements of finding conforming to the timelines, formats and standards established by ABET and the relevant commission
  • Effectively communicates suggestions for continuous improvement
Good Team Manager
  • Able to build team cohesion and effectively manage team meetings and activities
  • Able to bring the team to consensus, exhibiting skill in finding common ground and fostering cooperation
  • Able to diplomatically manage an effective exit interview
  • Effectively manages interactions with and between team members
  • Identifies issues contributing to difference of opinion and guides the team in resolution of these issues
  • Manages the exit interview diplomatically so that it proceeds at an orderly pace and is conducted in the requisite time frame
  • Exhibits professional appearance and demeanor
  • Adheres to the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity
  • Committed to contributing to the accreditation process, adding value
  • Demonstrates respect for the institution, all institutional personnel, and the program evaluators
  • Applies the relevant criteria with appropriate professional judgment
  • Effectively communicates constructive suggestions for continuous improvement
  • Upholds ABET’s Code of Conduct
Organized and Responsive
  • Focuses on meeting deadlines and communicating with all parties in a timely manner (pre-visit, during the visit, and post- visit)
  • Acts effectively in managing visit logistics
  • Makes visit arrangements well in advance of the visit
  • Manages team activities so that the evaluation proceeds in an orderly manner
  • Completes and submits all required forms, draft and final statements in a timely manner
  • Takes responsibility, facilitating constructive discussion and fostering closure
  • Exhibits adaptability and sound judgment
  • Fosters a team environment that is cohesive and well organized
  • Builds trust within the team and between the team and the institution
  • Fosters an environment in which team members can speak freely, demonstrating respect for team members
  • Provides support for team members and establishes appropriate ground rules; helps team members to succeed
  • Maintains an open mind but guides team deliberations so as to establish a decision-making process that effectively deals with differences of opinion

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