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Celine d'Orgeville

Associate Professor;
Instrument Scientist (Laser Physics);
Adaptive Optics Group Manager
Australian National University, Australia

Celine d'Orgeville

Country of Birth: France
Country of Residence: Australia
Educational Background: MS in Optical Engineering; MS in Optics and Photonics

I have always been keen to understand how things work, so I was naturally drawn to physics and engineering as a high school student. I was hooked on light when I got the opportunity to experiment with lasers and create beautiful diffraction patterns as an undergraduate. I chose to be an optical engineer and a scientist because I love rainbows!

At the ANU Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre I build instruments for astronomy and space programs such as the Giant Magellan Telescope Project and the Space Environment Research Centre. My field of expertise is Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics. I contribute to projects as a researcher and principal investigator, a technical expert, a team leader, a systems engineer, and a project manager.

The greatest challenge I face daily is to make conscious and proactive decisions about the best way to prioritize my professional and personal lives. When you love your work there is always the risk to work too much and experience burn out. The most important decisions I have made in my life were centered on doing what was best for my family. That’s how I have kept my sanity so far, and the reason why I continue to enjoy working in this very demanding field.

I wish that someone had told me early on in my career to be bold and demand things for myself, that I would have to actively seek recognition, and promotion. You have to make sure that the people you work with, and more importantly the people you work for, acknowledge your great work and reward you accordingly. Asking for recognition goes a long way toward effectively getting it.

Be bold, and be resilient! Do what you love, enjoy what you do. And seek advice. You are not alone!

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