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Optical Systems Design 2015: Computational Optics
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Volume Number: 9630
Date Published: 23 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9630
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D imaging and ranging in a snapshot
Author(s): Paul Zammit; Guillem Carles; Andrew R. Harvey
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Large-scale analytical Fourier transform of photomask layouts using graphics processing units
Author(s): Julia A. Sakamoto
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Automated simulation and evaluation of autostereoscopic multiview 3D display designs by time-sequential and wavelength-selective filter barrier
Author(s): Mathias Kuhlmey; Silvio Jurk; Bernd Duckstein; René de la Barré
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Approximate solution of Maxwell’s equations by geometrical optics
Author(s): Frank Wyrowski; Huiying Zhong; Site Zhang; Christian Hellmann
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Simulations of general electromagnetic fields propagation through optically anisotropic media
Author(s): Site Zhang; Frank Wyrowski
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A smooth field decomposition applied to modelling of scattering phenomena
Author(s): Olga Baladron-Zorita; Huiying Zhong; Michael Kuhn; Frank Wyrowski
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A vectorial ray-based diffraction integral for optical systems
Author(s): Birk Andreas
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Experimental method of optical coherence characterization in phase-space measurement
Author(s): Jie-En Li; Jhih-Syuan Fu; Ming-Shu Hsiao; Chung-Hao Tien
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Untangled modes in multimode fibres for flexible microendoscopy
Author(s): Martin Plöschner; Tomáš Tyc; Tomáš Čižmár
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Optical properties of textured sheets: an efficient matrix-based modelling approach
Author(s): Nico Tucher; Johannes Eisenlohr; Peter Kiefel; Oliver Höhn; Hubert Hauser; Marius Peters; Claas Müller; Jan Cristoph Goldschmidt; Benedikt Bläsi
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Optical tomography by means of regularized MLEM
Author(s): Charles L. Majer; Tina Urbanek; Jörg Peter
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Simulation of laser radar tooling ball measurements: focus dependence
Author(s): Daniel G. Smith; Anthony Slotwinski; Thomas Hedges
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Wave optics analysis of corner-cube retro-reflectors in near-to-eye displays based on scanning laser projectors
Author(s): Seyedmahdi Kazempourradi; Erdem Ulusoy; Sven Holmstrom; Hakan Urey
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Comparison of modelling techniques for multimode fibers and its application to VCSEL source coupling
Author(s): Huiying Zhong; Site Zhang; Rui Shi; Christian Hellmann; Frank Wyrowski
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Systematic investigation of the principal and first secondary maxima of ultrashort optical pulses focused by a high numerical aperture aplanatic lens
Author(s): Norbert Lindlein; Florian Loosen; Sebastian Fries
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Micro-optical freeform elements for beam-shaping
Author(s): Daniel Infante-Gómez; Hans Peter Herzig
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Introducing free-function camera calibration model for central-projection and omni-directional lenses
Author(s): M. Nekouei Shahraki; N. Haala
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Fast integral methods for integrated optical systems simulations: a review
Author(s): Bernd H. Kleemann
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Reduced basis method for Maxwell's equations with resonance phenomena
Author(s): Martin Hammerschmidt; Sven Herrmann; Jan Pomplun; Lin Zschiedrich; Sven Burger; Frank Schmidt
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Hp-finite-elements for simulating electromagnetic fields in optical devices with rough textures
Author(s): Sven Burger; Philipp Gutsche; Martin Hammerschmidt; Sven Herrmann; Jan Pomplun; Frank Schmidt; Benjamin Wohlfeil; Lin Zschiedrich
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Combining ray-tracing and FDTD to enable the simulation of complex optical devices in an iterative simulation process with reduced simulation effort
Author(s): Claude Leiner; Wolfgang Nemitz; Susanne Schweitzer; Franz P. Wenzl; Gerhard Peharz; Christian Sommer
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Topology optimized design of carpet cloaks based on a level set approach
Author(s): Garuda Fujii; Masayuki Nakamura
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Single emitter localization analysis in the presence of background
Author(s): S. Stallinga
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Analysis for simplified optics coma effection on spectral image inversion of coded aperture spectral imager
Author(s): Yangyang Liu; Qunbo Lv; Weiyan Li; Bin Xiangli
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High-resolution microscopy with low-resolution objectives: correcting phase aberrations in Fourier ptychography
Author(s): Pavan Chandra Konda; Jonathan M. Taylor; Andrew R. Harvey
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Application of Principal Component Analysis to EUV multilayer defect printing
Author(s): Dongbo Xu; Peter Evanschitzky; Andreas Erdmann
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A Wigner-based ray-tracing method for imaging simulations
Author(s): B. M. Mout; M. Wick; F. Bociort; H. P. Urbach
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Computer holography as an application of computational optics
Author(s): Kyoji Matsushima; Sumio Nakahara
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Design and implementation of a Cooke triplet based wave-front coded super-resolution imaging system
Author(s): Hui Zhao; Jingxuan Wei
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Investigation of light propagation methods used to calculate wave-optical PSF
Author(s): Shuma Horiuchi; Shuhei Yoshida; Manabu Yamamoto
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Cylindrical plasmonic microcavity and its excitation
Author(s): Hovhannes Haroyan
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