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Thirteenth International Conference on Solid State Lighting
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Volume Number: 9190
Date Published: 8 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9190
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Accurate chromatic control and color rendering optimization in LED lighting systems using junction temperature feedback
Author(s): Marco Michele Sisto; Jonny Gauvin
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Investigation of correlation of LF power modulation of light in natural and artificial illumination situations and acoustic emission
Author(s): Florian P. Kleeberg; Holger L. Gutzmann; Cornelia Weyer; Jürgen Weiß; Joachim Dörfler; Cornelius F. Hahlweg
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LED illuminant on the ambient light
Author(s): Anqing Liu; Mishra Sandipan; Michael Shur
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A high efficiency LED driver based on optical feedback
Author(s): Edgar Marti-Arbona; Tino Copani; Bertan Bakkaloglu; Sayfe Kiaei
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Real time compensation of in aging effects in solid-state lighting
Author(s): M. Cappitelli; J. R. Bleicken
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A new lifetime estimation model for a quicker LED reliability prediction
Author(s): B. H. Hamon; L. Mendizabal; G. Feuillet; A. Gasse; B. Bataillou
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Uncertainty analysis for chromaticity coordinates and luminous flux measurements of LEDs
Author(s): Rui Qi; David P. Bajorins
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Optical simulations of organic light-emitting diodes through a combination of rigorous electromagnetic solvers and Monte Carlo ray-tracing methods
Author(s): Mayank Bahl; Gui-Rong Zhou; Evan Heller; William Cassarly; Mingming Jiang; Rob Scarmozzino; G. Groot Gregory
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Foil based optical elements for beam shaping and color homogenization of phosphor converted white LED sources
Author(s): Franz P. Wenzl; Wolfgang Nemitz; Ladislav Kuna; Christian Sommer; Paul Fulmek; Johann Nicolics; Peter Pachler; Hans Hoschopf; Franz Schrank; Gregor Langer; Paul Hartmann
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Laser-activated remote phosphor conversion with ceramic phosphors
Author(s): Alan Lenef; John Kelso; Maxim Tchoul; Oliver Mehl; Jörg Sorg; Y. Zheng
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An imaging-based photometric and colorimetric measurement method for characterizing OLED panels for lighting applications
Author(s): Yiting Zhu; Nadarajah Narendran; Jianchuan Tan; Xi Mou
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Complete solid state lighting (SSL) line at CEA LETI
Author(s): I. C. Robin; P. Ferret; A. Dussaigne; C. Bougerol; D. Salomon; X. J. Chen; M. Charles; P. Tchoulfian; A. Gasse; A. Lagrange; M. Consonni; H. Bono; F. Levy; Y. Desieres; A. Aitmani; S. Makram-Matta; E. Bialic; P. Gorrochategui; L. Mendizabal
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Optimization of optical systems for LED spot lights concerning the color uniformity
Author(s): Anne Teupner; Krister Bergenek; Ralph Wirth; Juan C. Miñano; Pablo Benítez
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A lighting metric for quantitative evaluation of accent lighting systems
Author(s): Cyril O. Acholo; Kenneth A. Connor; Richard J. Radke
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Design a LED coupler to collocate with a light guide plate for illumination
Author(s): Tun-Chien Teng; Li-Wei Tseng
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High-thermal-stability white light-emitting-diodes employing broadband glass phosphor
Author(s): Wood-Hi Cheng; Li-Yin Chen; Wei-Chih Cheng
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Fabrication and performance of dual-wavelength white light-emitting diodes assisted with red-emitting nanocrystals
Author(s): Hong-Shuo Chen; Sheng-Shiun Chen; Kuan-Wen Wang; Shu-Ru Chung
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Optical and thermal performance of a remote phosphor plate
Author(s): Xi Mou; Nadarajah Narendran; Yiting Zhu; Indika U. Perera
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Mathematical model to analyze phosphor layer heat transfer of an LED system
Author(s): Indika U. Perera; Nadarajah Narendran
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The impact of individual materials parameters on color temperature reproducibility among phosphor converted LED sources
Author(s): Susanne Schweitzer; Wolfgang Nemitz; Christian Sommer; Paul Hartmann; Paul Fulmek; Johann Nicolics; Peter Pachler; Hans Hoschopf; Franz Schrank; Gregor Langer; Franz P. Wenzl
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Lightweight LED Fluorescent lamp using engineering poly carbonate
Author(s): Hyun-Ju Cho; Jong-Phil Lee
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Improved light extraction of nitride-based flip-chip light-emitting diodes by forming air voids on Ar-implanted sapphire substrate
Author(s): Yu-Hsiang Yeh; Jinn-Kong Sheu; Ming-Lun Lee; Po-Cheng Chen; Yu-Chen Yang; Cheng-Hsiung Yen; Wei-Chih Lai
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Investigation of structure in the modular light pipe component for LED automotive lamp
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Yang Zhou; Chien-Sheng Huang; Wan-Ling Jhong; Bo-Wei Cheng; Jhe-Ming Jhang
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Realization of quantum dot-based polarized white LEDs using short-wavelength pass dichroic filters and reflective polarizer films
Author(s): Su Ji Yang; Ji Hye Oh; Keyong Nam Lee; Young Rag Do
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High color rendering index of remote-type white LEDs with multi-layered quantum dot-phosphor films and short-wavelength pass dichroic filters
Author(s): Hee Chang Yoon; Ji Hye Oh; Young Rag Do
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Tri-wavelength single output Infrared LED based on QW area selective intermixing
Author(s): Abdullah J. Zakariya; Bassam Alfeeli
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Solution of multi-element LED light sources development automation problem
Author(s): Aleksandr N. Chertov; Elena V. Gorbunova; Valery V. Korotaev; Vladimir S. Peretyagin
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Investigation of optical intensity in indoor visible light communication with different LEDs array
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Cheng-Jyun Liou; Yang Chou; Syuan-Ruei Siao; I-Ju Liu; Wei-Cheng Lai
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New understandings of failure modes in SSL luminaires
Author(s): Sarah D. Shepherd; Karmann C. Mills; Robert Yaga; Cortina Johnson; J. Lynn Davis
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