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Unmanned Systems Technology XIV
Editor(s): Robert E. Karlsen; Douglas W. Gage; Charles M. Shoemaker; Grant R. Gerhart
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Volume Number: 8387
Date Published: 7 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8387
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A layered control architecture for single-operator control of heterogeneous unmanned system teams
Author(s): Stephen P. Buerger; Jason Neely; Charles Little; Wendy Amai; Rommy Joyce; Joshua A. Love
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Coordinating with Humans by Adjustable-Autonomy for Multirobot Pursuit (CHAMP)
Author(s): Danielle Dumond; Jeanine Ayers; Nathan Schurr; Alan Carlin; Dustin Burke; Jeffrey Rousseau
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Reconnaissance and Autonomy for Small Robots (RASR) team: MAGIC 2010 challenge
Author(s): Alberto Lacaze; Karl Murphy; Mark Del Giorno; Katrina Corley
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Adaptive information interactive mechanism for multi-UAV visual navigation
Author(s): Hui Liu; Qionghai Dai
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A feedback-trained autonomous control system for heterogeneous search and rescue applications
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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Adaptive electronic camouflage using texture synthesis
Author(s): Narek Pezeshkian; Joseph D. Neff
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Cooperative 3D and 2D mapping with heterogenous ground robots
Author(s): John G. Rogers III; David Baran; Ethan Stump; Stuart Young; Henrik I. Christensen
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Fast online learning of control regime transitions for adaptive robotic mobility
Author(s): Brian Yamauchi
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Safe operations of unmanned systems for reconnaissance in complex environments Army technology objective (SOURCE ATO): a year later
Author(s): N. Joseph Kott III; Edward Mottern; Tracy Keys van Lierop; Jeremy P. Gray
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Challenges to autonomous navigation in complex urban terrain
Author(s): Jeremy P. Gray; Robert E. Karlsen; Chip DiBerardino; Edward Mottern; N. Joseph Kott III
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Approximate dynamic programming recurrence relations for a hybrid optimal control problem
Author(s): W. Lu; S. Ferrari; R. Fierro; T. A. Wettergren
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Enabling civilian applications of unmanned teams through collaboration, cooperation, and sensing
Author(s): Christopher Brune; Tanarat Dityam; Jonathan Girwar-Nath; Konstantinos Kanistras; Goncalo Martins; Allistair Moses; Ioannis Samonas; Joseph L. St. Amour; Matthew J. Rutherford; Kimon P. Valavanis
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Trust method for multi-agent consensus
Author(s): Dariusz G. Mikulski; Frank L. Lewis; Edward Y. Gu; Greg R. Hudas
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Intelligent behaviors through vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
Author(s): Richard D. Garcia; Purser Sturgeon; Mike Brown
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UGV navigation in wireless sensor and actuator network environments
Author(s): Guyu Zhang; Jianfeng Li; Christian A. Duncan; Jinko Kanno; Rastko R. Selmic
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Neural-network-based navigation and control of unmanned aerial vehicles for detecting unintended emissions
Author(s): H. Zargarzadeh; David Nodland; V. Thotla; S. Jagannathan; S. Agarwal
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Evolution of a common controller
Author(s): D. Powell; D. Barbour; G. Gilbreath
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A monocular leader-follower system for small mobile robots
Author(s): Camille S. Monnier; Stan German; Andrey Ostapchenko
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Constraint-based semi-autonomy for unmanned ground vehicles using local sensing
Author(s): Sterling J. Anderson; Sisir B. Karumanchi; Bryan Johnson; Victor Perlin; Mitchell Rohde; Karl Iagnemma
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Study of high-definition and stereoscopic head-aimed vision for improved teleoperation of an unmanned ground vehicle
Author(s): Dale R. Tyczka; Robert Wright; Brian Janiszewski; Martha Jane Chatten; Thomas A. Bowen; Brian Skibba
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Control solutions for robots using Android and iOS devices
Author(s): A. William Evans III; Jeremy P. Gray; Dave Rudnick; Robert E. Karlsen
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Development and human factors analysis of an augmented reality interface for multi-robot tele-operation and control
Author(s): Sam Lee; Nathan P. Lucas; R. Darin Ellis; Abhilash Pandya
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Large-scale experimental design for decentralized SLAM
Author(s): Alex Cunningham; Frank Dellaert
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Real-time lidar-based place recognition using distinctive shape descriptors
Author(s): Jack Collier; Stephen Se; Vinay Kotamraju; Piotr Jasiobedzki
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Fully self-contained vision-aided navigation and landing of a micro air vehicle independent from external sensor inputs
Author(s): Roland Brockers; Sara Susca; David Zhu; Larry Matthies
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Flight test evaluation of a prototype optical instrument for airborne sense-and-avoid applications
Author(s): Cyrus Minwalla; Paul Thomas; Kristopher Ellis; Richard Hornsey; Sion Jennings
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Saliency detection and model-based tracking: a two part vision system for small robot navigation in forested environment
Author(s): Richard Roberts; Duy-Nguyen Ta; Julian Straub; Kyel Ok; Frank Dellaert
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Multiple object detection and classification on uneven terrain using multi-channel lidar for UGV
Author(s): Kuk Cho; Seung-Ho Baeg; Sangdeok Park
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Foundations of autonomy for ground robotics
Author(s): Jonathan A. Bornstein; Robert R. Mitchell
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High degree-of-freedom dynamic manipulation
Author(s): Michael P. Murphy; Benjamin Stephens; Yeuhi Abe; Alfred A. Rizzi
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Laboratory on legs: an architecture for adjustable morphology with legged robots
Author(s): G. Clark Haynes; Jason Pusey; Ryan Knopf; Aaron M. Johnson; Daniel E. Koditschek
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Connecting a cognitive architecture to robotic perception
Author(s): Unmesh Kurup; Christian Lebiere; Anthony Stentz; Martial Hebert
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Semantic perception for ground robotics
Author(s): M. Hebert; J. A. Bagnell; M. Bajracharya; K. Daniilidis; L. H. Matthies; L. Mianzo; L. Navarro-Serment; J. Shi; M. Wellfare
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Robust mobility in human-populated environments
Author(s): Juan Pablo Gonzalez; Mike Phillips; Brad Neuman; Max Likhachev
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The importance of shared mental models and shared situation awareness for transforming robots from tools to teammates
Author(s): Scott Ososky; David Schuster; Florian Jentsch; Stephen Fiore; Randall Shumaker; Christian Lebiere; Unmesh Kurup; Jean Oh; Anthony Stentz
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Enhanced operator perception through 3D vision and haptic feedback
Author(s): Richard Edmondson; Kenneth Light; Andrew Bodenhamer; Paul Bosscher; Loren Wilkinson
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Autonomous urban reconnaissance ingress system (AURIS): providing a tactically relevant autonomous door-opening kit for unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): David J. Shane; Michael A. Rufo; Matthew D. Berkemeier; Joel A. Alberts
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Haptics-based immersive telerobotic system for improvised explosive device disposal: Are two hands better than one?
Author(s): David Erickson; Hervé Lacheray; Jason Michel Lambert; Iraj Mantegh; Derry Crymble; John Daly; Yan Zhao
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Game theory applied to legged robotics: a variant of the dolichobrachistochrone problem
Author(s): Paul Muench; David Bednarz
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Improving UGV teleoperation performance using novel visualization techniques and manual interfaces
Author(s): Steven Vozar; Dawn M. Tilbury
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Autonomous exploration and mapping of unknown environments
Author(s): Jason Owens; Phil Osteen; MaryAnne Fields
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Development and demonstration of autonomous behaviors for urban environment exploration
Author(s): Gaurav Ahuja; Donald Fellars; Gregory Kogut; Estrellina Pacis Rius; Misha Schoolov; Alexander Xydes
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Development of an info-gap-based path planner to enable nondeterministic low-observability mobile sensor nodes
Author(s): David Mascareñas; Christopher Stull; Charles Farrar
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Energy usage for UGVs executing coverage tasks
Author(s): John Broderick; Dawn Tilbury; Ella Atkins
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Enabling unmanned capabilities in the tactical wheeled vehicle fleet of the future
Author(s): Noah Zych
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ROBODEXS: multi-robot deployment and extraction system
Author(s): Jeremy P. Gray; James R. Mason; Michael S. Patterson; Matthew W. Skalny
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Mesh networking optimized for robotic teleoperation
Author(s): Abraham Hart; Narek Pezeshkian; Hoa Nguyen
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Getting it right the first time: predicted performance guarantees from the analysis of emergent behavior in autonomous and semi-autonomous systems
Author(s): Ronald C. Arkin; Damian Lyons; Jiang Shu; Prem Nirmal; Munzir Zafar
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Characteristics of a maritime interdiction operations unmanned ground vehicle
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Mendel Baker
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Rapid position estimation and tracking for autonomous driving
Author(s): Patrick K. Wang; Peter A. Torrione; Leslie M. Collins; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.
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An enhanced inertial navigation system based on a low-cost IMU and laser scanner
Author(s): Hyung-Soon Kim; Seung-Ho Baeg; Kwang-Woong Yang; Kuk Cho; Sangdeok Park
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A pose estimation method for unmanned ground vehicles in GPS denied environments
Author(s): Amirhossein Tamjidi; Cang Ye
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A statistical approach for performance analysis of uncertain systems
Author(s): Xinjia Chen
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Review of multi-robot taxonomy, trends, and applications for defense and space
Author(s): Nathan P. Lucas; Abhilash K. Pandya; R. Darin Ellis
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Videometric terminal guidance method and system for UAV accurate landing
Author(s): Xiang Zhou; Zhihui Lei; Qifeng Yu; Hongliang Zhang; Yang Shang; Jing Du; Yang Gui; Pengyu Guo
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