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Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Sensor Networks VIII
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza
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Volume Number: 8184
Date Published: 29 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8184
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Pose and class estimation of stationary ground vehicles using a scale augmented parameter set
Author(s): Vishal C. Ravindra; Venkatesh K. Madyastha; Girija Gopalratnam; Marco Guerriero
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Integrated mobile radar-camera system in airport perimeter security
Author(s): M. Zyczkowski; M. Szustakowski; W. Ciurapinski; R. Dulski; M. Kastek; P. Trzaskawka
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EO/IR sensor development using nanostructures for unattended ground sensor applications
Author(s): Ashok K. Sood; John W. Zeller; Yash R. Puri; Tariq Manzur; Nibir K. Dhar; Abdiel Rivera; A. F. M. Anwar; Gustavo Fernandes; J. M. Xu
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Adaptive fusion of infrared and visible images in dynamic scene
Author(s): Guang Yang; Yafeng Yin; Hong Man; Sachi Desai
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Model for small arms fire muzzle blast wave propagation in air
Author(s): Juan R. Aguilar; Sachi V. Desai
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Effects of evaporation layer on free-space optical communication links near sea surface at 1.55 μm
Author(s): John Zeller; Tariq Manzur
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5.625 Gbps bidirectional laser communications measurements between the NFIRE satellite and an optical ground station
Author(s): Renny A. Fields; David A. Kozlowski; Harold T. Yura; Robert L. Wong; Josef M. Wicker; Carl T. Lunde; Mark Gregory; Bernhard K. Wandernoth; Frank F. Heine; Joseph J. Luna
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Design and early development of a UAV terminal and a ground station for laser communications
Author(s): Alberto Carrasco-Casado; Ricardo Vergaz; José M. Sánchez Pena
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Nonmechanical beam steering using optical phased arrays
Author(s): Thomas E. Dillon; Christopher A. Schuetz; Richard D. Martin; Daniel G. Mackrides; Petersen F. Curt; James Bonnett; Dennis W. Prather
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A versatile sensor network for urban search and rescue operations
Author(s): Klaus Känsälä; Marko Korkalainen; Aki Mäyrä
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Managing heterogeneous networks of mobile and stationary sensors
Author(s): Axel Bürkle; Peter Solbrig; Florian Segor; Dimitri Bulatov; Peter Wernerus; Sven Müller
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Towards the development of tamper-resistant, ground-based mobile sensor nodes
Author(s): David Mascarenas; Christopher Stull; Charles Farrar
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