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Photonic Applications for Aerospace, Transportation, and Harsh Environment II
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Volume Number: 8026
Date Published: 9 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8026
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
POF hydrogen detection sensor systems for launch vehicles applications
Author(s): Alex A. Kazemi; David B. Larson; Mark D. Wuestling
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Viability of guided-wave ultrasound diagnostics for sharply curved composite structures
Author(s): Indu Fiesler Saxena; Narciso Guzman; Lothar U. Kempen; Vinay Dayal
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Advances towards the qualification of an aircraft fuel tank inert environment fiber optic oxygen sensor system
Author(s): Edgar A. Mendoza; Yan Esterkin; Cornelia Kempen; Songjian Sun; Kenneth Susko; John Goglia
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Intrinsically safe oxygen and hydrogen optical leak detector
Author(s): Manal Beshay; Simona Garon; David Ruiz; Lothar U. Kempen
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Miniaturized real-time monitor for fuel cell leak applications
Author(s): Manal Beshay; Jai Ganesh Chandra Sekhar; Jesús Delgado Alonso; Christopher Boehr; Robert A. Lieberman
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AUV-portable temperature-compensating fiber optic hydrophone
Author(s): Indu Fiesler Saxena; Narciso Guzman; Kaleonui J. Hui; Stephen Pflanze
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Linear polarizer local characterizations by polarimetric imaging for applications to polarimetric sensors for torque measurement for hybrid cars
Author(s): F. Georges; M. Remouche; P. Meyrueis
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Incoherent light guide imager for harsh and complex environments
Author(s): L. R. Gauthier Jr.
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Digital micromirror device-based robust object boundary mapping sensor
Author(s): Philip J. Marraccini; Cody Baxley; Nabeel A. Riza
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High resolution wide dynamic range distance sensor using spatial signal processing
Author(s): Philip J. Marraccini; Nabeel A. Riza
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Multimode laser beam characterization using agile digital-analog photonics
Author(s): Philip J. Marraccini; Nabeel A. Riza
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Evanescent wave absorption measurements of corroded materials using ATR and optical fibers
Author(s): Juock Namkung; Mike Hoke; Andy Schwartz
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Wireless/integrated strain monitoring and simulation system
Author(s): Frank Abdi; R. Dutton; Tatsuya Takahashi; Cody Godines; Galib Abumeri
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All optical O2 sensors using innovative phase fluorimetry for monitoring of headspace in ullage for FAA mandated inerting fuel tanks of commercial airlines
Author(s): Allen Panahi
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Battery outgassing sensor for electric drive vehicle energy storage systems
Author(s): Manal Beshay; Jai Ganesh Chandra Sekhar; Lothar U. Kempen
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High speed laser communication network for satellite systems
Author(s): Allen Panahi; Alex A. Kazemi
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Wireless optical links for avionics applications
Author(s): Eric Chan; Dennis Koshinz; William Krug; Harold Hager
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Towards development of a fiber optic-based transmission monitoring system
Author(s): Chris S. Baldwin; Jason S. Kiddy; Paul D Samuel
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Review of optical fiber sensor technologies for hydrogen leak detection in hydrogen energy storage
Author(s): Cedric Perrotton; Nicolas Javahiraly; Alex Kazemi; Patrick Meyrueis
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Speckle reduction technique for laser based automotive Head Up Display (HUD) projectors
Author(s): Bernard Kress; Vic Hejmadi
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Diffractive elements manufactured by grey tone mask and global laser lightning for transportation applications
Author(s): F. Quentel; K. Boehlen; J. Fieret; A. Holmes; P. Meyrueis; V. Raulot
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