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Medical Imaging 2011: Advanced PACS-based Imaging Informatics and Therapeutic Applications
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Volume Number: 7967
Date Published: 24 March 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7967
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Combined semantic and similarity search in medical image databases
Author(s): Sascha Seifert; Marisa Thoma; Florian Stegmaier; Matthias Hammon; Martin Kramer; Martin Huber; Hans-Peter Kriegel; Alexander Cavallaro; Dorin Comaniciu
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Validating automatic semantic annotation of anatomy in DICOM CT images
Author(s): Sayan D. Pathak; Antonio Criminisi; Jamie Shotton; Steve White; Duncan Robertson; Bobbi Sparks; Indeera Munasinghe; Khan Siddiqui
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Utility of rapid database searching for quality assurance: 'detective work' in uncovering radiology coding and billing errors
Author(s): Steven C. Horii; Woojin Kim; William Boonn; Christopher Iyoob; Keith Maston; Beverly G. Coleman
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Multiscale salient point-based retrieval of fracture cases
Author(s): Xin Zhou; Richard Stern; Adrien Depeursinge; Henning Müller
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Using relevant regions in image search and query refinement for medical CBIR
Author(s): Edward Kim; Sameer Antani; Xiaolei Huang; L. Rodney Long; Dina Demner-Fushman
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Is there a need for biomedical CBIR systems in clinical practice? Outcomes from a usability study
Author(s): Sameer Antani; Zhiyun Xue; L. Rodney Long; Deborah Bennett; Sarah Ward; George R. Thoma
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Development of a data mining and imaging informatics display tool for a multiple sclerosis e-folder system
Author(s): Margaret Liu; Jerry Loo; Kevin Ma; Brent Liu
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Development of automated detection of radiology reports citing adrenal findings
Author(s): Jason Zopf; Jessica Langer; William Boonn; Woojin Kim; Hanna Zafar
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Automated breast imaging-reporting and data system (BI-RADS) category 3 follow-up application: improving patient care and compliance
Author(s): Praveena Kandula M.D.; T. S. Cook M.D.; W. W. Boonn M.D.; W. Kim M.D.
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Towards building high performance medical image management system for clinical trials
Author(s): Fusheng Wang; Rubao Lee; Xiaodong Zhang; Joel Saltz
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Transforming medical imaging applications into collaborative PACS-based telemedical systems
Author(s): Rouzbeh Maani; Sergio Camorlinga; Neil Arnason
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Integrating medical imaging analyses through a high-throughput bundled resource imaging system
Author(s): Kelsie Covington; E. Brian Welch; Ha-Kyu Jeong; Bennett A. Landman
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Viability of sharing MEG data using minimum-norm imaging
Author(s): Syed Ashrafulla; Dimitrios Pantazis; John Mosher; Matti Hämäläinen; Brent Liu; Richard M. Leahy
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Mobile medical image retrieval
Author(s): Samuel Duc; Adrien Depeursinge; Ivan Eggel; Henning Müller
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Evaluation of a stand-alone computer-aided detection system for acute intra-cranial hemorrhage in emergency environments
Author(s): James Fernandez; Ruchi Deshpande; Ximing Wang; Brent Liu; Michael Brazaitis; Fletcher Munter; Margaret Liu
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DICOM-based computer-aided evaluation of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) treatment plans
Author(s): Fion W. K. Cheung; Maria Y. Y. Law
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A multimedia electronic patient record (ePR) system to improve decision support in pre- and rehabilitation through clinical and movement analysis
Author(s): Brent Liu; Jorge Documet; Sarah McNitt-Gray; Phil Requejo; Jill McNitt-Gray
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Evaluation of an automatic multiple sclerosis lesion quantification tool in an informatics-based MS e-folder system
Author(s): Kevin Ma; James Fernandez; Lilyana Amezcua; Alex Lerner; Brent Liu
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The role of GPU computing in medical image analysis and visualization
Author(s): S. Moulik; W. Boonn
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Open source tools for standardized privacy protection of medical images
Author(s): Chung-Yueh Lien; Michael Onken; Marco Eichelberg; Tsair Kao; Andreas Hein
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2D vs. 3D mammography observer study
Author(s): James Reza F. Fernandez; Linda Hovanessian-Larsen; Brent Liu
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Efficient access to compressed 3D and 4D MRI using JPEG2000
Author(s): Tatiana Noreña Ospina; Marcela Iregui; Jorge Victorino; Eduardo Romero
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IHE for surgery: scope and first proposals for a new domain within the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise initiative
Author(s): Oliver Burgert; Philipp Liebmann; Thomas Treichel
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XDS in healthcare: Could it lead to a duplication problem? Field study from GVR Sweden
Author(s): M. Wintell; N. Lundberg; L. Lindsköld
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Design of image sharing and exchanging for cross-enterprise and cross-domain collaborative healthcare in Shanghai
Author(s): Jianguo Zhang; Yuanyuan Yang; Kai Zhang; Jianyong Sun; Tonghui Ling; Bin Tan; Guangrong Wang; Yun Ling; Derong Peng; Guangjun Yu; Xichuan Zheng; Jie Feng; Yingjie Wang
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Design and evaluation of web-based image transmission and display with different protocols
Author(s): Bin Tan; Kuangyi Chen; Xichuan Zheng; Jianguo Zhang
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Integration of DICOM and openEHR standards
Author(s): Ying Wang; Zhihong Yao; Lei Liu
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DICOM involving XML path-tag
Author(s): Qiang Zeng; Zhihong Yao; Lei Liu
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Improvement of MS (multiple sclerosis) CAD (computer aided diagnosis) performance using C/C++ and computing engine in the graphical processing unit (GPU)
Author(s): Joohyung Suh; Kevin Ma; Anh Le
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Content-based image retrieval with semantic navigation for medical images with multifocal diseases in integrated RIS/PACS system
Author(s): Yanjie Zhu; Jianguo Zhang
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DICOM structured report to track patient's radiation dose to organs from abdominal CT exam
Author(s): Craig Morioka; Adam Turner; Michael McNitt-Gray; Maria Zankl; Frank Meng; Suzie El-Saden
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Visualization index for image-enabled medical records
Author(s): Wenjie Dong; Weilin Zheng; Jianyong Sun; Jianguo Zhang
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Development of a user-centered radiology teaching file system
Author(s): Marcelo dos Santos; Asa Fujino
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A solution for archiving and retrieving preclinical molecular imaging data in PACS using a DICOM gateway
Author(s): Jasper Lee; Bihui Liu; Brent Liu
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Teleradiology network system and computer-aided diagnosis workstation using the web medical image conference system with a new information security solution
Author(s): Hitoshi Satoh; Noboru Niki; Kenji Eguchi; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Masahiro Kaneko; Ryutaru Kakinuma; Noriyuki Moriyama
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