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Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro/Nano Optics and Photonics IV
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Volume Number: 7927
Date Published: 7 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7927
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photolithographic fabrication of slot waveguides
Author(s): Alexander Spott; Ran Ding; Tom Baehr-Jones; Woo-Joong Kim; Xugang Xiong; Richard Bojko; Jean-Marc Fedeli; Maryse Fournier; Michael Hochberg
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Environmentally responsive active optics based on hydrogel-actuated deformable mirror arrays
Author(s): Philseok Kim; Lauren D. Zarzar; Mughees Khan; Michael Aizenberg; Joanna Aizenberg
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Advanced fabrication methods for 3D meta-optics
Author(s): E. G. Johnson; M. K. Poutous; Z. A. Roth; P. Srinivasan; A. J. Pung; Y. O. Yilmaz
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A new fabrication method for 3D Si-based photonic crystal structures
Author(s): Mónica Taysing-Lara; Gerard Dang; Weimin Zhou
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Selective inhibition of polymerization enables sub-diffraction optical lithography
Author(s): Benjamin Harke; Paolo Bianchini; Fraz Anjum; Fernando Brandi; Alberto Diaspro
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On the evolution of wafer level cameras
Author(s): H. Welch
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Fabrication of large-area metal nanoparticle arrays by nanosphere lithography for localized surface plasmon resonance biosensors
Author(s): R. C. Denomme; K. Iyer; M. Kreder; B. Smith; P. M. Nieva
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Direct laser writing and applications of dielectric microstructures with low refractive index contrast
Author(s): Vygantas Mizeikis; Vytautas Purlys; Lina Maigyte; Kestutis Staliunas; Saulius Juodkazis
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2D nanosphere lithography by using surface plasmon-enhanced optical trapping
Author(s): Y.-C. Li; C.-Y. Lin; K.-C. Chiu; C.-F. Cheang; Y.-C. Chang; S.-J. Chen
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Fabrication of singulated micro-retro-reflectors for textured surfaces
Author(s): Menelaos K. Poutous; Michael J. Maston; Stephen Leibholtz; Eric G. Johnson
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Freeform micromachining of an infrared Alvarez lens
Author(s): Paul J. Smilie; Brian S. Dutterer; Jennifer L. Lineberger; Matthew A. Davies; Thomas J. Suleski
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Wafer level glass optics: precision glass molding as an alternative manufacturing approach
Author(s): Martin Huenten; Daniel Hollstegge; Fei Wang; Olaf Dambon; Fritz Klocke
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Manufacturing of cylindrical diffractive lens by ruling
Author(s): J. Väyrynen; T. Saastamoinen; J. Mutanen; P. Pääkkönen; K. Mönkkönen; M. Kuittinen
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Diamond milling or turning for the fabrication of micro lens arrays: comparing different diamond machining technologies
Author(s): Sebastian Scheiding; Allen Y. Yi; Andreas Gebhardt; Roman Loose; Lei Li; Stefan Risse; Ramona Eberhardt; Andreas Tünnermann
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Fabrication of single-mode channel waveguides via microfluidics
Author(s): Sarfaraz Baig; Qunhui Sun; Michael R. Wang
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Microfabrication of microsystem-enabled photovoltaic (MEPV) cells
Author(s): Gregory N. Nielson; Murat Okandan; Jose L. Cruz-Campa; Paul J. Resnick; Mark W. Wanlass; Peggy J. Clews; Tammy C. Pluym; Carlos A. Sanchez; Vipin P. Gupta
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Atomic layer epitaxy of TiO2/ZnO multilayer optics using ZnO buffer layer for water-window x-ray
Author(s): Masaki Murata; Yuji Tanaka; Yasutaka Sanjo; Hiroshi Kumagai; Tsutomu Shinagawa; Masaya Chigane
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Fabrication of optical filters using multilayered porous silicon
Author(s): Noha Gaber; Diaa Khalil; Amr Shaarawi
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Microscale, printed LEDs for unusual lighting and display systems
Author(s): Rak-Hwan Kim; Dae-Hyeong Kim; Jianliang Xiao; Bong Hoon Kim; Bruce Panilaitis; Roozbeh Ghaffari; Jimin Yao; Ming Li; Zhuangjian Liu; Viktor Malyarchuk; Dae Gon Kim; An-Phong Le; Ralph G. Nuzzo; David L. Kaplan; Fiorenzo G. Omenetto; Yonggang Huang; Zhan Kang; John A. Rogers
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CMOS-compatible fabrication, micromachining, and bonding strategies for silicon photonics
Author(s): John Heck; Richard Jones; Mario J. Paniccia
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Single quantum dot (QD) manipulation on nanowire using dielectrophoretic (DEP) force
Author(s): J. Kim; S. Y. Lee; J.-K. F. Suh; J. H. Park; H. J. Shin
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DWDM DFB LD fabricated by nanoimprint process
Author(s): Wen Liu; Lei Wang; Ning Zhou; Yiwen Zhang; Fei Qiu; Zhimou Xu
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Fabrication of guided mode resonance filters on conformal surfaces
Author(s): A. T. Cannistra; M. K. Poutous; E. G. Johnson; T. J. Suleski
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Design and fabrication of a highly off-axis binary multi-phase-level computer-generated hologram based on an effective medium approach
Author(s): Wiebke Freese; Thomas Kämpfe; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tünnermann
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Fabrication of multispectral imaging technology driven MEMS-based micro-arrayed multichannel optical filter mosaic
Author(s): Dingrong Yi; Linghua Kong; Jiwu Wang; Futing Zhao
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Ultrashort pulse induced nonlinear photo-polymerization and phase separation in liquid crystal and monomer mixtures
Author(s): Kuei-Chu Hsu; Ja-Hon Lin
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Fabrication of hybrid optical structure by direct machining
Author(s): T. Saastamoinen; J. Väyrynen; J. Mutanen; P. Pääkkönen; T. Itkonen; K. Mönkkönen; M. Kuittinen
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Laser processing and monitoring of Ag photodoped patterns in GeS2 amorphous films by dual functional laser scanning micro-processing/micro-scope system utilizing UV/VIS confocal laser scanning microscope
Author(s): Yoshikazu Kanai; Yoshihisa Murakami; Moriaki Wakaki; Norihide Takeyama
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Hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ): a perfect negative tone resist for developing nanostructure patterns on a silicon platform
Author(s): G. Singh; P. Stenberg; P. Vahima; M. Kuittinen; R. P. Yadav; V. Janyani
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In-depth fiber optic two-photon polymerization and its applications in micromanipulation
Author(s): Yogeshwar N. Mishra; Ninad D. Ingle; Mervyn Pinto; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Bimetallic grayscale photomasks written using optical density feedback control
Author(s): James M. Dykes; Reza Qarehbaghi; Glenn H. Chapman
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Microlithography application for production of multilevel diffractive optical elements (as a security hologram feature)
Author(s): Eugene Braginets; V. Kurashov; S. Honcharuk; V. Girnyk; S. Kostyukevych; K. Kostyukevych
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