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Biomedical Applications of Light Scattering V
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Volume Number: 7907
Date Published: 4 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7907
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Theoretical and experimental comparison of tissue phantoms using white light spectroscopy
Author(s): Kaloyan A. Popov; Timothy P. Kurzweg
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Nanoscale nuclear architecture for cancer diagnosis by spatial-domain low-coherence quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): Pin Wang; Rajan K. Bista; Walid E. Khalbuss; Wei Qiu; Kevin D. Staton; Lin Zhang; Teresa A. Brentnall M.D.; Randall E. Brand M.D.; Yang Liu
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Effect of clearing agents on scattering coefficient and anisotropy of scattering of dermis studied by reflectance confocal microscopy
Author(s): S. L. Jacques; R. Samatham; K. G. Phillips
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Phase function of biological soft tissues for the complete solid angle
Author(s): R. Michels; S. Rotte; M. T. Heine; A. Kienle
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Monte Carlo simulation of photon migration in turbid random media based on the object-oriented programming paradigm
Author(s): Alex Doronin; Igor Meglinski
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The role of cellular environment in dynamic light scattering
Author(s): Ran An; Kwan Jeong; John Turek; David Nolte
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Endoscopic laser speckle contrast imaging system using a fibre image guide
Author(s): Lipei Song; Daniel Elson
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Laser interference fringe tomography: a novel 3D imaging technique for pathology
Author(s): Farnoud Kazemzadeh; Thomas M. Haylock; Lev M. Chifman; Arsen R. Hajian; Bradford B. Behr; Andrew T. Cenko; Jeff T. Meade; Jan Hendrikse
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Model-based design of optical diagnostic instrumentation
Author(s): Chih-Wen Kan; Kort Travis; James Salazar; Konstantin Sokolov; Mia K. Markey
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A dark-field scanning spectroscopy platform for localized scatter and fluorescence imaging of tissue
Author(s): Venkataramanan Krishnaswamy; Ashley M. Laughney; Keith D. Paulsen; Brian W. Pogue
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High-speed simulation of skin spectral reflectance based on an optical path-length matrix method and its application
Author(s): Izumi Fujiwara; Satoshi Yamamoto; Midori Yamauchi; Keiko Ogawa-Ochiai; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Norimichi Tsumura
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Retention of indocyanine green as a potential marker for optical detection of blood brain barrier disruption
Author(s): A. Ergin; S. Joshi; M. Wang; I. J. Bigio
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Near-infrared scattering imaging of depolarization waves in a rat hypoxic brain model and its application to assessment of brain tissue reversibility
Author(s): Satoko Kawauchi; Shunichi Sato; Yoichi Uozumi; Hiroshi Nawashiro; Miya Ishihara M.D.; Makoto Kikuchi M.D.
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Optical assessment of pathology in surgically resected tissues
Author(s): Ashley Laughney; Venkataramanan Krishnaswamy; Wendy A. Wells; Olga M. Conde; Keith D. Paulsen; Brian W. Pogue
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Variations in the optical scattering properties of skin in murine animal models
Author(s): Katherine Calabro; Allison Curtis; Jean-Rene Galarneau; Thomas Krucker; Irving J. Bigio
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Rapid analysis of white blood cells with diffraction imaging flow cytometry
Author(s): Xin-Hua Hu; Jun Q. Lu; Yuanming Feng
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Time-lapsed integrated Raman and angular-scattering microscopy of single cells
Author(s): Dustin W. Shipp; Andrew J. Berger
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Intrinsic optical signal imaging of glucose-stimulated physiological responses in the insulin secreting INS-1 β-cell line
Author(s): Yi-Chao Li; Wan-Xing Cui; Xu-Jing Wang; Franklin Amthor; Xin-Cheng Yao
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Optical coherence tomography speckle decorrelation for detecting cell death
Author(s): Golnaz Farhat; Adrian Mariampillai; Victor X. D. Yang; Gregory J. Czarnota; Michael C. Kolios
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Determining size, shape, and orientation of non-spherical scatterers using the fiber optic interferometric two-dimensional scattering (FITS) system
Author(s): Michael Giacomelli; Yizheng Zhu; John Lee; Adam Wax
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Fourier-domain low-coherence interferometry for detection of early colorectal cancer development in the AOM rat model
Author(s): Francisco E. Robles; Yizheng Zhu; Jin Lee; Sheela Sharma; Adam Wax
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Cell death monitoring using quantitative optical coherence tomography methods
Author(s): Golnaz Farhat; Victor X. D. Yang; Michael C. Kolios; Gregory J. Czarnota
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Lidar-like equation model for optical coherence tomography signal solution
Author(s): Marcello M. Amaral; Marcus P. Raele; Eduardo Landulfo; Silvia Cristina Nunez; Gustavo S. M. Campos; Nilson D. Vieira Jr.; Niklaus Ursus Wetter; Anderson Z. Freitas
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Images of depolarization power and retardance to study stages of dysplasia in human cervical tissues
Author(s): Meghdoot Mozumder; Jaidip Jagtap; Prashant Shukla; Asima Pradhan
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Image reconstruction using measurements in volume speckle fields formed by different wavelengths
Author(s): Nikolay V. Petrov; Mikhail V. Volkov; Andrei A. Gorodetsky; Victor G. Bespalov
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