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Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues IX
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Volume Number: 7902
Date Published: 8 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7902
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Manipulating intracellular refractive index for contrast-enhanced digital holographic imaging of subcellular structures
Author(s): Christina E. Rommel; Christian Dierker; Lisa Schmidt; Sabine Przibilla; Gert von Bally; Björn Kemper; Jürgen Schnekenburger
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Long-term time-lapse multimodal microscopy for tracking cell dynamics in live tissue
Author(s): Benedikt W. Graf; Maria C. Valero; Eric J. Chaney; Marina Marjanovic; Marni D. Boppart; Stephen A. Boppart M.D.
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Multispectral imaging of the olfactory bulb activation: influence of realistic differential pathlength correction factors on the derivation of oxygenation and total hemoglobin concentration maps
Author(s): R. Renaud; H. Gurden; R. Chery; M. Bendhamane; C. Martin; F. Pain
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Widefield in vivo spectral and fluorescence imaging microscopy of microvessel blood supply and oxygenation
Author(s): Jennifer Lee; Raymond Kozikowski; Mamta Wankhede; Brian S. Sorg
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Water deficit and salt stress diagnosis through LED induced chlorophyll fluorescence analysis in Jatropha curcas L. oil plants for biodiesel
Author(s): Artur S. Gouveia-Neto; Elias A. Silva Jr.; Ronaldo A. Oliveira; Patrícia C. Cunha; Ernande B. Costa; Terezinha J. R. Câmara; Lilia G. Willadino
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Quantifying thermal modifications on laser welded skin tissue
Author(s): Hasim Ö. Tabakoglu; Murat Gülsoy
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Tumor cell differentiation by marker free fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Petra Weber; Michael Wagner; Marco Brantsch; Philipp Biller; Petra Kioschis; Waltraud Kessler
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Autofluorescence ratio imaging of human colonic adenomas
Author(s): Katsuichi Imaizumi; Yoshinori Harada; Naoki Wakabayashi; Yoshihisa Yamaoka; Ping Dai; Hideo Tanaka; Tetsuro Takamatsu
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Multimode optical imaging for translational chemotherapy: in vivo tumor detection and delineation by targeted gallium corroles
Author(s): Jae Youn Hwang; Zeev Gross; Harry B. Gray; Lali K. Medina-Kauwe; Daniel L. Farkas
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Simultaneous dual modality optical and MR imaging of mouse dorsal skin-fold window chamber
Author(s): Mir Farrokh Salek; Mark D. Pagel; Arthur F. Gmitro
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Multispectral line confocal imaging microscope for fluorescence applications
Author(s): Mark M. Meyers; Iza Ferreira; Pavel Fomitchov; Robert Filkins
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The new hyperspectral microscopic system for cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Yao-Fang Hsieh; Ou-Yang Mang; Jin-Chern Chiou; Yung-Jiun Lin; Ming-Hsui Tsai; Da-Tian Bau; Chang-Fang Chiu; Guan-Chin Teseng; Nai-Wen Chang; Wen-Chung Kao; Shun-De Wu
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Polarization-sensitive digital dermoscopy for image processing-assisted evaluation of atypical nevi: towards step-wise detection of melanoma
Author(s): Lauren S. Yu; Anika O. N. R. Joseph; Erik H. Lindsley; Daniel L. Farkas
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Live atomic force microscopy imaging of laser microbeam assisted cellular microsurgery
Author(s): Ninad Ingle; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Monitoring single membrane protein dynamics in a liposome manipulated in solution by the ABELtrap
Author(s): T. Rendler; M. Renz; E. Hammann; S. Ernst; N. Zarrabi; M. Börsch
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Optical trapping forces on biological cells on a waveguide surface
Author(s): Pal Lovhaugen; Balpreet S. Ahluwalia; Thomas R. Huser; Peter McCourt; Olav Gaute Helleso
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2D freeform plasmonic trapping via spatial light modulator
Author(s): H.-W. Su; C.-Y. Lin; K.-C. Chiu; H.-L. Tsai; S.-J. Chen
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High-speed FRET screening for optical proteomics in a microfluidic format
Author(s): Viput Visitkul; Daniel R. Matthews; Gregory E. Weitsman; Melanie D. Keppler; Simon M. Ameer-Beg
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Hyphal responses of Neurospora crassa to micron-sized beads with functional chemical surface groups
Author(s): Marie Held; Clive Edwards; Dan V. Nicolau
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Digital holographic microscopy combined with optical tweezers
Author(s): Nelson Cardenas; Lingfeng Yu; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Dynamics of optically trapped red blood cells by phase contrast microscopy
Author(s): Mariana Potcoava; Erich Hoover; Kevin Roth; Gianna Riccota; Jeff Squier; Ralph Jimenez; David W. M. Marr
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Depth-targeted transvascular drug delivery by using annular-shaped photomechanical waves
Author(s): Takuya Akiyama; Shunichi Sato; Hiroshi Ashida; Mitsuhiro Terakawa
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Simultaneous measurements of fluorescence lifetimes, anisotropy, and FRAP recovery curves
Author(s): James A. Levitt; Pei-Hua Chung; Dominic R. Alibhai; Klaus Suhling
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Validation of method for enhanced production of red-shifted bioluminescent photons in vivo
Author(s): Joe Dragavon; Samantha Blazquez; Kelly L. Rogers; Chelsea Samson; Régis Tournebize; Spencer Shorte
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Determination of the in vivo redox potential using roGFP and fluorescence spectra obtained from one-wavelength excitation
Author(s): S. Wierer; K. Elgass; S. Bieker; U. Zentgraf; A. J. Meixner; F. Schleifenbaum
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Impedance microflow cytometry for viability studies of microorganisms
Author(s): Marco Di Berardino; Monika Hebeisen; Thomas Hessler; Adrian Ziswiler; Stephanie Largiadèr; Grit Schade
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Detection and isolation of rare cells by 2-step enrichment high-speed flow cytometry/cell sorting and single cell LEAP laser ablation
Author(s): M. D. Zordan; James F. Leary
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The influence of selected antimicrobial peptides on the physiology of the immune system
Author(s): Karolina Golab; Anja Mittag; Arkadiusz Pierzchalski; Jozsef Bocsi; Wojciech Kamysz; Attila Tarnok
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Study of cell classification with a diffraction imaging flow cytometer method
Author(s): Ke Dong; Kenneth M. Jacobs; Yu Sa; Yuanming Feng; Jun Q. Lu; Xin-Hua Hu
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Flow cytometric separation of spectrally overlapping fluorophores using multifrequency fluorescence lifetime analysis
Author(s): Patrick L. Jenkins; James P. Freyer; Mark S. Naivar; Alexandra Arteaga; Jessica P. Houston
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A CytometryML table of contents that describes relationships between elements based upon DICOM and flow cytometry standard
Author(s): Robert C. Leif; Stephanie H. Leif
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Adaptive optics in sectioning microscopes: the practical implementation
Author(s): Jordi Andilla; Jerôme Ballesta; Rodrigo Aviles-Espinosa; Xavier Levecq
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Quantum cascade laser-based replacement for FTIR microscopy
Author(s): Miles J. Weida; Brandon Yee
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Cellular spectroscopy: applications to cancer stem cell characterization
Author(s): G. Wiegand; H. Xin; A. Anderson; J. Mullinax; K. Jaiswal; A. Wiegand; Itzhak Avital
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Characterizing collagen-based materials modified by glycation: a multiphoton optical image guided spectroscopy method
Author(s): Yu-Jer Hwang; Joseph Granelli; Christina Flores; Julia Lyubovitsky
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Validation of ALFIA: a platform for quantifying near-infrared fluorescent images of lymphatic propulsion in humans
Author(s): John C. Rasmussen; Merrick Bautista; I-Chih Tan; Kristen E. Adams; Melissa Aldrich; Milton V. Marshall; Caroline E. Fife; Erik A. Maus; Latisha A. Smith; Jingdan Zhang; Xiaoyan Xiang; Shaohua Kevin Zhou; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Metabolic remodeling of the human red blood cell membrane measured by quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): YongKeun Park; Catherine Best; Thorsten Auth; Nir S. Gov; Samuel Safran; Gabriel Popescu
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Classification and discrimination of pediatric patients undergoing open heart surgery with and without methylprednisolone treatment by cytomics
Author(s): Jozsef Bocsi; Anja Mittag; Arkadiusz Pierzchalski; Pavel Osmancik; Ingo Dähnert; Attila Tárnok
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Computational efficient segmentation of cell nuclei in 2D and 3D fluorescent micrographs
Author(s): Jonas De Vylder; Wilfried Philips
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A novel method for multiparameter physiological phenotype characterization at the single-cell level
Author(s): Laimonas Kelbauskas; Shashanka Ashili; Jeff Houkal; Dean Smith; Aida Mohammadreza; Kristen Lee; Ashok Kumar; Yasser Anis; Tom Paulson; Cody Youngbull; Yanqing Tian; Roger Johnson; Mark Holl; Deirdre Meldrum
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Determination of the PSI/PSII ratio in living plant cells at room temperature by spectrally resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Kirstin Elgass; Martina Zell; Veronica G. Maurino; Frank Schleifenbaum
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Heating device for 96-well microtiter culture plates
Author(s): Thomas Bruns; Christian Berchtold; Herbert Schneckenburger
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The study of the correlation properties on RBC flickering using double-path interferometric quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): Seungrag Lee; Ji Yong Lee; Chang-Soo Park; Dug Young Kim
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Real time diagnosis of bladder cancer with probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy
Author(s): Jen-Jane Liu; Katherine Wu; Winifred Adams; Shelly T. Hsiao; Kathleen E. Mach; Andrew H. Beck; Kristin C. Jensen; Joseph C. Liao
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High speed fluorescence lifetime measurement by dual channel waveform measurement
Author(s): Youngjae Won; Dug Y. Kim
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Transillumination of subcutaneous adipose tissues using near-infrared hyperspectral imaging in the 1100-1800 nm wavelength range
Author(s): K. Ishii; A. Kitayabu; Y. Kobayashi; N. Honda; K. Awazu
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Developments of pulse-laser-assist optical tweezers (PLAT) for in vivo manipulation
Author(s): Saki Maeda; Tadao Sugiura; Kotaro Minato
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Differentiating human cervical dysplastic and normal tissue through wavelet domain characterization of intrinsic fluorescence
Author(s): Rajatesh Gudibande; Meghdoot Mozumder; Rajbeer Singh; Prasanta K. Panigrahi; Sharad Gupta; Asima Pradhan
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Infrared spectroscopic imaging of kidney tumor tissue
Author(s): V. Sablinskas; G. Steiner; E. Koch; J. Ceponkus; M. Pucetaite; S. Strazdaite; V. Urboniene; F. Jankevicius
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Automated optical cell detection, sorting, and temperature measurements
Author(s): Joel Kindt; Mujahid Naqbi; Torsten Kiljan; Wesley Fuller; Weina Wang; David W. Kisker; Kevin L. Lear
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Modeling and tissue parameter extraction challenges for free space broadband fNIR brain imaging systems
Author(s): E. Sultan; K. Manseta; A. Khwaja; L. Najafizadeh; A. Gandjbakhche; K. Pourrezaei; A. S. Daryoush
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Microfluidic isolation and manipulation of microscopic objects using optical trap with geometric distortion
Author(s): Shivaranjani Shivalingaiah; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Development of a stigmatic imaging mass spectrometer using laser desorption/ionization
Author(s): Kunio Awazu; Hisanao Hazama; Hirofumi Nagao; Hidetoshi Yoshimura; Jun Aoki; Kenichi Fujii; Katsuyoshi Masuda; Toshio Tashima; Michisato Toyoda; Yasuhide Naito
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Sensing and enumerating rare circulating cells with diffuse light
Author(s): Eric Zettergren; Dwayne Vickers; Mark Niedre
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