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Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems IX
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Volume Number: 7870
Date Published: 3 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7870
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Video denoising using separable 4D nonlocal spatiotemporal transforms
Author(s): Matteo Maggioni; Giacomo Boracchi; Alessandro Foi; Karen Egiazarian
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Intelligent edge enhancement using multilayer neural network based on multi-valued neurons
Author(s): Igor Aizenberg; Shane Alexander; Jacob Jackson; Thomas Neal; Jeffrey Wilson; Kristi Kendrick
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Error minimizing algorithms for nearest neighbor classifiers
Author(s): Reid B. Porter; Don Hush; G. Beate Zimmer
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Signal filtering of daily cloud types' trends as derived from satellite images
Author(s): Jules R. Dim; Hiroshi Murakami
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Analysing wear in carpets by detecting varying local binary patterns
Author(s): S. A. Orjuela; E. Vansteenkiste; F. Rooms; S. De Meulemeester; R. De Keyser; W. Philips
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Line and streak detection on polished and textured surfaces using line integrals
Author(s): M. Sezer Erkilinc; Mustafa Jaber; Eli Saber; Robert Pearson
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Spatio-temporal analysis and forward modeling of solar polar plumes in white light
Author(s): A. Llebaria; O. Morillot; Y. Boursier; P. Lamy
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Detecting photographic and computer generated composites
Author(s): V. Conotter; L. Cordin
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Imaging using synchrotron radiation for forensic science
Author(s): F. Cervelli; S. Carrato; A. Mattei; M. Jerian; L. Benevoli; L. Mancini; F. Zanini; L. Vaccari; A. Perucchi; G. Aquilanti
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PSO-based methods for medical image registration and change assessment of pigmented skin
Author(s): Steve Kacenjar; Matthew Zook; Michael Balint
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Image-based segmentation for characterization and quantitative analysis of the spinal cord injuries by using diffusion patterns
Author(s): Markus Hannula; Adeola Olubamiji; Iivari Kunttu; Prasun Dastidar; Seppo Soimakallio; Juha Öhman; Jari Hyttinen
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Descreening using segmentation-based adaptive filtering
Author(s): Mohamed N. Ahmed; Ahmed H. Eid
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Secure annotation for medical images based on reversible watermarking in the Integer Fibonacci-Haar transform domain
Author(s): F. Battisti; M. Carli; A. Neri
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Multi-seam carving via seamlets
Author(s): David D. Conger; Mrityunjay Kumar; Hayder Radha
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A new DCT-based algorithm for numerical reconstruction of electronically recorded holograms
Author(s): Leonid Bilevich; Leonid Yaroslavsky
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User discrimination in automotive systems
Author(s): Andrey Makrushin; Jana Dittmann; Claus Vielhauer; Marcus Leich
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Wiener crosses borders: interpolation based on second order models
Author(s): Alvaro Guevara; Rudolf Mester
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Image interpolation based on a multi-resolution directional map
Author(s): Eric Van Reeth; Pascal Bertolino; Marina Nicolas
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Images reconstruction using modified exemplar based method
Author(s): V. V. Voronin; V. I. Marchuk; K. O. Egiazarian
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A graph, non-tree representation of the topology of a gray scale image
Author(s): Peter Saveliev
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Colour processing in Runge space
Author(s): Alfredo Restrepo
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Robust image registration for multiple exposure high dynamic range image synthesis
Author(s): Susu Yao
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Efficiency analysis of DCT-based filters for color image database
Author(s): Dmitriy V. Fevralev; Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Vladimir V. Lukin; Sergey K. Abramov; Karen O. Egiazarian; Jaakko T. Astola
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Color image lossy compression based on blind evaluation and prediction of noise characteristics
Author(s): Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Vladimir V. Lukin; Karen O. Egiazarian; Leena Lepisto
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Unsupervised automated panorama creation for realistic surveillance scenes through weighted mutual information registration
Author(s): Thomas P. Keane; Eli Saber; Harvey Rhody; Andreas Savakis; Jeffrey Raj
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Ellipse detection using an improved randomized Hough transformation
Author(s): Zhu Teng; Jeong-Hyun Kim; Dong-Joong Kang
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Detection of motion blur direction based on maxima locations for blind deconvolution
Author(s): Rachel M. Chong; Toshihisa Tanaka
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EM algorithm-based hyperparameters estimator for Bayesian image denoising using BKF prior
Author(s): Larbi Boubchir; Bruno Durning; Eric Petit
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Color image enhancement algorithm based on logarithmic transform coefficient histogram
Author(s): Junjun Xia; Karen Panetta; Sos Agaian
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Neighbourhood-consensus message passing and its potentials in image processing applications
Author(s): Tijana Ružic; Aleksandra Pižurica; Wilfried Philips
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Alternative method for Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs in image processing
Author(s): A. Lagoutte; H. Salat; C. Vachier
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Spatially adaptive alpha-rooting in BM3D sharpening
Author(s): Markku Mäkitalo; Alessandro Foi
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Joint distributed source-channel coding for 3D videos
Author(s): Veronica Palma; Michela Cancellaro; Alessandro Neri
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Simulating images captured by superposition lens cameras
Author(s): Ashok Samraj Thangarajan; Ramakrishna Kakarala
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Features extraction based on Fisher's information
Author(s): L. Costantini; P. Sità; M. Carli; A. Neri
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An improved RANSAC algorithm using within-class scatter matrix for fast image stitching
Author(s): Lin Zhang; Zhihua Liu; Jianbin Jiao
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Enhanced bleed through removal for scanned document images
Author(s): Avinash Sharma; Sahil Mahaldar; Serene Banerjee
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Wavelet-based asphalt concrete texture grading and classification
Author(s): Ali Almuntashri; Sos Agaian
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Image segmentation refinement by modeling in turning function space
Author(s): Carlos F. S. Volotão; Guaraci J. Erthal; Rafael D. C. Santos; Luciano V. Dutra
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Integrating ensemble empirical mode decomposition and nonlinear anisotropic diffusion filter for speckle noise reduction in underwater sonar images
Author(s): Somayeh Bakhtiari; Sos Agaian; Mohammad Jamshidi
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Extending JPEG-LS for low-complexity scalable video coding
Author(s): Anna Ukhanova; Anton Sergeev; Søren Forchhammer
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