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Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications VII
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Volume Number: 7834
Date Published: 15 October 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7834
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Thermal imaging system using optimised wavefront coding operating in real-time
Author(s): Ian Hasler; Nicholas Bustin; David Price
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Real-time assessment of a linear pyroelectric sensor array for object classication
Author(s): William E. White III; Jeremy B. Brown; Srikant Chari; Eddie L. Jacobs
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Sensor protection against laser dazzling
Author(s): Gunnar Ritt; Bernd Eberle
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Uncooled IR video engine for 17µm VOx µ bolometer: a modular open architecture approach
Author(s): R. Gazit; A. Neboshchik; Y. Ben-Simon; I. Kogan; A. Aharon; I. Lerman; M. Katz; U. Mizrahi; S. Maayani; A. Amsterdam; I. Vaserman; O. Duman; F. Schapiro; A. Frenkel
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Cryocoolers developments at Thales Cryogenics enabling compact remote sensing
Author(s): A. Benschop; W. van de Groep; J. Mullié; D. Willems; O. Clesca; R. Griot; J.-Y. Martin
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Overview of the iCATSI multi-pixels standoff chemical detection sensor and the MR-i imaging spectroradiometer
Author(s): Florent Prel; Louis Moreau; Hugo Lavoie; François Bouffard; Christian Vallières; Claude Roy; Luc Levesque
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Deployment optimization of electro-optical sensor systems for naval missions
Author(s): Tanja Y. C. van Valkenburg-Haarst; Wilbert L. van Norden; Hilderick A. van der Meiden; Koen P. A. ten Holter
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Biases in the estimation of 3D noise in thermal imagers
Author(s): Ze'ev Bomzon
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A comparison of deghosting techniques in adaptive nonuniformity correction for IR focal-plane array systems
Author(s): Alessandro Rossi; Marco Diani; Giovanni Corsini
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Efficient single image non-uniformity correction algorithm
Author(s): Y. Tendero; J. Gilles; S. Landeau; J. M. Morel
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Detecting suspicious objects along frequently used itineraries
Author(s): David Monnin; Armin L. Schneider; Etienne Bieber
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Automatic detection in a maritime environment using superresolution images
Author(s): Tanja Y. C. van Valkenburg-Haarst; Krispijn A. Scholte
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Extension of the SE-Workbench for the computation of aircraft infrared signatures
Author(s): Nicolas Douchin; Jean Latger
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A 25µm pitch LWIR staring focal plane array with pixel-level 15-bit ADC ROIC achieving 2mK NETD
Author(s): Sylvette Bisotto; Eric de Borniol; Laurent Mollard; Fabrice Guellec; Arnaud Peizerat; Michaël Tchagaspanian; Pierre Castelein; Patrick Maillart
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High-performance uncooled amorphous silicon VGA and XGA IRFPA with 17µm pixel-pitch
Author(s): J. L. Tissot; S. Tinnes; A. Durand; C. Minassian; P. Robert; M. Vilain
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Photonic crystal wave guide for non-cryogenic cooled carbon nanotube based middle wave infrared sensors
Author(s): Carmen Kar Man Fung; Ning Xi; Jianyong Lou; King Wai Chiu Lai; Hongzhi Chen
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MCT (HgCdTe) IR detectors: latest developments in France
Author(s): Yann Reibel; Laurent Rubaldo; Cedric Vaz; Philippe Tribolet; Nicolas Baier; Gérard Destefanis
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Last developments in small, low-weight, and low-power IR cooled detectors
Author(s): Frédéric Pistone; Laurent Rubaldo; Yann Reibel; Michel Vuillermet; Philippe Tribolet
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HgCdTe APD-focal plane array development at DEFIR
Author(s): Johan Rothman; Eric De Borniol; Olivier Gravrand; Sylvette Bisotto; Laurent Mollard; Fabrice Guellec; Frederic Pistone; Solène Courtas; Xavier Lefoule
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Experimental characterization of an infrared focal plane array for flash laser radar imaging
Author(s): Eric de Borniol; Fabrice Guellec; Johan Rothman; André Perez; Nicolas Baier; Pierre Castelein; Gérard Destéfanis; Frédéric Pistone
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Design and evaluation of a quantum-well-based resistive far-infrared bolometer
Author(s): Per Ericsson; Linda Höglund; Björn Samel; Susan Savage; Stanley Wissmar; Olof Öberg; Jan-Erik Källhammer; Dick Eriksson
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Mixed-signal 0.18um CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS foundry technologies for ROIC applications
Author(s): Arjun Kar-Roy; David Howard; Marco Racanelli; Mike Scott; Paul Hurwitz; Robert Zwingman; Samir Chaudhry; Scott Jordan
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Fabrication method for chip-scale-vacuum-packages based on a chip-to-wafer-process
Author(s): J. Bauer; D. Weiler; M. Ruß; J. Heß; P. Yang; J. Voß; N, Arnold; H. Vogt
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Recent development in pixel level packaging for uncooled IRFPA
Author(s): W. Rabaud; G. Dumont; X. Baillin; L. Carle; E. Lagoutte; M. Pellat; V. Goudon; C. Vialle; A. Arnaud
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Mid-wave and long-wave infrared metamaterials and nano-materials design with finite element and finite difference time domain models for target camouflage
Author(s): Alessandro Albertoni; Sergio Perfetto
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Astigmatic laser beam shaping using intentionally introduced optical aberrations
Author(s): James A. Harder; Michaelene W. Sprague
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Collection of photogenerated charge carriers in small-pitched infrared photovoltaic focal plane arrays
Author(s): Galina V. Chekanova; Albina A. Drugova; Viacheslav Kholodnov; Mikhail S. Nikitin
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Comparison between the "grey body emissivity" and "Bayesian inference" methods to retrieve temperature and emissivity from FTIR spectroradiometer measurements
Author(s): Patricia Rosales; Carmen Blanco; Mónica Flores; Rosario Pareja; Arturo Revuelta; Fernando Marquez
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Concept of electro-optical sensor module for sniper detection system
Author(s): Piotr Trzaskawka; Rafal Dulski; Mariusz Kastek
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Enhancing image quality produced by IR cameras
Author(s): R. Dulski; P. Powalisz; M. Kastek; P. Trzaskawka
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Infrared uncooled cameras used in multi-sensor systems for perimeter protection
Author(s): R. Dulski; M. Szustakowski; M. Kastek; W. Ciurapiński; P. Trzaskawka; M. Życzkowski
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