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Soft X-Ray Lasers and Applications VIII
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Volume Number: 7451
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7451
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Water window high harmonic x-ray lasers
Author(s): Eiji J. Takahashi; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Prospective schemes for next generation x-ray lasers
Author(s): Vyacheslav N. Shlyaptsev; Jorge J. Rocca; Michael Grisham; Gonzalo Avaria; Fernando Tomasel; Aleksandr Noy
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Chirp compensation for attosecond pulse trains using two-color field
Author(s): Zhinan Zeng; Yinghui Zheng; Pu Zou; Li Zhang; Xiaofang Li; Ruxin Li; Zhizhan Xu
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Progress in the development of compact high-repetition-rate soft x-ray lasers: gain saturation at 10.9 nm and first demonstration of an all-diode-pumped soft x-ray laser
Author(s): J. J. Rocca; F. J. Furch; B. A. Reagan; Y. Wang; D. Alessi; D. Martz; B. Luther; M. Berrill; S. Domingue; D. Kemp; F. Pedaci; V. N. Shlyaptsev; M. Marconi; C. S. Menoni
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Source development and novel applications of x-ray lasers for probing materials
Author(s): T. Kawachi; M. Kishimoto; M. Kado; Y. Ochi; N. Hasegawa; M. Tanaka; M. Nishikino; M. Ishino; T. Imazono; T. Ohba; T. Kaihori; M. Koike; K. Namikawa; T. Suemoto; K. Terakawa; T. Tomita; N. Sarukura; H. Nishimura; A. Y. Faenov; S. Bulanov; H. Daido
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Characterization of a 10Hz double-pulse non-normal incidence pumped transient collisional Ni-like molybdenum soft x-ray laser for applications
Author(s): Daniel Zimmer; Bernhard Zielbauer; Olivier Guilbaud; Jamil Habib; Sophie Kazamias; Moana Pittman; David Ros; Vincent Bagnoud; Boris Ecker; Daniel Hochhaus; Thomas Kuehl
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X-ray laser takes the 100 Hz barrier
Author(s): Holger Stiel; Johannes Tümmler; Robert Jung; Peter V. Nickles; Wolfgang Sandner
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Perspectives of XUV sources development on LASERIX facility, ILE, and ELI
Author(s): D. Ros; O. Guilbaud; S. Kazamias; M. Pittman; J.-C. Lagron; B. Zielbauer; J. Habib; J.-P. Chambaret; G. Mourou; K. Cassou; B. Cros; G. Maynard; Ph. Zeitoun; S. Sebban; J. Gautier; A. Klisnick; S. de Rossi; S. Jacquemot; P. Audebert; B. Rus; D. Zimmer; T. Kühl
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Pumping a photoionization atomic inner-shell x-ray laser by x-ray free-electron laser radiation
Author(s): Nina Rohringer; Richard London
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Soft x-ray Thomson scattering in warm dense hydrogen at FLASH
Author(s): R. R. Fäustlin; S. Toleikis; Th. Bornath; T. Döppner; S. Düsterer; E. Förster; C. Fortmann; S. H. Glenzer; S. Göde; G. Gregori; R. Irsig; T. Laarmann; H. J. Lee; B. Li; K.-H. Meiwes-Broer; J. Mithen; A. Przystawik; H. Redlin; R. Redmer; H. Reinholz; G. Röpke; F. Tavella; R. Thiele; J. Tiggesbäumker; I. Uschmann; U. Zastrau; Th. Tschentscher
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Perspective for high energy density studies on x-ray FELs
Author(s): R. W. Lee; B. Nagler; U. Zastrau; R. Fäustlin; S. M. Vinko; T. Whitcher; R. Sobierajski; J. Krzywinski; L. Juha; A. J. Nelson; S. Bajt; K. Budil; R. C. Cauble; T. Bornath; T. Burian; J. Chalupsky; H. Chapman; J. Cihelka; T. Döppner; T. Dzelzainis; S. Düsterer; M. Fajardo; E. Förster; C. Fortmann; S. H. Glenzer; S. Göde; G. Gregori; V. Hajkova; P. Heimann; M. Jurek; F. Y. Khattak; A. R. Khorsand; D. Klinger; M. Kozlova; T. Laarmann; H.-J. Lee; K.-H. Meiwes-Broer; P. Mercere; W. J. Murphy; A. Przystawik; R. Redmer; H. Reinholz; D. Riley; G. Röpke; K. Saksl; R. Thiele; J. Tiggesbäumker; S. Toleikis; T. Tschentscher; I. Uschmann; R. W. Falcone; R. Shepherd; J. B. Hastings; W. E. White; J. S. Wark
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Laboratory measurements of hot iron opacities at EUV wavelengths
Author(s): E. Wagenaars; L. M. R. Gartside; A. K. Rossall; N. Booth; S. White; C. L. S. Lewis; M. M. Notley; R. Heathcote; G. J. Tallents
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Using collective x-ray Thomson scattering to measure temperature and density of warm dense matter
Author(s): T. Döppner; P. F. Davis; A. L. Kritcher; O. L. Landen; H. J. Lee; S. P. Regan; S. H. Glenzer
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Advances in full field microscopy with table-top soft x-ray lasers
Author(s): Carmen S. Menoni; Fernando Brizuela; Yong Wang; Courtney A. Brewer; Bradley M. Luther; Francesco Pedaci; Przemeslaw W. Wachulak; Mario C. Marconi; Jorge J. Rocca; Weilun Chao; Erik H. Anderson; Yanwei Liu; Kenneth A. Goldberg; David T. Attwood; Alexander V. Vinogradov; Igor A. Artyukov; Yuri P. Pershyn; Viktor Kondratenko
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Tabletop soft x-ray lithography
Author(s): M. C. Marconi; P. W. Wachulak; L. Urbanski; Artak Isoyan; Fan Jiang; Yang Chun Cheng; J. J. Rocca; C. S. Menoni; F. Cerrina
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Elucidating the collimation of laboratory plasma jets using soft x-ray interferometry
Author(s): M. A. Purvis; J. Grava; J. Filevich; D. P. Ryan; S. J. Moon; J. Dunn; V. N. Shlyaptsev; J. J. Rocca
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X-ray laser developments at PHELIX
Author(s): Thomas Kuehl; Bastian Aurand; Vincent Bagnoud; Boris Ecker; Udo Eisenbarth; Jérôme Fils; Daniel Hochhaus; Dasa Javorkova; Paul Neumayer; Bernhard Zielbauer; Daniel Zimmer; Jamil Habib; Sophie Kazamias; Annie Klisnick; David Ros; Josef Seres; Christian Spielmann; Daniel Ursescu
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Using short pulse lasers to drive x-ray lasers
Author(s): Joseph Nilsen
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Gain saturation in Ni-like lasers
Author(s): Jürg E. Balmer; Christoph Imesch; Felix Staub
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X-ray laser research and applications at c-FAST
Author(s): Karol A. Janulewicz; Chul Min Kim; Hyung Taek Kim; Hyong Chol Kang; Kyung Taec Kim; Jongmin Lee
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Studies of neutral AlmCn clusters employing a table-top soft x-ray laser
Author(s): F. Dong; S. Heinbuch; J. J. Rocca; E. R. Bernstein
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Recent progress on the LASERIX facility
Author(s): O. Guilbaud; D. Ros; S. Kazamias; B. Zielbauer; J. Habib; M. Pittman; M. Farinet; D. Zimmer; T. Yu; A. Klisnick; F. de Dortan; S. Lacombe; E. Porcel; C. Le Sech; M.-A. du Penhoat; A. Touati; M. Marsi; D. Joyeux
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Simulations of ASE and seeded transient x-ray lasers using the COLAX code
Author(s): Annie Klisnick; Olivier Larroche; François de Dortan; Jamil Habib; Olivier Guilbaud
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Temporal and frequency output of seeded and unseeded x-ray lasers
Author(s): G. J. Tallents; I. Al'miev
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Research on the seeding of high-energy harmonic pulse into an x-ray lasing medium
Author(s): Hyung Taek Kim; Chul Min Kim; Karol Adam Janulewicz; Kyung Taec Kim; I Jong Kim; Tae Jun Yu; Seong Ku Lee; Jae Hee Sung; Il Woo Choi; Holger Stiel; Johannes Tümmler; Tomas Mocek; Jaroslav Nejdl; Michaela Kozlová; Jongmin Lee
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Developments and applications of optical-field-ionization x-ray lasers at IAMS
Author(s): Jiunn-Yuan Lin; Ming-Chang Chou; Ping-Hsun Lin; Ru-Ping Huang; Chang-Tai Huang; Szu-Yuan Chen; Hsu-Hsin Chu; Jyhpyng Wang
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Optimized soft x-ray amplifier by tailoring plasma hydrodynamics
Author(s): E. Oliva; Ph. Zeitoun; M. Fajardo; P. Velarde; K. Cassou; D. Ros; S. Sebban
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Biological effects induced by low energy x-rays: effects of nanoparticles
Author(s): S. Liehn; C. Le Sech; E. Porcel; B. Zielbauer; J. Habib; S. Kazamias; O. Guilbaud; M. Pittman; D. Ros; M.-A. Hervé du Penhoat; A. Touati; H. Remita; S. Lacombe
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Focusing of hard x-rays with SU-8 resist planar parabolic refractive lenses
Author(s): Chengchao Huang; Baozhong Mu; Zhanshan Wang; Yangchao Tian; Gang Liu; Guoqiang Pan
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Focusing of hard x-rays with spherical compound refractive lens
Author(s): Chengchao Huang; Yury I. Dudchik; Baozhong Mu; Zhanshan Wang; Guoqiang Pan
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Wave field transformation at coherent imaging of a tilted reflection mask
Author(s): Igor A. Artyukov; Alexei V. Popov; Alexander V. Vinogradov
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K-alpha x-ray source using high energy and high repetition rate laser system for phase contrast imaging
Author(s): Cristina Serbanescu; Sylvain Fourmaux; Jean-Claude Kieffer; Russell Kincaid; Andrzej Krol
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Assessment of surface roughness by use of soft x-ray scattering
Author(s): Yan-li Meng; Yong-gang Wang; Shu-yan Chen; Bo Chen
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Plasma density-gradient measurement using x-ray laser wave-front distortion
Author(s): Jaroslav Nejdl; Michaela Kozlová
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Ni-like x-ray lasing action pumped by the TARANIS laser system
Author(s): T. Dzelzainis; D. Doria; S. White; M. Makita; G. Narsisyan; D. Marlow; R. Stefanuik; H. Ahmed; C. Seeley; D. Riley; B. Dromey; L. Romagnani; M. Zepf; M. Borghesi; C. L. S. Lewis
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