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VLSI Circuits and Systems IV
Editor(s): Teresa Riesgo; Eduardo de la Torre; Leandro Soares Indrusiak
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Volume Number: 7363
Date Published: 18 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7363
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Future memory technologies
Author(s): Wolfgang Mueller; Michael Kund
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Survey of reconfigurable architectures for multimedia applications
Author(s): T. Cervero; S. López; G. M. Callicó; F. Tobajas; V. de Armas; J. López; R. Sarmiento
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Method for run time hardware code profiling for algorithm acceleration
Author(s): Vladimir Matev; Eduardo de la Torre; Teresa Riesgo
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Non-rectangular reconfigurable cores for system-on-chip
Author(s): Pedro Alves; João Canas Ferreira
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Using partial reconfiguration for SoC design and implementation
Author(s): Yana E. Krasteva; Jorge Portilla; Félix Tobajas Guerrero; Eduardo de la Torre
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Polytopol computing for multi-core and distributed systems
Author(s): Henk Spaanenburg; Lambert Spaanenburg; Johan Ranefors
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Parallel workload analysis in SMP platform: a new modelling approach to infer the hardware efficiency for remote sensing application
Author(s): Guo Yi; Eleni Kanellou; L. Andrés Cardona; Antonio Rius; Carles Ferrer
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Design of a miniaturized electrochemical instrument for in-situ O2 monitoring
Author(s): Jordi Colomer-Farrarons; Pedro L. Miribel-Català; Josep Samitier; Martin Arundell; Ivón Rodríguez
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Hardware implementation of a scheduler for high performance switches with quality of service (QoS) support
Author(s): R. Arteaga; F. Tobajas; V. De Armas; R. Sarmiento
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Resonation-based hybrid continuous-time/discrete-time cascade sigma-delta modulators: application to 4G wireless telecom
Author(s): José M. de la Rosa; Alonso Morgado; Rocío del Río
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Improved 10GBase-LX4 limiting amplifier in a low-cost 0.18 µm CMOS technology
Author(s): J. M. García del Pozo; S. Celma; A. Otín
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Anisotropic quality measurement applied to H.264 video compression
Author(s): G. M. Callico; Sebastián Lopez; Salvador Gabarda; Elena Gil; Gabriel Cristobal; José Lopez; Roberto Sarmiento
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A system for emulating the broadcasting of a DAB ensemble containing data services
Author(s): David Samper; Pedro J. Lobo; Manuel César Rodríguez; César Sanz
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ESL flow for a hardware H.264/AVC decoder using TLM-2.0 and high level synthesis: a quantitative study
Author(s): M. Thadani; P. P. Carballo; P. Hernández; G. Marrero; A. Núñez
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Implementation of a media synchronization algorithm for multistandard IP set-top box systems
Author(s): Esther Estévez; David Samper; Fernando Pescador; Eduardo Juárez; César Sanz
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Performance analysis of mixed communication architectures: bus and network-on-chip
Author(s): Stefano Gigli; Massimo Conti
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Cache-aware network-on-chip for chip multiprocessors
Author(s): Konstantinos Tatas; Costas Kyriacou; George Dekoulis; Demetris Demetriou; Costas Avraam; Anastasia Christou
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Dynamic power management of network-on-chip
Author(s): Stefano Gigli; Luca Casagrande Montesi; Andrea Primavera; Massimo Conti
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NoC generation of an optimal memory distribution for multimedia systems
Author(s): Raúl Regidor; Félix Tobajas; Valentin de Armas; Eduardo de la Torre; Teresa Riesgo; Roberto Sarmiento
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Flexible CMOS low-noise amplifiers for beyond-3G wireless hand-held devices
Author(s): Edwin C. Becerra-Alvarez; Federico Sandoval-Ibarra; José M. de la Rosa
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Comprehensive procedural approach for transferring or comparative analysis of analogue IP building blocks towards different CMOS technologies
Author(s): Dorine M. Gevaert
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A low voltage CMOS low drop-out voltage regulator
Author(s): Salma Ali Bakr; Tanvir Ahmad Abbasi; Mohammas Suhaib Abbasi; Mohamed Samir Aldessouky; Mohammad Usaid Abbasi
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0.18µm CMOS inductorless AGC amplifier with 50dB input dynamic range for 10GBase-LX4 ethernet
Author(s): F. Aznar; S. Celma; B. Calvo; C. Aldea
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A 100mA fractional step-down charge pump with digital control
Author(s): Valter A. L. Sadio; Abílio E. M. Parreira; Marcelino B. Santos
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ModelSim-PSIM mixed signal simulation for power electronics digital control design
Author(s): M. García Valderas; P. Zumel; A. Lázaro; C. López Ongil; L. Entrena
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Dynamic OSR sigma delta controller for monolithic switching converters
Author(s): M. Conti; S. Orcioni; R. d'Aparo
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A new approach to accelerate SEU sensitivity evaluation in circuits with embedded memories
Author(s): M. Portela-García; M. Garcia Valderas; C. Lopez-Ongil; L. Entrena
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Analysis of current transients in SRAM memories for single event upset detection
Author(s): G. Torrens; S. Bota; J. Verd; B. Alorda; J. Merino; J. Segura
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Automated insertion of twin gates to improve reliability concerning gate oxide breakdown
Author(s): Hagen Saemrow; Claas Cornelius; Frank Sill; Andreas Tockhorn; Dirk Timmermann
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Static power dissipation in adder circuits: the UDSM domain
Author(s): Steve Cayouette; Dhamin Al-Khalili
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Approach to an FPGA embedded, autonomous object recognition system: run-time learning and adaptation
Author(s): Rubén Salvador; Carlos Terleira; Félix Moreno; Teresa Riesgo
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Tiled architecture of a CNN-mostly IP system
Author(s): Lambert Spaanenburg; Suleyman Malki
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Optimization of input-constrained systems
Author(s): Suleyman Malki; Lambert Spaanenburg
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An adaptable interface between resistive sensors and microcontrollers
Author(s): J. Revuelto; N. Medrano; B. Calvo; G. Zatorre; S. Celma
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Considerations on the design of conventional receivers for wireless optical channels using a Monte Carlo based ray-tracing algorithm
Author(s): S. Rodríguez; B. R. Mendoza; O. González; A. Ayala; R. Pérez Jiménez
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Autonomous low-noise system for broadband measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation
Author(s): George Dekoulis
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