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Remote Sensing of the Environment: 16th National Symposium on Remote Sensing of China
Editor(s): Qingxi Tong
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Volume Number: 7123
Date Published: 24 November 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7123
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Calibration precision analysis for spaceborne microwave radiometer
Author(s): Lu Peng; Jin Zhao; Dehai Zhang
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Experiment study on quantitative retrieval of mineral abundances from reflectance spectra
Author(s): Bokun Yan; Shengwei Liu; Runsheng Wang; Xiaofang Guo; Weidong Sun
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Quality improvement of Beijing-1 small satellite images
Author(s): Qiong Ran; Yaobin Chi; Zhiyong Wang
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The imaging method and sampling scheme of rotation scanning interferometric radiometer
Author(s): Cheng Zhang; Ji Wu; Weiying Sun
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Atmospheric correction of hyperspectral data using MODTRAN model
Author(s): Yuanliu Xu; Runsheng Wang; Shengwei Liu; Suming Yang; Bokun Yan
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Study and improvement on a retrieval algorithm of aerosol optical depth over ocean
Author(s): Wei Li; Shiyi Mao; Jingping Huang
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Accuracy analysis of remote sensing image rectification
Author(s): Weili Jiao; Bo Cheng; Wenqi Zhu; Wenyi Liu; Guojin He; Wei Wang; Xiaomei Zhang
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An improved algorithm of hyperspectral image endmember extraction using projection pursuit
Author(s): Zizhi Yang; Huijie Zhao
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Modeling simulation and inversion for microwave active and passive remote sensing of the lunar surface
Author(s): Ya-Qiu Jin; Wenzhe Fa; Feng Xu
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Study on Spot5 remote sensing imagery automatic registration methods based on texture feature points
Author(s): Chengzan Chu; Dongmei Yan; Chao Wang; Hong Zhang
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Multi-scale wavelet super-resolution image reconstruction based on nonuniform sampling multi-frame images
Author(s): Jiantao Wang; Yun Zhao; Qing Gao
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An improved algorithm for shadow restoration of high spatial resolution imagery
Author(s): Qin J. Wang; Qing J. Tian; Qi Z. Lin; Ming X. Li; Li M. Wang
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Analysis of trends of urban heat island and its drivers in Chengdu
Author(s): Shang-ming Dan; Bo Dan; Ji Liao; Jia Xia; Gang-yi Chen; Hui-xi Xu; Qiang Ye
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Application of AOT products derived from ASTER data to the air pollution research around the Beijing Olympic Games area
Author(s): Jie Guang; Yong Xue; Linyan Bai; Jianping Guo
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Analysis on seasonal characteristics of UHI in Beijing city using Landsat 5 TM data
Author(s): Zhaoming Zhang; Guojin He
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Research on the meso-scale convective systems based on remote sensing images from multisources
Author(s): Jie Bai; Jian-Wen Liu; Bo-Qin Zhu; Xin-Wei Wang
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SAR and multi-spectral images fusion for shallow-buried fracture detection in urban area
Author(s): Le Yu; Dengrong Zhang; Wei Zhang; Qin Huang
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The strike and pattern of the Bam blind fault inferred from synthetic aperature radar data
Author(s): Xiangjie Zha; Rongshan Fu; Zhiyang Dai; Bin Liu; Yu Chen; Tingxiao Xue
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The information of oil and gas micro-seepage in Dongsheng region of inner Mongolia based on the airborne hyperspectral remote sensing image
Author(s): Shu-Fang Tian; Jian-Ping Chen; Mi Zhou
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Research on land use/cover change of opencast coal mining area of Pingshuo Shanxi
Author(s): Wei Zhou; Zhongke Bai; Zhizhong Li; Yuanyuan Wu; Tao Yuan; Mingjie Qian
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Extraction and monitoring of Karst rock desertification information
Author(s): Zhi-zhong Li; Shun-da Kuang; Chuan-gu Dai; Chang-yao Wang
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Study on the automatic classification for land use/land cover in arid area based upon remotely sensed image cognition
Author(s): Ai-hua Li; Yong Liu; Yang-yao Guo; Hui-lin Wang
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The main evolution of remote sensing for land resources of China in recent years
Author(s): Ping Wang; Jianhua Ju; Zhizhong Li; Yongjiang Wang; Dengrong Zhang; Zhi Zhang; Xiuwan Chen; Jicheng Zhao
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Research on the remote sensing application system of national land supervision
Author(s): Li Wen; Yuan Chai; Wandong Li; Ling Xia Zhou
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System research and demonstrating application of Double Star combined new mode of survey on the situation of land use
Author(s): Yan Wang; Zhongkui Ji; Yan Chen; Jun Gu; Xiangyang Wu; Wenlin Yin
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Abstracting of suspected illegal land use in urban areas using case-based classification of remote sensing images
Author(s): Fulong Chen; Chao Wang; Chengyun Yang; Hong Zhang; Fan Wu; Wenjuan Lin; Bo Zhang
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Dynamic changes of lakes and the geo-mechanism in Tibet based on RS and GIS technology
Author(s): Qigang Jiang; Hongbin Fang; Yuanhua Li; Jicheng Zhang
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Remote sensing survey of surface water environment in urban areas: cases in Beijing, Kunming, and Wuhan
Author(s): Ruisi Zhang; Shufang Tian
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Water color component analysis in saltwater intrusion reach: a case study in Shawan-Humen Watercourse, Pearl River Estuary
Author(s): Li-gang Fang; Shui-Sen Chen; Dan Li; Lixin Zhang; Dong Li
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Water quality monitoring by remote sensing in Hushan Tailings Reservoir of Huji, Hubei Province
Author(s): Qiang Yang; Zhi Zhang; Wei-tao Chen; Li-ping Qian
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A general method of spatial scaling for leaf area index
Author(s): Tong Li; Hua Wu; Boqin Zhu; Li Ni
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Retrieval of reed biomass based on multi-time remote sensing data: a case study on ShuangTai Estuary Nature Reserve, Panjin
Author(s): Ailian Chen; Yunbo Wan; Jie Zhang; Yanhua Wu
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Retrieval of cyanobacteria in Taihu based on MODIS data
Author(s): Xiu-zhen Han; Pi-fu Cong; Yu-chu Qin; Xiaoxiang Zhu
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Application of knowledge-based decision tree classification method to monitoring ecological environment in mining areas based on the multi-temporal Landsat TM(ETM) images: a case study at Daye, Hubei, China
Author(s): Shiyong Yu
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A preliminary approach on the synchronically ground based measurement of spectral reflectance, NDVI, LAI, and the temperature and moisture of soils
Author(s): Yong Liu; Yang-yao Guo; Jie Wang; Jiang Fan; Xiao-yan Wang; Yan-yun Nian
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Remote sensing of marine oil spills and its applications
Author(s): Ying Li; Long Ma; Shui-ming Yu; Chuan-long Li; Qi-jun Li
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Analysis of water spectral features of petroleum pollution and estimate models from remote sensing data
Author(s): Miao-fen Huang; Wu-yi Yu; Yi-min Zhang; Jin-li Shen; Xiao-ping Qi
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Detection and evaluation on phosphorite mining environment contamination sources using ASTER and DEM
Author(s): Wei-tao Chen; Zhi Zhang; Zhi-zhong Li; Jun-jie Yang; Li-ping Qian
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Study in landslide hazard zonation based on factor weighting-rating in Wan County, Three Gorges Reservoir area
Author(s): Zhengjun Liu; Jian Wang; Changyan Chi
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The study in deformation and destruction mechanism of Qianjiangping landslide in Three Gorges Reservoir area
Author(s): Rihong Yang; Zhihua Wang; Jinzhong Yang; Zuguo Wang
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Distribution of forest fire prevention resources based on GIS
Author(s): Aijun Xu; Lihua Tang; Zhengchao Chen; Xia Zhang
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Forecasting method of national-level forest fire risk rating
Author(s): Xian-lin Qin; Zi-hui Zhang; Zeng-yuan Li; Hao-ruo Yi
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Method for extraction of quantitative information using remote sensing data of underground coal fire areas and its application
Author(s): Fu-xing Dang; Zhi-zhong Li; Sheng-qing Xiong; Hong-bin Fang; Ri-hong Yang
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