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Polarization Science and Remote Sensing III
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Volume Number: 6682
Date Published: 11 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6682
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Channeled spectroscopic polarization state generator (CSPSG) and its application to spectroscopic measurement of Mueller matrix
Author(s): Kazuhiko Oka; Sho Endo; Atsushi Taniguchi; Hiroshi Okabe
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All-sky polarization imaging
Author(s): Nathan J. Pust; Joseph A. Shaw
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High-speed portable polarimeter using a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator
Author(s): Laurent Bigué; Nicolas Cheney
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Image segmentation from multi-look passive polarimetric imagery
Author(s): Vimal Thilak; David G. Voelz; Charles D. Creusere
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Snapshot Mueller matrix spectropolarimetry
Author(s): Nathan Hagen; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Performance predictions for micro-polarizer array imaging polarimeters
Author(s): Michael W. Jones; Christopher M. Persons
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Mitigation of image artifacts in LWIR microgrid polarimeter images
Author(s): Bradley M. Ratliff; J. Scott Tyo; James K. Boger; Wiley T. Black; David M. Bowers; Rakesh Kumar
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Information enhancement, metrics, and data fusion in spectral and polarimetric images of natural scenes
Author(s): Michael J. Duggin; William R. Glass; Elizabeth R. Cabot; David Bowers; David Wellems; Paul Alsing
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Design of a dual use imager incorporating polarimetric capabilities
Author(s): Sean Moultrie; Michael Roche; Art Lompado; David Chenault
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Polarimetric scene modeling in the thermal infrared
Author(s): M. G. Gartley; S. D. Brown; A. D. Goodenough; N. J. Sanders; J. R. Schott
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Non-goniometric scatterometry: a review
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Hendrik Rothe
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Coherent backscatter: measurement of the retroreflective BRDF peak exhibited by several surfaces relevant to ladar applications
Author(s): Thomas J. Papetti; William E. Walker; Charles E. Keffer; Billy E. Johnson
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Using polarized variable coherence tomography to estimate polarimetric BRDF from monostatic data
Author(s): J. Scott Tyo; Theodore S. Turner
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Vector electromagnetic scattering from random surfaces with infinite slopes using the Kirchhoff approximation
Author(s): N. C. Bruce
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Coherence versus radiance formulations of surface scattering
Author(s): Brian G. Hoover; Victor L. Gamiz
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Degrees of freedom in depolarizing Mueller matrices
Author(s): Russell A. Chipman
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Transmission ellipsometry on unsupported film/pellicle: closed-form inversion
Author(s): A. R. M. Zaghloul; M. Elshazly-Zaghloul; Y. A. Zaghloul
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A proposed standard method for polarimetric calibration and calibration verification
Author(s): Christopher M. Persons; Michael W. Jones; Craig A. Farlow; L. Denise Morell; Michael G. Gulley; Kevin D. Spradley
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Truncated singular value decomposition method for calibrating a Stokes polarimeter
Author(s): Bruno Boulbry; Jessica C. Ramella-Roman; Thomas A. Germer
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Characterizing dielectric tensors from angle-of-incidence Mueller matrix images
Author(s): Paula K. Smith; Russell A. Chipman
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Estimation of incidence and reflection angles from passive polarimetric imagery: extension to out-of-plane scattering
Author(s): Anand Pamba; Vimal Thilak; David G. Voelz; Charles D. Creusere
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Characterization of thermobonded nonwovens by polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Michel Tourlonias; Laurent Bigué; Marie-Ange Bueno
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Laser polarimeter as an invariant monitor
Author(s): J. Scott Tyo; Brian G. Hoover
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Development of a pulse laser source-operated achromatic dual-rotating-retarder polarimeter designed for hyper-Rayleigh scattering measurements
Author(s): Paul Lemaillet; Sylvain Rivet; Fabrice Pellen; Bernard Le Jeune; Jack Cariou
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Polarization imaging light scattering facility
Author(s): Hannah Noble; Greg A. Smith; Wai Sze Lam; Steve McClain; Russell A. Chipman
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Low polarization optical system design
Author(s): Anna-Britt Mahler; Paula K. Smith; Russell A. Chipman
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Polarization measurements on SUMI's TVLS gratings
Author(s): K. Kobayashi; E. A. West; J. M. Davis; G. A. Gary
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A polarization modulator for the far infrared (terhahertz waves)
Author(s): Theodore C. Oakberg; Tsuyoshi Akiyama; Kazuya Nakayama
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Spatially inhomogeneous polarization in laser beam shaping
Author(s): Bing Hao; James Leger
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Properties of the polarization ray tracing matrix
Author(s): Garam Yun; Karlton Crabtree; Russell A. Chipman
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Study of CaF2 samples using DUV birefringence measurement and x-ray diffraction techniques
Author(s): Baoliang Wang; William Rosch
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Achromatic polarization gratings as highly efficient thin-film polarizing beamsplitters for broadband light
Author(s): Chulwoo Oh; Michael J. Escuti
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Methods and means of polarization parameter control in biotissue imaging polarimetry
Author(s): S. Y. Tuzhanskyy
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Design of a hybrid division of aperture/division of focal plane polarimeter
Author(s): Hua Wei; J. Scott Tyo; Theodore S. Turner
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Analysis of generalized polarimetric measurement equation
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov
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Initial results of a simultaneous Stokes imaging polarimeter
Author(s): Erich de Leon; Rebekah Brandt; Adam Phenis; Miguel Virgen
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Motion-based nonuniformity correction in DoFP polarimeters
Author(s): Rakesh Kumar; J. Scott Tyo; Bradley M. Ratliff
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Polarization scattering from a Spectralon calibration sample
Author(s): Hannah Noble; Wai-Sze Tiffany Lam; Greg Smith; Stephen McClain; Russell A. Chipman
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