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Laser Source Technology for Defense and Security III
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Volume Number: 6552
Date Published: 9 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6552
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Two-micron thulium-pumped-holmium laser source for DIRCM applications
Author(s): Günther Renz; Willy Bohn
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Evolution of a solid state laser
Author(s): R. M. Yamamoto; J. M. Parker; K. L. Allen; R. W. Allmon; K. F. Alviso; C. P. J. Barty; B. S. Bhachu; C. D. Boley; A. K. Burnham; R. L. Combs; K. P. Cutter; S. N. Fochs; S. A. Gonzales; R. L. Hurd; K. N. LaFortune; W. J. Manning; M. A. McClelland; R. D. Merrill; L. Molina; C. W. Parks; P. H. Pax; A. S. Posey; M. D. Rotter; B. M. Roy; A. M. Rubenchik; T. F. Soules; D. E. Webb
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The reflective properties of a volume Bragg grating exposed to a high power laser beam
Author(s): Hong Shu; Michael Bass
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A silicon carbide face cooled ceramic Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): G. Alex Newburgh; M. Dubinskii; Douglas Merrell
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AFB CVD diamond composites with laser materials
Author(s): Huai-Chuan Lee; Helmuth Meissner
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Progress in ceramic Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): A. Ikesue; Yan Lin Aung
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Domestically produced ceramic YAG laser gain material for high power SSLs
Author(s): J. C. Huie; R. Gentilman; T. S. Stefanik
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Line tunable visible and ultraviolet laser
Author(s): Norman P. Barnes; Brian M. Walsh; Donald J. Reichle
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Innovative high-power CW Yb:YAG cryogenic laser
Author(s): D. C. Brown; J. M. Singley; E. Yager; J. W. Kuper; B. J. Lotito; L. L. Bennett
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Compact laser sources for laser designation, ranging and active imaging
Author(s): Lew Goldberg; John Nettleton; Brad Schilling; Ward Trussel; Alan Hays
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Eyesafe diffraction-limited single-frequency 1 ns pulsewidth Er:YAG laser transmitter
Author(s): Robert C. Stoneman; Ross Hartman; Eric A. Schneider; Charles G. Garvin; Sammy W. Henderson
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Experimental and modeling study of Er:YAG kinetics
Author(s): Daniel O. Hogenboom; Hsian P. Chou
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Latest developments in resonantly diode-pumped Er:YAG lasers
Author(s): Igor Kudryashov; Dmitri Garbuzov; Mark Dubinskii
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Scalable ultra-low quantum defect Er lasers
Author(s): K. Spariosu; M. Cashen; V. Leyva; R. A. Reeder
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Ultra-low photon defect diode-pumped cryo-cooled Er:YAG laser
Author(s): M. Dubinskii; N. Ter-Gabrielyan; G. A. Newburgh; L. D. Merkle
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522 W spectrally beam combined fiber laser with near-diffraction limited beam quality
Author(s): Thomas H. Loftus; Raul Hoffman; Alison M. Thomas; Marc Norsen; Robert Royse; Eric Honea
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High peak power Yb-doped diode pumped fiber amplifier system
Author(s): P. Madasamy; F. Kimpel; W. Torruellas
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A novel side coupling technique for rugged all-fiber lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): Yoav Sintov; Yaakov Glick; Tomer Koplowitch; Ori Katz; Yehuda Nafcha; Yariv Shamir; Raphael Lavi
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High peak power eye-safe coherent EYDFA laser source
Author(s): Y. Chen; B. Matheson; W. Torruellas; J. Faroni; N. Jacobson; K. Tankala
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Room-temperature, near IR fluorescence of high optical quality KTP
Author(s): S. M. Hegde; K. L. Schepler; R. D. Peterson; D. E. Zelmon
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Architectural issues and designs in creating high energy fiber lasers
Author(s): Donald L. Sipes Jr.
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Walk-off correction with AFB nonlinear composites
Author(s): H.-C. Lee; H. E. Meissner
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Recent progress in transition metal doped II-VI mid-IR lasers
Author(s): Sergey B. Mirov; Vladimir V. Fedorov; Igor S. Moskalev; Dmitri Martyshkin; Andrew Gallian; Changsu Kim
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Raman scattering spectroscopy for explosives identification
Author(s): L. Nagli; M. Gaft
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High-power single-frequency tunable CW Er-fiber laser pumped Cr2+:ZnSe laser
Author(s): Igor S. Moskalev; Vladimir V. Fedorov; Sergey B. Mirov
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Fiber-coupled laser systems for high-power and high-brightness applications
Author(s): D. M. Grasso; S. D. Roh; N. P. Ostrom; B. O. Faircloth
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High brightness semiconductor lasers from 780-1064-nm
Author(s): R. M. Lammert; W. Hu; S. W. Oh; M. L. Osowski; C. Panja; P. T. Rudy; T. Stakelon; J. E. Ungar
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High brightness semiconductor lasers at 1300-1600 nm
Author(s): M. L. Osowski; R. M. Lammert; S. W. Oh; W. Hu; C. Panja; P. T. Rudy; T. Stakelon; J. E. Ungar
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Recent developments in high power 2.3-2.4 μm diode lasers
Author(s): L. Shterengas; G. Belenky; M. Kisin; D. Donetsky; D. Westerfeld
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Room temperature high power mid-IR diode laser bars for atmospheric sensing applications
Author(s): Paul Crump; Steve Patterson; Weimin Dong; Mike Grimshaw; Jun Wang; Shiguo Zhang; Sandrio Elim; Mike Bougher; Jason Patterson; Suhit Das; Damian Wise; Triston Matson; David Balsley; Jake Bell; Mark DeVito; Rob Martinsen
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Time-dependent model of eye-safe erbium-doped YAG laser
Author(s): Bahram Zandi; John B. Gruber; Anmol S. Nijjar; Robert C. Lee; Marly B. Camargo
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Thermal lensing in high power solar pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): S. Bakhramov; Sh. Payziyev; Sh. Klychev; A. Kasimov; A. Abdurakhamonov; A. Fazilov
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The progress towards the transparent ceramics fabrication
Author(s): Yu. A. Barnakov; M. Thomas; Z. Kabato; G. Zhu; M. Bahoura; M. A. Noginov
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Fast-tuning narrow-linewidth all polarization-maintaining fiber ring laser
Author(s): Zhou Meng; Zhengliang Hu; Yongming Hu; Shuidong Xiong; Chunyan Cao
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Spectroscopic characterization of ceramic laser materials for high-performance solid-state lasers
Author(s): Voicu Lupei; Aurelia Lupei; Cristina Gheorghe; Akio Ikesue
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A CTE matched, hard solder, passively cooled laser diode package combined with nXLT facet passivation enables high power, high reliability operation
Author(s): Aaron Hodges; Jun Wang; Mark DeFranza; Xingsheng Liu; Bill Vivian; Curt Johnson; Paul Crump; Paul Leisher; Mark DeVito; Robert Martinsen; Jacob Bell
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