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Detectors and Associated Signal Processing II

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Volume Number: 5964
Date Published: 13 October 2005

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2.5Gbit/s fiber receiver with integrated PIN photodiode in low-cost 0.6µm BiCMOS
Author(s): Michael Förtsch; Horst Zimmermann
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Status of AlGaN based focal plane arrays for UV solar blind detection
Author(s): Jean-Luc Reverchon; Giovanni Mazzeo; Amélie Dussaigne; Jean-Yves Duboz
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Research on zinc diffusion in undoped InP
Author(s): ChunQuan Zhuang; YanQiu Lv; HaiMei Gong
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Comparative analysis of low-doped bulk, LPE and MBE grown n-Hg1-xCdxTe material and photoconductors based on it
Author(s): Mikhail S. Nikitin
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High-resolution FPAs on MBE-grown HgCdTe/CdTe/Ge
Author(s): G. Badano; P. Ballet; J. P. Zanatta; A. Millon; C. Largeron; J. Baylet; J. Rothman; O. Gravrand; P. Castelein; J. P. Chamonal; G. Destefanis; S. Mibord; P. Costa
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The third generation cooled IR detector approach in France
Author(s): Philippe Tribolet; Michel Vuillermet; Gérard Destefanis
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Low energy inductively coupled plasma etching of HgCdTe
Author(s): Xiaoning Hu; Zhenhua Ye; Ruijun Ding; Li He; Glenn Tan; Ligang Deng
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Short wavelength Hg1-xCdxTe infrared detectors prepared by loophole technology
Author(s): Yan-Li Shi; Sheng-Qiong Lei; Tie-Feng Yang; Ju-Sheng Zhuang; Yi Cai
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MWIR and LWIR detectors based on HgCdTe/CdZnTe/GaAs heterostructures
Author(s): Sergey A. Dvoretsky; Vasiliy S. Varavin; Nikolay N. Mikhailov; Yuri G. Sidorov; Tamara I. Zakharyash; Vladimir V. Vasiliev; Victor N. Ovsyuk; Galina V. Chekanova; Mikhail S. Nikitin; Ivan Yu. Lartsev; Alexander L. Aseev
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Four-band infrared detector for FY-2C application
Author(s): Haimei Gong; Guosen Xu; Sangen Zhu; Huiguo Qiu; Xiangyang Li; Dingquan Liu; Longyuan Zhu; Xingchao Lin; Yan Zhang; Jiaxiong Fang
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Far infrared and submillimeter range photosensitive devices based on Pb1-xSnxTe films: results and perspectives
Author(s): Alexander E. Klimov; Vladimir N. Shumsky
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A parallel analogue-digital photodiode array processor chip with hard-wired morphologic algorithms
Author(s): L. Hoppe; M. Förtsch; A. Loos; D. Fey; H. Zimmermann
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Restitution of the technological parameters of a 320×240 MCT LWIR focal plane array by spectrometric measurements
Author(s): Sylvain Rommeluère; Nicolas Guérineau; Joël Deschamps; Eric De Borniol; Alain Million; Jean-Paul Chamonal; Gérard Destefanis
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Uncooled microbolometer detector: recent development at Ulis
Author(s): J. L. Tissot; C. Trouilleau; A. Crastes; B. Fièque; O. Legras
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PIN-photodiode based pixel architecture for high-speed optical distance measurement systems
Author(s): Klaus Oberhauser; Alexander Nemecek; Horst Zimmermann
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Signal processing for a single detector MOEMS based NIR micro spectrometer
Author(s): Andreas Heberer; Heinrich Grüger; Fabian Zimmer; Harald Schenk; Andreas Kenda; Albert Frank; Werner Scherf
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Intelligent error correction method applied on an active pixel sensor based star tracker
Author(s): Uwe Schmidt
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An analytical method to find the optimal parameters for gas detectors based on correlation spectroscopy using a Fabry-Perot interferometer
Author(s): Everardo Vargas-Rodriguez; Harvey Rutt
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Bessel beam based optical profilometry
Author(s): V. Belyi; M. Kroening; N. Kazak; N. Khilo; A. Mashchenko; P. Ropot
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Diffuse optical tomography with an amplified ultrafast laser and a single-shot streak camera: application to real-time in vivo songbird neuro-imaging
Author(s): Hugues Guillet de Chatellus; Clémentine Vignal; Stéphane Ramstein; Nicolas Verjat; Nicolas Mathevon; Stéphane Mottin
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Technical challenges for the construction of a medical image database
Author(s): Francis J. Ring; Kurt Ammer M.D.; Boguslaw Wiecek; Peter Plassmann; Carl D. Jones; Anna Jung; Piotr Murawski
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In-vivo corneal nonlinear optical tomography based on second harmonic and multiphoton autofluorescence imaging induced by near-infrared femtosecond lasers with rabbits
Author(s): Baogui Wang; Karl-Juergen Halbhuber; Iris Riemann; Karsten Koenig
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Improvement of EVS II over EVS I
Author(s): Ernest Grimberg
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Optoelectronic system for NO2 detection
Author(s): Zbigniew Bielecki; Piotr Pregowski; Jacek Wojtas
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Dual-band infrared camera
Author(s): H. Vogel; H. Schlemmer
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Remote online processing of multispectral image data
Author(s): Christine Groh; Hendrik Rothe
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Microbolometer-based infrared camera for the 3–5 µm spectral range
Author(s): Helmut Budzier; Volker Krause; Gerald Gerlach; Dimitar Wassiliew
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Hardware-software complex for chlorophyll estimation in phytocenoses under field conditions
Author(s): V. Yatsenko; S. Kochubey; V. Donets; T. Kazantsev
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Effects of annealing on surface passivation of P-Type Hg1-xCdxTe grown by LPE
Author(s): Yan-Li Shi; Ying Yao; Yu-hui Su; Li Lv; Ying Tian; Jian-Cai Chen; Xiang-Hua Ma
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The response time of GaN photoconductive detector under various ultraviolet-radiation intensities
Author(s): Jintong Xu; Yinwen Tang; Xiangyang Li; Haimei Gong; Degang Zhao
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Homogeneity of composition in evaporated Pb1-xGexTe thin films
Author(s): B. Li; S. Y. Zhang; D. Q. Liu; F. S. Zhang
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Design of MCT 1024x1 short wave infrared thermal camera
Author(s): Xian Zhong Jian; Su Ying Zhang
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A demo imaging system based on GaN UV detectors
Author(s): Yimin Huang; Xiangyang Li; Haimei Gong
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Failure analysis of PC MCT caused by current
Author(s): Dafu Liu; Ligang Wu; Yonggang Yuan; Lianmei Zhang; Xiufang Jin; Haimei Gong
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Comparative analysis of 4x288 readouts and FPAs
Author(s): Fiodor Fedorovych Sizov; Vladimir P. Reva; Yurii P. Derkach; Vladimir V. Vasiliev
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Excess power penalty to compensate the modal noise in fiber optics communication
Author(s): C. M. Jadhao; D. S. Dhote
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