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Infrared and Photoelectronic Imagers and Detector Devices

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Volume Number: 5881
Date Published: 18 August 2005

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MOVPE of GaSb/InGaAsSb multilayers and fabrication of dual band photodetectors
Author(s): Yegao Xiao; Ishwara Bhat; Tamer F. Refaat; M. Nurul Abedin; Qinghui Shao
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Voltage tunable four-color infrared detector using semiconductor superlattices
Author(s): J. Li; K. K. Choi; D. C. Tsui
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Numerical simulation of GaAs MESFET photodetector for OEIC receivers
Author(s): Madheswaran Muthusamy; Kalaiarasi Kuppusamy
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Current and future trends in infrared focal plane array technology
Author(s): Latika Becker
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Data collection with a dual-band infrared hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Dale J. Smith; Neelam Gupta
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Linearity improvement of lateral effect position sensitive devices
Author(s): Song Cui; Ying Zhang; Yeng Chai Soh; Changyun Wen
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A reconfigurable image tube using an external electronic image readout
Author(s): J. S. Lapington; J. R. Howorth; J. S. Milnes
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The on-chip guiding system of the wide-field infrared camera at CFHT
Author(s): Loic Albert; Martin Riopel; Douglas Teeple; Jeff Ward; Greg Barrick
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CCD/CMOS hybrid FPA for low light level imaging
Author(s): Xinqiao Liu; Boyd A. Fowler; Steve K. Onishi; Paul Vu; David D. Wen; Hung Do; Stuart Horn
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Noiseless, kilohertz-frame-rate, imaging detector based on microchannel plates readout with the Medipix2 CMOS pixel chip
Author(s): Jason McPhate; John Vallerga; Anton Tremsin; Oswald Siegmund; Bettina Mikulec; Allan Clark
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Design and fabrication of mercurous bromide acousto-optic filters
Author(s): D. J. Knuteson; N. B. Singh; N. Gupta; M. Gottlieb; D. Suhre; A. Berghmans; D. Thomson; D. Kahler; B. Wagner; J. Hawkins; M. Fitelson
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Recursive frame integration of limited data: RAFAIL
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov; Robert A. Soli
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Adaptive image processing techniques for camera on a chip sensors
Author(s): J. T. Caulfield; M. A. Massie; R. A. Coussa; C. R. Baxter; P. L. McCarley
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Real-time soil sensing based on fiber optics and spectroscopy
Author(s): Minzan Li
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Evaluation of soil fertility with spectrophotometer and spectroradiometer
Author(s): Lihua Zheng; Minzan Li; Jianying Sun; Xijie Zhang; Peng Zhao
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A new multispectral detector of crop growth condition based on fiber optics
Author(s): Xijie Zhang; Minzan Li; Yane Zhang
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Resonant amplification of the probing signals in optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Author(s): Andre Sokolnikov
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Advances in multi-color large area focal plane array sensors for standoff detection
Author(s): Ashok K. Sood; Yash R. Puri; Robert Richwine; Latika Becker; Nibir Dhar; Siva Sivanathan; Jerrold Zimmerman
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High speed OEIC for advanced optical storage
Author(s): Joo yul Ko; Shin Jae Kang; Kyoung Soo Kwon; Deuk Hee Park
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Summarize on the scene-based nonuniformity correction algorithms for IRFPA
Author(s): Li-quan Dong; Wei-qi Jin; Jing Sui
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Novel modification of an interdigitated lateral PIN photodetector electrode design based on photon absorption characteristics
Author(s): Esther Loo Chee Hong; Sahbudin Shaari; Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis
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Performance dependences on multiplication layer thickness for InP/InGaAs avalanche photodiodes based on time domain modeling
Author(s): Yegao Xiao; Ishwara Bhat; M. Nurul Abedin
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Surface versus lateral illumination effects on an interdigitated Si planar PIN photodiode
Author(s): P. Susthitha Menon; Sahbudin Shaari
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DSP-based MTF measurement system for optical imaging modules
Author(s): Gao-Wei Chang; Shih-Yao Pan
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Electrical characteristics relaxation of ion milled MCT layers
Author(s): I. I. Izhnin; V. V. Bogoboyashchyy; F. F. Sizov
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Optical properties of quantum dot infrared photodetectors with dot in an asymmetric well structure
Author(s): J. Y. Lim; J. C. Shin; J. D. Song; W. J. Choi; J. I. Lee; H. S. Yang; J. W. Choe
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Modification of the optical and electrical properties of quantum dot infrared photodetector (QDIP) by thermal treatment
Author(s): J. C. Shin; W. J. Choi; J. D. Song; J. I. Lee; J. W. Choe
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1024 × 1024 HgCdTe CMOS camera for infrared imaging magnetograph of Big Bear Solar Observatory
Author(s): W. Cao; Y. Xu; C. Denker; H. Wang
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A new large-well 1024x1024 Si:As detector for the mid-infrared
Author(s): A. K. Mainzer; John Hong; M. G. Stapelbroek; Henry Hogue; Dale Molyneux; Michael E. Ressler; Ernie Atkins; John Reekstin; Mike Werner; Erick Young
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Performance of the GP-B cryogenic guide-star telescope detectors
Author(s): John H. Goebel; Robert P. Farley; George M. Keiser; Jon Kirschenbaum; John P. Turneaure; Suwen Wang
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