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Recent Developments in Traceable Dimensional Measurements III

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Volume Number: 5879
Date Published: 18 August 2005

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Accurate extraction of thermal expansion coefficients and their uncertainties from high precision interferometric length measurements
Author(s): R. Schoedel
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Nanometrology and high-precision temperature measurements under varying in time temperature conditions
Author(s): Alexandre Titov; Igor Malinovsky
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Uncertainty evaluation of a fiber-based interferometer for the measurement of absolute dimensions
Author(s): Vivek G. Badami; Todd Blalock
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Precise certification of the temperature measuring system of the original Koesters interferometer and ways of its improvement
Author(s): Alexander Titov; Igor Malinovsky; Madlen Erin; Hakima Belaidi; Ricardo dos Santos Franca
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Automatic measurement of gauge blocks by Fourier transforming the scanned interferograms
Author(s): Chu-Shik Kang; Jae Wan Kim; Ho Suhng Suh; Won-Kyu Lee
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The effect of phase change on reflection on optical measurements
Author(s): Kate M. Medicus; Anneliese Fricke; John Edward Brodziak Jr.; Angela D. Davies
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On the influence of gauge block roughness characteristic and surface treatment on length calibration by optical interferometry
Author(s): Jennifer E. Decker; Peter Franke; Gerhard Boensch
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Characterising the performance of the PTB line scale interferometer by measuring photoelectric incremental encoders
Author(s): Rainer Koening; Jens Fluegge; Harald Bosse
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Systematic bias compensation for a moire fringe projection system
Author(s): D. Purcell; A. Samara; A. Davies; F. Farahi
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Gaussian beam modeling of the radius of curvature
Author(s): Kate M. Medicus; James Snyder; Angela D. Davies
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Radius case study: optical bench measurement and uncertainty including stage error motions
Author(s): Tony L. Schmitz; Neil Gardner; Matthew Vaughn; Angela Davies
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Low-cost precision rotary index calibration
Author(s): T. W. Ng; T. S. Lim
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Bootstrap calibration of an autocollimator, index table and sine bar ensemble for angle metrology
Author(s): James R. Pekelsky; Lorne E. Munro
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A primary roundness measuring machine
Author(s): Ruedi Thalmann; Juerg Spiller
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Dynamic range enhancing technique for form, waviness and roughness measurements using fringe projection
Author(s): Ayman Samara; Faramarz Farahi; Angela Davies
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Size effects on stylus tip reconstruction for micro and nano roughness measurement
Author(s): Chao-Chang A. Chen; Jr-Rung Chen; Huay-Chung Liou; Yen-Liang Chen
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Accurate roughness measurements by laser interferometer calibration, VFM-uncertainty calculations and noise reduction
Author(s): H. Haitjema; M. A. A. Morel
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Use of monochromatic phase data for improved profile measurement in spectrally resolved white light interferometry
Author(s): S. K. Debnath; D. K. Sharma; M. P. Kothiyal
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Multi-purpose extrinsic Fabry-Perot sensor with miniature dual fiber configuration
Author(s): Jung-Tsung Chou; Chiung-Huei Huang; Ching-Ming Yeh; Calvin C. Chang; Hung-Ming Tai
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Absolute distance metrology with frequency sweeping interferometry
Author(s): Alexandre Cabral; Jose Rebordao
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The detection of cyclic nonlinearities in a ZMI2000 heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): Jorrit Thijsse; Asa K. Jamting; Nick Brown; Han Haitjema
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Absolute distance metrology for space interferometers
Author(s): Bas L. Swinkels; Abdelhalim Latoui; Nandini Bhattacharya; Arno A. Wielders; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Linear Canonical Transforms, and Speckle Based Metrology
Author(s): Damien P. Kelly; Robert F. Patten; Bryan M. Hennelly; Ying Liu; Jennifer E. Ward; John T. Sheridan
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Network compensation of optical metrology for satellite formation flying
Author(s): Paulo Jorge Motrena; Jose Manuel Rebordao; Alexandre Pereira Cabral
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Performance assessment of involute gear measurement by CMM using a double-ball artifact
Author(s): Toshiyuki Takatsuji; Koshi Kondo; Aizo Kubo; Frank Haertig; Sonko Osawa; Kazuya Naoi; Tomizo Kurosawa; Masaharu Komori
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A fiber probe for CMM measurements of small features
Author(s): Jack A. Stone; Bala Muralikrishnan; John R. Stoup
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Ultra precision micro-CMM using a low force 3D touch probe
Author(s): F. Meli; A. Kueng; R. Thalmann
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Design and calibration of an elastically guided CMM axis with nanometer repeatability
Author(s): J. K. van Seggelen; P. C.J.N. Rosielle; P. H. J. Schellekens; H. A.M. Spaan; R. H. Bergmans; G. J. W. L. Kotte
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First domestic comparison of ball plate calibration in Japan
Author(s): Sonko Osawa; Toshiyuki Takatsuji; Tomizo Kurosawa
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Methods for evaluating the reference value in laboratory intercomparisons of dimensional measurements
Author(s): Jack A. Stone
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A new approach to determining the key comparison reference value
Author(s): N. Brown
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Phase-shifting laser diode interferometry with equal phase steps using a Fabry-Perot cavity
Author(s): Youichi Bitou; Hajime Inaba; Feng-Lei Hong; Toshiyuki Takatsuji; Atsushi Onae
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Calibration of two-dimensional nanometer gratings using optical diffractometer and metrological atomic force microscope
Author(s): Jong-Ahn Kim; Jae Wan Kim; Byong Chon Park; Tae Bong Eom; Chu-Shik Kang
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A comparison study on the measurement of nanoparticles
Author(s): Chen-Yu Wang; Shan-Peng Pan; Gwo-Sheng Peng; Jen-Hui Tsai
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A novel Michelson interferometer combined with an autocollimator for the simultaneous measurement of linear and angular displacement
Author(s): Jae Wan Kim; Jong-Ahn Kim; Chu-Shik Kang; Tae Bong Eom
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Development of a two-dimensional nano-displacement measuring system utilizing a combined optical and x-ray interferometer
Author(s): Jinwon Park; Jaegeun Jo; Sangho Byun; Cheon Il Eom
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A new approach of surface roughness measurement using optical method and image processing
Author(s): K. P. Chaudhary; R. P. Singhal; Shashi K. Singh; Chandera Shakher
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