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Enabling Technologies for Simulation Science VIII

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Volume Number: 5423
Date Published: 13 August 2004

Table of Contents
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Prospects for composability of models and simulations
Author(s): Paul K. Davis; Robert B. Anderson
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A methodology for integrative multimodeling: connecting dynamic and geometry models
Author(s): Minho Park; Paul A. Fishwick
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Rethinking families of models and games for new circumstances
Author(s): Paul K. Davis
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Mining simulation data for insights about a decision space: application to an urban combat COA
Author(s): B. Chandrasekaran; John R. Josephson; Janet O'May; Eric Heilman; Richard C. Kaste
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An approach to effects-based modeling for wargaming
Author(s): William E. Mckeever Jr.; Duane A. Gilmour; Robert G. Hillman
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Simulation-based planning for theater air warfare
Author(s): Douglas A. Popken; Louis A. Cox Jr.
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Dynamic course-of-action analysis
Author(s): Michael L. Curry; John Stucklen; Bill Sexton
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Constructing adversarial models for threat/enemy intent prediction and inferencing
Author(s): Eugene Santos Jr.; Allesandro Negri
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Toward a synthesis of paradigms for decision support
Author(s): Michael Egner; Paul K. Davis
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Cognitive architectures, rationality, and next-generation AI: a prolegomenon
Author(s): Paul Bello; Selmer Bringsjord; Yingrui Yang
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Cognitive/emotional models for human behavior representation in 3D avatar simulations
Author(s): James K. Peterson
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Advances in automated deception detection in text-based computer-mediated communication
Author(s): Mark Adkins; Douglas P. Twitchell; Judee K. Burgoon; Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.
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Toward detecting deception in intelligent systems
Author(s): Eugene Santos Jr.; Gregory Johnson Jr.
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Cognitive hacking and intelligence and security informatics
Author(s): Paul Thompson
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Maritime homeland security modeling: Coast Guard issues and perspective
Author(s): Timothy R. Girton; Kevin Downer
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The road ahead for wargaming: the why and how of achieving the next generation of wargaming
Author(s): Matthew B. Caffrey Jr.
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Theoretical foundations for rational agency in third-generation wargames
Author(s): Paul Bello
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Warcon: a wargame construction toolset for military simulations
Author(s): Daniel D. Fu; Ryan Houlette
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The implementation of AI technologies in computer wargames
Author(s): John A. Tiller
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Cyberwar XXI: quantifying the unquantifiable: adaptive AI for next-generation conflict simulations
Author(s): Joseph Miranda; Peter von Kleinsmid; Tony Zalewski
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XML-based resources for simulation
Author(s): Robert L. Kelsey; Jane M. Riese; Ginger A. Young
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An automated parallel simulation execution and analysis approach
Author(s): Joel D. Dallaire; David M. Green; Jerome H. Reaper
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Multiple strategy generation for wargaming
Author(s): Timothy Revello; Robert McCartney; Eugene Santos Jr.
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Integrated development of light armored vehicles based on wargaming simulators
Author(s): Marc Palmarini; John Rapanotti
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Toward accelerated line-of-sight intervisibility calculations using clusters of GPUs
Author(s): Guy A. Schiavone; Judd Tracy; Eric Woodruff; Matthew Gerber; Troy Dere; Julio de la Cruz
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SIMPAR: a portable object-oriented simulation-science-based metamodel framework for performance modeling, prediction, and evaluation of HPC systems
Author(s): Guru Prasad; Pankaj Gupta
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Spatial multibody modeling and vehicle dynamics analysis of advanced vehicle technologies
Author(s): Michael D. Letherwood; David D. Gunter; David J. Gorsich; Thomas B. Udvare
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Creating a flexible environment for testing scientific software
Author(s): Mark C. Smith; Robert L. Kelsey; Jane M. Riese; Ginger A. Young
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Analysis of technical alternative technologies for the development of context-driven composable environmental representations for JSB
Author(s): John R. Hummel; Jeff J. Bergenthal; William F. Seng; Joseph Russ Moulton Jr.; S. D. Prager
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JSB composability and web services interoperability via extensible modeling and simulation framework (XMSF) and model driven architecture (MDA)
Author(s): Donald P. Brutzman; Andreas Tolk
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A flexible simulation environment for command and control
Author(s): Dawn A. Trevisani; Timothy E. Busch; Alex F. Sisti
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Full-spectrum CSE prototype for sensor analysis
Author(s): James E. Kester
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Complex simulation system infrastructure supporting composability and performance
Author(s): Matthew Dorsch; Barbara Hannibal; Victor Skowronski; Jeffrey Wallace
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The collaboration grid: trends for next-generation distributed collaborative environments
Author(s): William K. McQuay
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Multidomain operations science and technology
Author(s): Matthew J. Kochan; Timothy A. Farrell
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Architecture for a simulation assembly language supporting sequential, distributed, and hardware operational modes
Author(s): Jinho Lee; Paul A. Fishwick
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Virtual collaboration: face-to-face versus videoconference, audioconference, and computer-mediated communications
Author(s): Lynne Wainfan; Paul K. Davis
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Collaborative effects-based planning using adversary models and target set optimization
Author(s): Nicholas J. Pioch; Troy Daniels; Bradford Pielech
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An application of JBI technology to distributed simulation
Author(s): Tom Broadstock
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End-to-end network models encompassing terrestrial, wireless, and satellite components
Author(s): Chandler L. Boyarko; John S. Britton; Phil E. Flores; Charles B. Lambert; John M. Pendzick; Christopher M. Ryan; Gordon L. Shankman; Ramon P. Williams
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Using detailed inter-network simulation and model abstraction to investigate and evaluate joint battlespace infosphere (JBI) support technologies
Author(s): David M. Green; Joel D. Dallaire; Jerome H. Reaper
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SimBOX: a scalable architecture for aggregate distributed command and control of spaceport and service constellation
Author(s): Guru Prasad; Sanjay Jayaram; Jami Ward; Pankaj Gupta
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A customizable approach to visual programming using dynamic multimodeling
Author(s): Hyunju Shim; Paul A. Fishwick
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Integration and cooperation of Army logistics simulations for multiphased military deployments
Author(s): Richard J. Love; Dariusz Blachowicz; Mark Bragen; Mary Braun; James Burke Jr.; Dawn Howard; Charles Macal; Charles Van Groningen; Mary Ann Widing
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Software framework in support of dynamic situation assessment and predictive capabilites for JSB-RD
Author(s): Robert M. McGraw; Craig Lammers; Jeffrey S. Steinman
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