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Organic Field Effect Transistors II

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Volume Number: 5217
Date Published: 17 November 2003

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Polyfluorenes as organic semiconductors for polymeric field effect transistors
Author(s): David J. Brennan; Paul H. Townsend III; Dean M. Welsh; Mitchell G. Dibbs; Jeff M. Shaw; Jessica L. Miklovich; Robyn B. Boeke; Ana Claudia Arias; Lisa Creswell; J. Devin MacKenzie; Catherine Ramsdale; Anoop Menon; Henning Sirringhaus
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Time dependence of organic polymer thin film transistor current
Author(s): Sandrine Martin; Laurence Dassas; Michael C. Hamilton; Jerzy Kanicki
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Phase behavior of polymer semiconductor films and its influence on the mobility in FET devices
Author(s): Christopher J. Newsome; Takeo Kawase; Tatsuya Shimoda; David J. Brennan
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Comparison between bulk and field effect mobility in polyfluorene copolymer field effect transistors
Author(s): Ruth Rawcliffe; Donal D. C. Bradley; Alasdair J. Campbell
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Structural ordering in F8T2 polyfluorene thin film transistors
Author(s): Lisa Kinder; Jerzy Kanicki; James Swensen; Pierre Petroff
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Organic-inorganic field effect transistor with SnI-based perovskite channel layer using vapor phase deposition technique
Author(s): Toshinori Matsushima; Takeshi Yasuda; Katsuhiko Fujita; Tetsuo Tsutsui
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Materials for n-type organic electronics: synthesis and properties of fluoroarene-thiophene semiconductors
Author(s): Antonio Facchetti; Myung-Han Yoon; Howard E Katz; Tobin J Marks
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Combined electrical and Raman characterization of C60-based organic field effect transistors
Author(s): Beynor A. Paez; Matthias Bartzsch; Georgeta Salvan; Reinhard Scholz; Thorsten U. Kampen; Dietrich R. T. Zahn
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Electrical bistable behaviors of organic materials in a single-layer structure
Author(s): Haruo Kawakami; Hisato Kato; Takuji Iwamoto; Masami Kuroda
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Hole transport in polymeric field effect transistors and light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Cristina Tanase; Paul W. M. Blom; Eduard J. Meijer; Dago M. de Leeuw
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Interplay between barrier contact, mobility models, and traps in the electrical characteristics of OTFT
Author(s): Aldo Di Carlo; Alessandro Bolognesi; Marco Berliocchi; Paolo Lugli
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Ohmic contact for high-performance organic electronic devices
Author(s): Liping Ma; Yang Yang
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Light-emitting field-effect transistor: simple model and underlying functional mechanisms
Author(s): Roland Schmechel; Aline Hepp; Holger Heil; Marcus Ahles; Wieland Weise; Heinz von Seggern
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Structural and electrical properties of polymorphic pentacene thin films
Author(s): Barbara Stadlober; Valentin Satzinger; Hannes Maresch; Dieter Somitsch; Anja Haase; Heinz Pichler; Werner Rom; Georg Jakopic
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Synthesis, properties, and device applications of functionalized acenes
Author(s): John E. Anthony; James S. Brooks; David L. Eaton; Jason R. Matson; Sean R. Parkin
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Low-voltage operation of the organic thin film transistor with a diagonal configuration
Author(s): Toshihide Kamata; Manabu Yoshida; Sei Uemura; Satoshi Hoshino; Noriyuki Takada; Takehito Kodzasa
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Electric field effect devices based on doped conducting polymers
Author(s): Arthur J. Epstein; Fang-Chi Hsu; Nan-Rong Chiou; Oliver Waldmann; June Hyoung Park; Youngmin Kim; Vladimir N. Prigodin
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Gate insulators influencing electronic transport in organic FETs
Author(s): Janos Veres; Simon Ogier; Stephen Leeming; Domenico Cupertino; Soad Mohialdin Khaffaf; Giles Lloyd
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Influence of gate dielectrics on electrical properties of F8T2 polyfluorene thin film transistors
Author(s): James Swensen; Jerzy Kanicki; Alan J. Heeger
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Polycrystalline organic thin film transistors for advanced chemical sensing
Author(s): Luisa Torsi; Maria Cristina Tanese; Nicola Cioffi; Luigia Sabbatini; Pier Giorgio Zambonin
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Hybrid molecular electronic (HME) transistor based on deoxyguanosine derivatives
Author(s): Giuseppe Maruccio; Paolo Visconti; Valentina Arima; Stefano D'Amico; Adriana Biasco; Eliana D'Amone; Roberto Cingolani; Ross Rinaldi; Stefano Masiero; Tatiana Giorgi; Giovanni Gottarelli
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New liquid crystalline solution processible organic semiconductors and their performance in field effect transistors
Author(s): Maxim N. Shkunov; Weimin Zhang; David Graham; David Sparrowe; Martin Heeney; Mark Giles; Steve Tierney; Clare Bailey; Iain McCulloch; Theo Kreouzis
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Organic polymer thin film phototransistors
Author(s): Michael C. Hamilton; Sandrine Martin; Jerzy Kanicki
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Poly-p-xylylene derivatives as non-solution processible gate dielectric materials for organic field effect transistor
Author(s): Takeshi Yasuda; Katsuhiko Fujita; Tetsuo Tsutsui
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Interaction of metals with perylene derivatives as a model system for contact formation in OFET structures
Author(s): Beynor A. Paez; Georgeta Salvan; Reinhard Scholz; Thorsten U. Kampen; Dietrich R. T. Zahn
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