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Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic Systems

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Volume Number: 4958
Date Published: 22 July 2003

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Optical transduction technique utilizing gratings with a potential application toward biosensing
Author(s): David G. Angeley
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Biochip using a biofluidic system for detection of E. coli and other pathogens
Author(s): David L. Stokes; Leonardo R. Allain; Guy D. Griffin; Joel Mobley; Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum; Alan L. Wintenberg; Robert A. Maples; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Rapid point-of-care multiplex immunodetection using two-dimensional microarray technology
Author(s): Frank Y. S. Chuang; Dora M. Gutierrez; Christine P. Nguyen; David C. Johnson; Richard A. Palmer; James B. Richards; John T. Chang; Steven R. Visuri; Bill W. Colston Jr.
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Sensing of pH in multiply scattering media with fluorescence lifetime
Author(s): Eddy Kuwana; Feng Liang; Eva Marie Sevick-Muraca
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Performance evaluation of fiber optic probes for tissue lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Thanassis Papaioannou; Norris W. Preyer Jr.; Qiyin Fang; Hamza Kurt; Michael Carnohan; Russel Ross; Adam Brightwell; Greg Cottone; Linda Ramball Jones; Laura Marcu
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Simulations of time-resolved fluorescence in multilayered biological tissues: applications to clinical data modeling
Author(s): Mary-Ann Mycek; Karthik Vishwanath; Brian W. Pogue; Kevin T. Schomacker; Norman S. Nishioka
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Compact time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopic system for clinical investigations of diseased tissues
Author(s): Qiyin Fang; Thanassis Papaioannou; Javier Jo; Russel Vaitha; Kumar Shastry; Laura Marcu
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Laser-induced fluorescence for the detection of esophageal and skin cancer
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Masoud Panjehpour; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.; Clark E. Julius M.D.; Suzanne Overholt; Mary N. Phan
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Detecting neoplastic growths in vivo with autofluorescence imaging
Author(s): Tao Wu; T. H. Cheung; K. W. Lo; Jianan Y. Qu
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Resonant Raman detectors for noninvasive assessment of carotenoid antioxidants in human tissue
Author(s): Werner Gellermann; Mohsen Sharifzadeh; Maia R. Ermakova; Igor V. Ermakov; P S Bernstein
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Application of high-pressure Raman spectroscopy to bone biomechanics
Author(s): Michael D. Morris; Olivia de Carmejane; Angela Carden; M. Kathleen Davis; Lars Stixrude; Mary Tecklenburg; Rupak M. Rajachar; David H. Kohn
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SERS gene probe for DNA diagnostics
Author(s): David L. Stokes; Leonardo R. Allain; Narayana R. Isola; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Texture analysis for tissue classification of optical coherence tomography images
Author(s): Kirk W. Gossage; Tomasz S. Tkaczyk; Jeffrey J. Rodriquez; Jennifer Kehlet Barton
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Parallel computer processing and modeling: applications for the ICU
Author(s): Grant Baxter; L. Alex Pranger; Nicole Draghic; Nathaniel M. Sims; William P. Wiesmann
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Advanced tissue analysis using a combined histomorphometric and gene expression profiling method
Author(s): Andres Kriete; Keith Boyce
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Surface plasmon resonance sensor with silicon-based prism coupling
Author(s): Sergiy Patskovsky; Andrei V. Kabashin; Michel Meunier; John H. T. Luong
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High-throughput high-resolution microscopic slide digitization for pathology
Author(s): Jeffrey Andrew Beckstead; Robert Dawson; Patricia A. Feineigle; John Gilbertson Jr.; Christopher Hauser; Timothy McVaugh; Francesco Palmieri; David Sholehvar; Arthur Wetzel
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Clinical applications of slide-based cytometry (SBC)
Author(s): Attila Taernok; Andreas O. H. Gerstner M.D.
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Real-time multiparametric spectroscopy as a practical tool for evaluation of tissue vitality in vivo
Author(s): Eliyahu Pevzner; Assaf Deutsch; Tamar Manor; Nava Dekel; Revital Etziony; Igor Derzy; Nisim Razon; Avraham Mayevsky
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Toward massive parallel reading of sensitive mechanical microsensors
Author(s): Fabien Amiot; Jean Paul Roger; Albert-Claude Boccara
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Commercialization of vein contrast enhancement
Author(s): Gunnar Lovhoiden; Harshal Deshmukh; Carlos Vrancken; Yong Zhang; Herbert D. Zeman; Devin Weinberg
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Feedback control of liver thermotherapy using optical spectroscopy
Author(s): Clay R. Buttemere; Ravi S. Chari; Christopher D. Anderson; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; Wei-Chiang Lin
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Differences in thermal optical response between intact diabetic and nondiabetic human skin
Author(s): Shu-Jen Yeh; Charles F. Hanna; Stan Kantor; Ronald Hohs; Omar S. Khalil
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In vivo reflection spectroscopy measurements in pig brain during stereotactic surgery
Author(s): Johan Antonsson; Ola Eriksson; Karin Wardell
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Preliminary study of a dual-CCD-based ratiometric optical mapping system
Author(s): David Y. Tang; Yuhua Li; Jianan Y. Qu; Sunny S. Po; Eugene S. Patterson; Wei R. Chen; Warren M. Jackman; Hong Liu
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Miniaturized 3D endoscopic imaging system
Author(s): Manhong Chan; Changhe Zhou; Jianan Y. Qu
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Integrated 3D medical image processing and analysis system
Author(s): Jie Tian; Huiguang He; Mingchang Zhao; Guangming Li; Xingfei Ge; Fuping Zhu
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Medical image segmentation using level set and watershed transform
Author(s): Fuping Zhu; Jie Tian
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Development of a noninvasive corneal birefringence-compensated glucose-sensing polarimeter
Author(s): Harini Anumula; Ajaina A. Nezhuvingal; Yanfang Li; Brent D. Cameron
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PDD applied in the dog transmissible venereal tumor
Author(s): Raduan Hage; Janaina Duarte; Airton Abrahao Martin; Renato Amaro Zangaro; Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco
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In vivo local determination of tissue optical properties: instrumentation and application
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Hui Gong; Guiling Wu; Pengcheng Li; Qingming Luo
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Calculating the reduced scattering coefficient of turbid media from a single optical reflectance signal
Author(s): Maureen Johns; Hanli Liu
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The measurement of optical properties of a multiple scattering medium based on diffused photon pair density wave
Author(s): Yi-Hsin Chan; Chien Chou; Hsiu-Fong Chang; Han-Fai Yau; Jhenq-Syong Wu; Jen-Chuen Hsieh
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Short-pulse laser propagation through tissues
Author(s): Champak Das; Ashish Trivedi; Kunal Mitra; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Optical tracking of the three-dimensional position of an ablative focused laser beam
Author(s): Steven C. Gebhart; Robert L. Galloway Jr.; E. Duco Jansen
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Mounting of MEMS pressure sensors on catheter guide wires used in balloon angioplasty
Author(s): Anandaroop Bhattacharya; J. Sorrell
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An automated portable array biosensor
Author(s): Joel P. Golden; Yura S. Shubin; Lisa C. Shriver-Lake; James B. Delehanty; Kim E. Sapsford; Chris A. Rowe-Taitt; Frances S. Ligler
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