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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging VII

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Volume Number: 4662
Date Published: 30 May 2002

Table of Contents
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Adaptation, high-level vision, and the phenomenology of perception
Author(s): Michael A. Webster
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Identifying perceptually significant features for recognizing faces
Author(s): Pawan Sinha
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Effects of 180-deg. image rotation on eye movement pattern
Author(s): Dimitri A. Chernyak; Michela Azzariti; Lawrence W. Stark
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How people look at pictures before, during, and after scene capture: Buswell revisited
Author(s): Jason S. Babcock; Marianne Lipps; Jeff B. Pelz
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Shape perception in pictures: eye movements during local surface attitude probing
Author(s): Andrea J. van Doorn; Theo Boersema; Huib de Ridder; Kees Jorens; Arend Harteveld
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Gaze-contingent real-time simulation of arbitrary visual fields
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Perry; Wilson S. Geisler
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Practical applications that require some of the more advanced features of current visual models
Author(s): Scott J. Daly; Xiaofan Feng; Jon M. Speigle
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Approaching a unified model of pattern detection and brightness perception
Author(s): Jian Yang
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Functional roles of center-surround interactions in visual image processing
Author(s): Jing Xing
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Additivity models for suprathreshold distortion in quantized wavelet-coded images
Author(s): Damon M. Chandler; Sheila S. Hemami
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Perceived overall contrast and quality of the tone scale rendering for natural images
Author(s): Elena A. Fedorovskaya
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Image quality assessment by expert and non-expert viewers
Author(s): Ingrid E.J. Heynderickx; Soren Bech
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Extending the modelfest image/threshold database into the spatio-temporal domain
Author(s): Thom Carney; Stanley A. Klein; Brent Beutter; Anthony M. Norcia; Chien-Chung Chen; Christopher W. Tyler; Walter Makous; Andrew B. Watson; Simon J. Cropper; Ariella V. Popple; Ken Robertson; Velitchko Manahilov; Bill Simpson; Klara Wenzel
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Quality of video affected by packet loss distortion compared to the predictions of a spatio-temporal model
Author(s): Kjell E. Brunnstrom; Bo N. Schenkman
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Towards a spatio-chromatic standard observer for detection
Author(s): Sophie M. Wuerger; Andrew B. Watson; Albert J. Ahumada Jr.
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Perceptual color image quality metric using adequate error pooling for coding scheme evaluation
Author(s): Patrick Le Callet; Dominique Barba
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Using animation quality metric to improve efficiency of global illumination computation for dynamic environments
Author(s): Karol Myszkowski; Takehiro Tawara; Hans-Peter Seidel
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Conveying 3D shape with texture: recent advances and experimental findings
Author(s): Victoria Interrante; Sunghee Kim; Haleh Hagh-Shenas
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Two-stage color palettization for error diffusion
Author(s): Niloy J. Mitra; Maya R. Gupta
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Graduated profiling: enumerating and generating perceptual colormaps for uncalibrated computer displays
Author(s): Alan David Kalvin
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Perceptual image analysis for graphical rendering and digital libraries
Author(s): John C. Dalton
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Real-time high-performance attention focusing in outdoors color video streams
Author(s): Laurent Itti
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Automatic identification of regions of interest with application to the quantification of DNA damage in cells
Author(s): Fred Stentiford; Nick Morley; Alison Curnow
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Using a computational model of human color vision to perform object segmentation in natural images
Author(s): John Arthur Black Jr.; Karthikeyan Vaithianathan; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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ISee: perceptual features for image library navigation
Author(s): Aleksandra Mojsilovic; Jose Gomes; Bernice E. Rogowitz
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Visual cortex and the Retinex algorithm
Author(s): Jack D. Cowan; Paul C. Bressloff
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Contribution of local and global cone-contrasts to color appearance: a Retinex-like model
Author(s): Anya C. Hurlbert; Christopher J. L. Wolf
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Experimental studies of instantaneous color constancy: dynamic color matching under rapid changes of illuminant
Author(s): John L. Barbur; Darryl de Cunha; Cristyn B. Williams; Gordon Plant
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Conditions for perceptual transparency
Author(s): Stephen Westland; Osvaldo da Pos; Caterina Ripamonti
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Demonstration of red/white projections and rod-Lcone color
Author(s): John J. McCann; Jeanne L. Benton; Suzanne P. McKee
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Capturing a black cat in shade: the past and present of Retinex color appearance models
Author(s): John J. McCann
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Improving the Retinex algorithm for rendering wide dynamic range photographs
Author(s): Robert Sobol
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Modifications to Retinex to relax RESET nonlinearity and implement segmentation constraints
Author(s): Ted J. Cooper
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Tuning Retinex parameters
Author(s): Brian V. Funt; Florian Ciurea; John J. McCann
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Color correction between gray world and white patch
Author(s): Alessandro Rizzi; Carlo Gatta; Daniele Marini
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Post-filtering for color appearance in synthetic-image tone reproduction
Author(s): Daniele Marini; Alessandro Rizzi; Maurizio Rossi
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Simple spatial processing for color mappings
Author(s): Reiner Eschbach
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Retinex processing for automatic image enhancement
Author(s): Zia-ur Rahman; Daniel J. Jobson; Glenn A. Woodell
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Perceived image quality basis for image enhancement techniques
Author(s): Rodney Shaw
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Variational famework for Retinex
Author(s): Ron Kimmel; Michael Elad; Doron Shaked; Renato Keshet; Irwin E. Sobel
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Analysis and generalization of Retinex by recasting the algorithm in wavelets
Author(s): Hawley K. Rising III
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Retinex processing from the fMRI study on V4: artistic research of colored picture using functional MRI
Author(s): Yasuyo G. Ichihara; Satoshi Nakadomari; Hiroaki Takeuchi; Satoru Miyauchi; Kenji Kitahara
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Visual perception studies to improve the perceived sharpness of television images
Author(s): William E. Glenn
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Texture resynthesis using principle component analysis
Author(s): Thomas Haenselmann; Wolfgang Effelsberg
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Detection and tracking of facial features under a complex background
Author(s): Li Zhuang; Guang-you Xu; Haizhou Ai; Gang Song
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Method for color gamut compression based on subjective evaluation
Author(s): Mariko Takahashi; Narihiro Matoba; Hiroaki Sugiura
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Recognition of stereoscopic images among elderly people
Author(s): Masako Omori; Tomoyuki Watanabe; Masaru Miyao; Yuzo Sato; Shin-fya Ishihara
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Categorical color response of chromatic lights in the entire visual field
Author(s): Masato Sakurai; Chieko Sakamoto; Miyoshi Ayama; Masato Aoyama; Shoei Sugita
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Effect evoked by luminance and color of PC monitors in the pupillary responses and retinal illuminances
Author(s): Ernesto Suaste-Gomez; Arturo Zuoiga; Rosalinda Martinez
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Individual differences in visual behavior in simulated flight
Author(s): Jens Alfredson
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Interactive voxel graphics in virtual reality
Author(s): Bill Brody; Glenn G. Chappell; Chris Hartman
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